WTF Is F-Ben? – 252

F Ben let's go ahead and talk about this So a new meme coin has come and come out From the smoke and uh it is called f Ben Why is this coming out well there is a Twitter user known as ben.eth we could Also talk about some other bends that Are also involved in these types of rug Pulls that has it been traditionally you Know involved in a lot of rug pulls and Then most recently released the psyop as Well as the Ben coin only to find out After having people basically send him Money to hit or send ethereum to his Ethereum address that he has lost The Debs so there's no contract address There's no tokens and a whole bunch of People lost money well in response to That somebody showed how simple it is to Stand up a token and on ethereum and has Released the F Ben uh token and the the This was launched yesterday It already has a contract address you Can import it into your metamask you can Purchase it on uniswap or any of the Other defy applications you can Participate on their Twitter if you like Or of course participate within the Telegram and so this is basically just And you gotta love the cursor here this Is just a kind of It's a meme coin making fun of Essentially tokens right and all of the Issues that have been going on with them They are extremely easy to stand up if

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You take a bunch of money into your eth Wallet and then you lose a Dev it's it Just doesn't look good right it should Be easy enough for you to still follow Through with the project many people can Do this there's a lot to the story if You want to go follow along go follow Along on the Twitter at F Ben at f u k Ben and follow along it's pretty funny That being said it has been doing quite Well here recently I think it did just Have a nice little dip primarily due to The fact that it skyrocketed overnight And people are taking profits nothing Wrong with that I technically have not Taken my profits but I think I'm up like A stupid amount because I got into it Last night if you guys are curious I do Post some of this stuff when I hop up in Over on my locals at son of a so if you're looking at Finding stuff early like this go ahead And do it follow over at son of a and the there will be Posts when I find stuff like this so it Already has a deck score of 60 out of 99 Which is pretty hilarious it does look Like a lot of sales are going on right Now What is the projection here I think People are expecting it to go to like a 5 million market cap or something like That or at least that's the goal uh just To surpass the the bend token this is

What is happening overall pretty funny I want to make it clear that I talk About this not for the financial portion Or the making money portion I talk about This because it is an example of how Easy you can stand up a token like this And how many people are being taken Advantage of In the search for the new Pepe coin the New Shiba Inu the new Dogecoin all of That sort of thing and there's also very Specific differences between all of These types of things too take for Example Dogecoin Dogecoin is in and of Itself a layer one blockchain That is completely different from Shiba Inu which is a token on the ethereum Blockchain and so when you talk about Which one's better well obviously the One that's validating transactions and Actually working as a coin to me is Better than buying a token that's built On top of a system that not only fails To complete trans finalize transactions But also cost you a ton of money to Invest in right and the ease of creating These tokens means that you can get Caught in a very precarious situation Right A lot of people buy at the top of Something like Pepe thanks for checking Out this clip from the crypto mining Show you can check out the full episode Here or more crypto content down here Also I'd like you to check out my locals

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