You Are A Criminal – 274

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The grift in crime rampant throughout Crypto is comical and villainous it is Comically [Laughter] Villainous they will vilify what Threatens them you know it's really Villainous manipulating markets through The government for personal gain just Saying together with the likes of Newsletter writer Matt Stoler uh we of The anti- crypto Army are banding Together to strengthen regulatory Attention on crypto no way should there Be a means for consenting peers to Transact directly without a bank or Financial institution to act as an Intermediary now that is the exact Purpose and that is what pushes towards Freedom I've actually been having this Discussion a lot lately in the terms of Government in general which has been Really interesting with a few Individuals uh like for example if we Get into freedom of religion uh a lot of Christians uh or you know basically that Will tout freedom of religion will still Think that religious practices should be Governed by some sort of government body When in fact if you start to move down That line you end up having a problem Where you lose your freedom to practice Religion if we move that over into Cryptocurrency in General once you Basically have the government in control

Of the money then you lose your freedom To transact with individuals directly And obviously you lose that freedom so It's sort of similar like the more we Push into regulation this is this is a Point of contention I've had with a lot Of people in the cryptocurrency space For a very long time because whenever I Have the discussion with individuals About cryptocurrency it comes to the Point of them saying well it needs more Regulation no it does not need more Regulation it needs more personal Responsibility the fact is is that Individuals like Matt here don't want to Accept personal responsibility for their Own mistakes and so they put that burden On the government so that they don't Have to absolve for their sins it's the Way it goes and this is the same with Throughout everything within Society we must keep people and the Public safe of course we're going to Hear that narrative if cash were created Today I'd oppose it for the same reasons As crypto of course you would oh my Goodness cash and crypto both fall a Foul of the bank secrecy act BSA the BSA Is a much needed and highly effective Regulation without it US Financial Activity would falter in no way is the BSA simply a means for banks to absolve Themselves of the responsibility of Proactively preventing fraud or making

Good when it happens by allowing them to File want uh wanting suspicious activity Reports to Regulators who definitely Have the means of assessing the risk and In no way does the BSA violate their Civil liberties enshrined in the US Constitution that is simply not a Conversation worth having yeah this is The way people argue when they don't Want to actually address the valid Argument of it being a violation of the Constitution because they don't actually Have a valid argument there so they just Tell you that it's not a point worth Having right it's not a conversation Worth having That indeed because no crypto exchange Performs standard know your customer Checks or and that's not true at all Either a lot of crypto exchanges perform Standard know your customer practices And checks uh and coinbase The two largest in the United States Definitely perform kyc so that is false In general but I oppose kyc personally I Think that you should have non kyc Exchanges that you're allowed to Participate in and in an Ideal World we Would have fully decentralized exchanges Which obviously with defi has been Extremely difficult to get to because of Liquidity issues ETC but ideally we Would get to the point to where that Would be the go-to uh solution for all

Of this anyways it does Exist so or works with onchain analytics Companies to monitor for illicit Activity or terrorist financing yes There is all of this is in place already I know this because Senator Warren wrote A letter to Congress saying so oh my God You know it because Elizabeth Warren Said talked about she didn't know About oh cool oh good glad you're Listening to someone that has no clue What they're talking about and that's What you're going to utilize as your Source in this letter it's comical as Hell you could just Google kyc crypto Exchanges in the US and it would pop up And it would give you all the Regulations that surround it it would Give you the examples of it and you Would see previous onchain analytics That were utilized to solve crimes in Conjunction with set exchanges that Already exist oh my Gosh [Laughter] Oh never mind that companies like chain Analytics or EP elliptic routinely find That the vast majority of crypto use is Legitimate or at least not explicitly Elicit I mean what else would publicly Verifiable and immutable ledgers be used For indeed Senator Warren and obviously This is like a slap stick on on coindesk By the way it's just funny um Senator

Warren also sent out a number of letters To crypto lobbyists including coin Center the blockchain association and Crypto exchange coinbase which has Recently reinvested in its own Washington DC pressure campaign calling Out the revolving door that exists Between crypto and the capital shameful Activities bank and other uh financial Institutions would never hire former Politicians or those with political Connections to advance their interests It would be unseemly as unseemly say as A legislator who actively trades stocks Warren mind you is the senator who got The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Through political gridlock so she knows A few things about finan cial Safety I love the way they wrote This because of all this and more I must Join the ranks of the anti- crypto Army And combat the adoption of crypto even If you want to grant that crypto has Been used to fund dissident political Actors and Freedom Fighters alongside Terrorists the contributions blockchain Developers have made to cryptography and Self- custody Solutions or the political Flowering that can follow when people Begin to take ideas of sovereignty and Community serious crypto cannot be worth It so obviously they're going on about This this is great who wrote this one Daniel is that right good job dude

That was hilarious anyways so this is Like something that's been going around For quite some time I think it's been Pretty clear that that there are actors Within the government that want to stamp Down cryptocurrency we saw all those Attacks go down on banks that were Working with people within Cryptocurrency markets and obviously Those Banks were allowed to fail While Others were not it's all all that's Really happening is a breakdown of the Facade and when you get like a satirical Article that is like this you know to a Certain extent then you can really see How the public is starting to see Through that facade and see through the Fa veil of of the BS that the the Government is spouting surrounding Cryptocurrency in general now you guys During the bare Market you made it Through well at least maybe a half of You I know a lot of you Over here didn't actually do it but the Ones that did I have a new shirt for you Guys and it says I mind with the Bears For the bear Market okay so if you mind With the Bears and you want to rep that you did Mine during the bear Market go ahead and Head on over to shop.on of and The listing will be down below I'll put It in live chat right now I have a Sweatshirt shirt there's a sticker if

You'd rather have a sticker t-shirt Premium shirt all that cool cool stuff Um really like the new shirt I ordered a Few for myself and I just had that Design finished this week eventually It'll be under on the YouTube channel But that takes a little bit of time so Just give it some time uh proceeds of Course go to supporting me in the Channel so there you go and I thought uh We put some work into it and I thought You guys might enjoy It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At Sun where you can get a free Month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of I'll see you next Tuesday

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