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The SEC wants coinbase to sell only Bitcoin one zero Miner releases another Update iron fish gets a new release flux OS gets another update as well and Fearow launches the lelantis spark test Net all of that and more in today's Episode of blocks where I cover Cryptocurrency news as quickly as Possible from the perspective of a Cryptocurrency miner let's get into it Bureau has always been at the Forefront Of privacy Innovation at least that's What they like to say and now they are Introducing their lelantis spark test Net to the public the test app provides Developers and users with an opportunity To explore evaluate and enhance the Lelantis spark protocol before its Official release on mainnet by doing so Firo can ensure that their privacy Technology is robust reliable and ready To deliver the next level of privacy to Users worldwide Atlantis spark Introduces a revolutionary privacy Preserving stealth addressing system With spark addresses recipients privacy Is significantly enhanced these Addresses cannot be searched on the Blockchain so no one can track how much You hold or the timing of your Transactions moreover when transacting Between spark addresses sender receiver And amounts are entirely hidden ensuring Complete privacy this level of privacy

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Greatly surpasses traditional address Systems used in Bitcoin and ethereum Where address histories can be easily Traced through blockchain explorers the New spark addresses completely replace Fira's previous receiver address privacy System one significant advantage of the Atlanta spark overfero's current privacy Protocol Atlantis is its seamless Integration users can now send Transparent funds directly into private Spark addresses without any additional Anonymization steps this simplifies the Process of privacy preserving Transactions and improves the overall User experience it's also a crucial Step In bureau's transition towards mandatory Privacy on all transactions the launch Of the lelantis spark test net is a Testament to fira's dedication to Thorough testing and Community Involvement this crucial step allows Developers and users to evaluate the Functionality performance and security Of Atlantis spark in a real world Environment feedback and insights Gathered from participants in the test Net will play a pivotal role in Fine-tuning the protocol before its Official launch on mainnet bureau's Commitment to an iterative approach Ensures that the lelantis spark will be Robust secure and optimized to provide The highest levels of financial privacy

For all Pharaoh users never forget what They did to the miners the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Recently asked coinbase a prominent Cryptocurrency exchange to Halt trading In all cryptocurrencies except the Bitcoin this move could have significant Implications for the entire crypto Industry in the United States the sec's Recommendation came before the agency Filed a lawsuit against coinbase for Allegedly failing to register as a Broker the SEC identified 13 Cryptocurrencies on coinbase's platform As security suggesting that the exchange Falls under the regulator's jurisdiction By offering these assets to customers in Response coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Stated that the SEC asked them to De-list all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin however coinbase refused arguing That such a move could effectively mean The end of the crypto industry in the US Instead they decided to challenge the SEC in court to clarify the legal status Of these cryptocurrencies the outcome of This legal battle could have Far-reaching consequences for the Broader crypto industry in the United States and abroad if coinbase had agreed To the sec's request it might have set a Precedent that could force many other American crypto businesses to operate Outside the law requiring them to

Register with the commission this move By the SEC indicates its intent to Assert regulatory authority over a wider Segment of the crypto Market SEC chair Gary Gensler has previously expressed a View that most crypto currencies except Bitcoin could be classified as Securities by pushing coinbase to De-list the identified assets the SEC Seeks to extend its oversight to a Broader range of tokens as the case Progresses the crypto community and Market participants will closely watch The developments the implications of the Sec's actions could reshape the Landscape of crypto industry in the U.S Remember it's essential to stay informed And educated about the changing Regulatory environment in the Cryptocurrency space and you can find That here on my YouTube channel the Latest release version 1.2.2 for one Z Minor has just dropped and it brings Some awesome improvements in fixes so Let's dive right into the changelog First off this release comes with a Minor hash rate Improvement of around Five percent on certain gpus that's Right your mining efficiency just got Another little boost and speaking of Improvements they've fixed issue that Could result in those pesky 414 errors On malib reconnection no more Interruptions in your mining process and

That's fantastic plus the overall Stability on Malibu reconnection has Been significantly improved we all know How bad the reconnects have been right One thing to keep in mind is that if you Notice a reduced power usage and hash Rate after the update don't worry you Might need to adjust your overclock Settings to get the most out of your Mining rigs a quick heads up about that Is on locking memory clocks to 5000 or 5000 won while it might seem like a good Idea especially for high-end gpus in Each generation it might not be the most Efficient choice so keep an eye on your Settings for optimal results ironfish Version 1.7.0 has just been released and It comes with some fantastic changes and Improvements the team has made some Significant updates to the RPC now the Chain get Block RPC will return a 404 Error if the header or block is missing Instead instead of the previous 400 Error similarly the chain get asset RPC Will also return a 404 error if assets Are missing for a specific ID rather Than a 400 error in addition the chain Broadcast transaction RPC has been Enhanced it now attempts to add a Transaction to the mempool and broadcast It simultaneously optimizing transaction Processing and there's good news for Wallet users too the wallet send Transaction RPC no longer fails if the

Node is not connected to any peers Ensuring smoother interactions for Developers using the ironfish SDK there Are some important changes to note the Functions workerpool.verify and Transaction.verify have been removed Instead you should now use Workerpool.verifytransactions for Typescript or verify underscore Transactions forward slash batch Underscore verify underscore Transactions for rust as The Replacements Additionally the node Constructor has been updated to to take An asset verifier object instead of a Verified asset cash offering improved Asset verification capabilities the Wallet class has undergone a few Modifications the on transaction created Callback has been removed along with References to mempool from the wallet Class instead the wallet now listens to Peer Network dot on transaction gossip Receipt apart from the breaking changes This release includes numerous other Improvements and fixes notably a bug Related to checking the result of Transaction proof verification has been Fixed enhancing overall stability we Have some exciting news today from the Flux OS Project the latest update Version 4.6.0 has just been released Packed with several improvements and Exciting new features in this update the

Flux OS team has introduced some notable Changes to the API firstly the get flux Geolocation endpoint now provides the Current connected flux nodes geolocation Offering valuable location-based data Additionally the get apps permanent Message hash owner app name endpoint has Received a powerful upgrade now it's Possible to filter messages by Application name allowing for more Targeted searches and data retrieval for Administrators the update brings new Functionalities the get admin apps check Hashes endpoint enables the initiation Of hashtags on application hashes Enhancing security and integrity Furthermore the get admin apps request Message hash endpoint lets Administrators send messages to peers Requesting application messages of a Provided hash this enhances Communication and data sharing within The network Lux OS has made significant Strides in improving internal Communications the update results in a Decrease in the number of connections Required streamlining Network Interactions and reducing resource Consumption more moreover message Acceptance has been enhanced making data Transmission even more reliable and Efficient Lux OS continues to prioritize Backward compatibility the latest Version now includes support for

Deprecated older V1 messages on the Network ensuring smooth operation for Users with Legacy applications Additionally the update brings support For the deprecated scheme for older V2 And V3 messages on the network making Sure that users with older message Versions can still utilize the platform Seamlessly as with any update the team Has diligently worked on fixing issues Various Corrections have been made to Think thing API calls addressing Typographical errors for a smoother Experience moreover message acceptance Has undergone various Corrections Eliminating potential bugs and ensuring A more stable communication process that Wraps up today's episode of blocks your One Stop Shop for all cryptocurrency News as quickly as possible if you'd Like to keep up to date with me on a Daily basis and the moves I'm making Within the cryptocurrency mining space Please check out son of you can get your First month free by also purchasing my Crypto mining e-course at son of a thanks for watching I will see You next Tuesday

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