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What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today I'm going To go over the postmortem for the Dynex Network going down last night which we Covered live of course because I was Covering it live we did not have all of The details and there were a couple Little things that I did not get exactly Correct so we'll correct those here now Today in this video and give you guys The rundown on what changes are going to Be made to hopefully permanently fix This in the future and this is all via Some discussions with mining pool Operators Yeti of course who is another Operator for mining pools there and does A lot of other testing within Cryptocurrency as far as vetting coins And so on and then of course the Official announcements from the Developers within the Discord as well as On their Twitter so this is all the Information that we have on what Happened to Dynex yesterday and what is Going to happen moving forward let's get Into it All right foreign Welcome back everybody so first things First let's go ahead and just get the Main rundown that was posted on Twitter By the Dynex team it says the previous 24 hours we're challenging to say the Least we Face severe network issues Caused by a scheduled and announced

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Network maintenance in our main DC which I guess they mean data center which is Gone entirely sideways there is no way Of sugarcoating it something like this Hurts our miners our community and our Project and everyone involved and needs At all costs to be prevented and out of Our control mistake during this Maintenance led to significantly Exhausting the max allowed counts of Prepared database DB standing for Database statements which is something Only our database cluster operator is Able to restore static statements have Been working and we applied changes in The code to prevent this going forward Updates have been deployed to all pool Operators now this can be confirmed Because last night like we were talking About with the SQL database errors I Have a screenshot here of what was Getting reported on the pool Ops side And to give you guys an idea this error Code 1461 is usually due to limitations That that user is getting from the SQL Database so just imagine that the pool Op is going out to get the information From the database the database is Returning and saying hey you've exceeded Your allotted amount of of queries Essentially sort of but that can be Caused by a bunch a plethora of Different errors and at least at the Very least what we know is this was a

Database error from the Dynex side and Like I said before yesterday this is Concerning because of the centralized Nature of Dynex for Distributing this Work and this will have to get resolved In the future I don't know how it's Going to get resolved necessarily but it Does sound like that's being accelerated You'll see here in just a second having Said that this further increases the Urgent need to even more redundancy as The first step which I instructed Already being deployed but more Importantly we need to accelerate the Process to remove malib entirely from The minor software our team has been Working already since a while I guess on Embedding the proof of useful work data Flows seamlessly into the stratum Protocol which is commonly used with the Pools current ETA for testing is in Around four weeks we will put all of our Weight in finalizing this ASAP I still Have a question of like if we're running Off of a centralized database and the Pools have separate malibin points that Are pointing to the same database which Hopefully is redundant now even if That's the case if they're getting it Directly through the stratum or through The malab endpoint if all the pools are Still pointing to the same database to Obtain the work I think we still have a Centralization problem and so I would

Like to get more information on how this Is going to be implemented into the Stratum because at the end of the day For the proof of useful work data flows That are going through the stratum if They're still grabbing the work from a Centralized database it's kind of a moot Point it still has the same problem if The database has issues like it did now And it's just you know basically going Through the stratum it's still going to Have the same issues right so I I don't Know how this necessarily resolves that Other than the redundancy piece which is Separate from getting rid of the Malabend points as it is this means that In the near future miners won't need to Connect to any malabend points anymore There will be no more malib services This will also entirely remove some Ongoing Mallet stability issues and some Miners have been facing of course that's Great you'll have more stability I still Don't think that it resolves the Centralization portion of this looking At our plans and roadmap we need the we Need a reliable Network for the Commercialization of our platform we Believe that the measurements and Development steps taken will be leading Us there we also want to emphasize that We have been very clear from the Beginning that Dynex is still a work in Progress we need to build out the

Ecosystem and that takes time and effort Given what we are doing has never been Done before and I agree with all of that I still like I said we don't have any Standards for proof of use for work yet No flux is still a ways out from Launching theirs I'll have another call I think next week with Daniel Keller of Flex I'm going to be asking him you know What kind of standards are they putting In place with flux how does it differ And so on right the results of our work Are very promising and the feedback from Our beta users is beyond their Expectations he goes on to say and There's a lot more to come finally we Are conducting a formal review of the Pool minor ad now which apparently has Or was the only pool being able to Communicate through the static prepared Statements during this phase as Transparency is important for us we will Will we will issue the results of the Investigation of potential measurements In due time having that said we Apologize for any inconvenience and we Really appreciate your continued support So one of the mistakes that I made was Stating they didn't they basically we Were waiting to watch Minor ad now lose Hash rate but apparently they never did Which I'm still confused about because If we go to we do still see the

Drop off here to 99 Mega Hash a second From you know 235 or whatnot so we still see it the Drop off at the same time so I'm not Sure what exactly is going on here you Can see that there was a little bit of Hash rate left on miner ad now but not a Ton now that could be because they have The 30 percent in there and that 30 Percent of the network got knocked down That far I suppose could be the issue And so they basically minor right now Did stay on with a certain amount of Hash rate and then this was still Misreporting one gigahash hadn't been Fully related into the network hash rate So that's not how much the unknown hash Rate has been on the network I still Have a question of like you know did That Miner stay online which is the Between like right now showing point Five percent because it could be it's Usually goes between one and two percent I am still curious about like was that Minor able to stay online while the rest Of the network went down as well Interestingly enough there's been no Impact on price in fact Dynex is up five Percent today after this snafu with of Course going down in the on the SQL side Very interesting in addition to that if You go to because the network went Down and is spinning back up now it is

Showing Dynex is most profitable on Every GPU until you get down here to the Bc250 or I guess maybe the Intel arcs With Ergo of course still and then a Couple weird outliers like the 6400 on Radiant and so on some of the lower Memory uh capacity gpus lower memory Bandwidth and capacity gpus but it Pretty much across the board Dynex is Showing most profitable for those that Are mining other coins you know this can Be very good for you because I think the Focus will go back to Dynex there will Be people rushing to try to make the Profitability on Dynex you know I don't Know if you want to chase it per se if We look at something like let's go ahead With the RTX 3070 real quick where is This one laying around that I know it's Always here and I I lose it All right so yeah if we take a look at The RTX 3070 I think really in second Place is ergo plus radiant and then you Kind of go down from there right so Um at the end of the day I think that You'll see a lot of people kind of Hankering for this for the Dynex solve Trying to get the profitability I don't Presume that that will last very long Um once the difficulty starts to recover On the network so that's kind of my Thoughts so we've corrected uh the issue With the miner ad now we corrected the Issue with the amount of hash rate from

The actual pool that stayed online still Not clear if that one stayed online Permanently or not and then we have the Confirmation that there was basically Too many connections going to the SQL Database and then I still have the Question of like even if you put it in The stratums is it still getting it you Know is it still is the proof of useful Work data stream still coming from a Single database or I guess hopefully at This point the I mean the same data Center at this point right and then how Redundant is that data center and how Redundant is that database that's the Question and and I'm sure hopefully with Transparency and me asking these Questions those get answered thanks Everybody for watching hit the like Comment subscribe and notification bells Down below I have a lot more to cover Don't even get me started on block X Going down we have block X now we have Uh Curie down something like that we Have a ton of different stuff happening I'll be covering as much as possible the Rest of the week so make sure you're Subscribed for that don't forget to Check out my locals page at son of for my daily moves And if you'd like a free month of Supporter status on locals it comes with The purchase of my crypto mining E-course at son of a I will see

You next Tuesday

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