WTF is Pyrin?! PYI

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Ofch once again and today we're going to Talk about WTF is Pyon and a quick guide At the end to get up and running mining It let's go ahead and hop right into [Music] It welcome back everyone so Pyon is the Latest Caspa Fork that has hit the Interwebs and the blockchain space it is Pretty much as similar to Carlson as you Could expect seeing that all it has done So far is taken the Caspa blockchain Gone ahead and forked it and then went Ahead and changed the mining algorithm From Shaw 256 or Shaw in general to the Blake 3 algorithm now there's a lot of Reasons for this now Blake 3 has been Implemented across the board in lots of Different hashing algorithms here Recently of of course we saw that Implemented into ethereum now known as Hypra and basically replacing the shaw With the Blake 3 in the ET mining Algorithm and then we've seen it very Popular in other coins as well including Radiant as well as athum and so on so This has been something that's been Getting implemented across the proof of Work space for quite some time now and Is starting to hit the khey has Algorithm the problem here is that Doesn't necessarily make it Asic Resistant as was promoted by Carlson While initial releases will be Asic

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Resistant because ASX haven't been Developed for the Blake 3 portion of This algorithm or this hashing algorithm Eventually it is possible because this Hashing algorithm does still focus on Core Centric processing as opposed to Utilizing any sort of memory or memory Hardening within the algorithm to Prevent as6 from hopping onto the Network so I would presume that we would See fpgas and eventually Asic on either One of or all of these networks Depending on how successful they are in The future of course I believe Carlson Will be aiming to change that algorithm To remain Asic resistant pyron's a Little bit different if you take a look At their notes there is no indication That they plan on moving off of this Algorithm whatsoever and it does mean That if successful we will eventually See fpga and as6 on this particular coin Now what you can see is they do Tout The Blake 3 cryptographic hash and that is Due to uh a plethora of reasons Obviously it's being used across the Board now because it is considered Superior to Shaw 256 and that is due to It being a singular algorithm with a Simplified API accommodating King and Extendable output puts of course once You get into this a little bit more it Goes over ghag which was introduced by Caspa obviously the most revolutionary

Thing that has happened in the block Space over the bare Market was that Introduction by Caspa of ghost stag it's Getting applied here and then of course They talk about all the other key points Right fast transactions BD centralized Be scalable be secure blah blah blah uh To be honest if I look at this all I see Is a lot of promotional materials that Is akin to everything else nothing Unique here with pirate the thing is is A lot of people have already started Supporting this network and if we look At previous Caspa forks and their Performance such as Carlson we could say A speculative mine would be advantageous To some GPU miners because in the early Days we'll have higher block rewards Less competition from other mining Hardware and so on so that is really why Getting behind this I go ahead and bring It to your attention I am speculative Mining it but once again just like I did With Carlson a pretty conservative Speculative mine the rest of my farm now That it can be profitable is on the most Profitable coin that I can find and I Talk about that all that on my locals at Son of a tech. so let's go Ahead and give you guys a couple more Promotional materials you can check out Their medium blog post here if you want To read about what they're promoting About their particular blog chain uh you

Can also of course hit up their Twitter Or X account I guess now and their Discord Telegram and the Bitcoin talk it Has not been launched for that long but Already just like Carlson we are Starting to see pools support it Including E4 pool here as well as B mine LOL Miner now supports it as well you Can and build a node which I have a node And wallet guide over on locals if you Want to spin up a wallet go check that Out link will be down in the description And you do have now stratums available For solo mining on their Discord I'll be Working on a guide for that as well that I'll be putting up on locals that being Said if you want to hop into mining it It's pretty simple other than going Through the node guide now the this Particular node guide that I set up goes Along the Linux side of things but if You followed my guide on the window side For Carlson basically you just replace The Carlson D with the Pyi and then you can basically go Through that same guide and spin it up As far as mining is concerned it's Extremely simple if we pop into one of These and create a new flight sheet We'll actually just go over ahead and go Over here to flight sheet and we can now Just type in pyi or p yr and there's the Pyon Network already available and then You can see here that we do need to

Configure the pool I believe if you do Pyi right now actually and there's Probably an update going on select the Node you can see here yep yep so it's Pyi all capital letters for the token Name you'll put in your wallet address Which you can generate via the node and Then you can just select the pool right Out of here or you can you know insert Your custom pool if you so wish such as E4 pool and then you can go here select LOL minor and then Bing Bang Boom you Just go ahead and click the create sheet You can go back to one of your rigs Click on that rig hit the flight sheet Go on over to the new one and click the Flight out and it will begin to mine in Some cases if you are still getting Stuck on an old LOL Miner you may need To go into here click the little upgrade Or downgrade button upgrade it and then Move on from there not too shabby as far As that's concerned once again a Shameless self-promotion there are Guides already up but if you want a very Simple guide to follow along to we have That posted up on locals and Link will Be down in the description of course This is locked behind the supporter pay Wall so you will need to support the Channel if you want to just be able to Highlight and pay copy paste it's just The convenience thing that I have up There for you guys and it helps support

My channel as far as all of that is Concerned so there's Pyon that's why it Is blowing up maybe in your crypto Twitter feeds right now I think a lot of People are expecting High adoption rates Similar to Carlson uh that would mean That we would have a pretty decent price Uh projection remember the price that I Projected for Carlson was right around $15 cents on release and then seeing it Come back down closer to Casper or even Under as you can see a lot of sell Pressure on it the difference here with Pyon of course is going to be their Block rewards if we take a look at their Statistics here real quick just so you Guys are aware if it will reload maybe It won't there we go uh what you can see Is I believe they had it up here maybe It isn't here they had it here um but But the block reward is only 17 piran so That is opposed to Carlson which was 50 So we're cutting that block reward even Further down on the initial block reward For this particular coin what is that Mean for initial coin listings well if We compare it to something like Carlson And we presume the same adoption rate And that kind of hype that got pushed Behind it an initial release could Easily double that of what we saw on Carlson which means we could see Somewhere around 30 cents I do not know For sure that is not Financial advice

And this is a speculative mine but that Is kind of where we would expect it to Hit and then come back down maybe closer To the current price of C but not the Current price of Carlson due to the Limited Supply remember this is always a Supply and demand game if you are mining Just keep that in mind and go ahead and Plan accordingly once again just because I make videos about these coins these Networks just because I make how-tos Does not think make mean that I think That they're great or the next big thing Or anything like that it's just so you Have the actual resources to make your Own decisions do your own research Etc But if you want to know how to do things On new networks that nobody's talked About yet check out son of a tech on YouTube don't forget to check out locals At son ofate tech. to get Access even earlier and check out my Crypt mining ecourse at sonof All self-promoted sponsorships there so I can avoid any ties to sponsors that May sway my opinion or the type of Content I create so I appreciate each And every one of you for supporting me Also if you mind through the bar Market Check out shop.on ofch The latest t-shirt is now out it says I Mine with the Bears and it has an angry Bear with a pickaxe on it I think it Looks pretty slick I'll see you next


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