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Bit Farms expanding by 50 megawatts Counterfeit GPU sellers arrested in China RTX 4060 TI 16 gigabyte is slower Than the 8 gigabyte model that main Announces a file coin Miner and nice Hash launches the iron fish pool let's Get into today's episode of blocks your One-Stop shop for all cryptocurrency News from the perspective of a Cryptocurrency miner foreign Says Inked a deal for up to 50 megawatts Of hydropower capacity in Paraguay this Location is particularly promising as It's close to bit Farm's existing Operations additionally they've also Secured another agreement for up to 100 Megawatts of hydropower capacity in a Statement Jeff Murphy the CEO of bit Farms expressed his excitement about These power purchase agreements he Highlighted the abundance of surplus Renewable Power in Paraguay making it an Ideal location for expanding their Operations He also mentioned that these Contracts are not only valuable but also Sustainably sourced moving forward bit Farm's plans to commence Construction in Paraguay in the first quarter of 2023 Their strategy involves starting with The construction of a substation Followed by a Mining facility as for the Other locations the company has the Opportunity to build a new farm with a Capacity of up to 100 megawatts however

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The specific starting date for this Project is yet to be determined what's Interesting about these contracts is That bit Farms has managed to negotiate A fixed price per kilowatt hour of Electricity this price set at 3.9 cents Before value-added tax will not be Adjusted for inflation this stability Will undoubtedly benefit bit forms in The long run allowing them to plan their Operations with more certainty so there You have it bit Farms the Bitcoin mining Company is expanding its operations in Paraguay with the help of two hydropower Contracts their aim is to add up to 150 Megawatts of energy capacity taking Advantage of Paraguay Surplus Renewable Power this move not only secures Valuable and sustainable energy Contracts for bit Farms but also Strengthens their presence in a Resource-rich country counterfeit Graphics cards have long been a problem In the Chinese market criminals take Advantage of the demand for new cards by Selling used ones as if they were brand New this deceptive practice allows them To make Hefty profits the the issue Becomes more prevalent when crypto Mining boom subsides as it provides an Opportunity for criminals to acquire Post-mining gpus at a lower cost these Used cards are then subjected to Thorough cleaning and rebranding

Processes making them look like new However buyers soon realize that they Have been duped when they discover signs Of wear and tear on their cards The Strain on the cooling systems and the Wear on the GPU memory become noticeable Quite quickly some counterfeit gpus even Have a yellow tint on the memory modules Which criminals try to hide by painting The chips the bean Chang District police In benzau City recently cracked down on One such criminal group they raided a Warehouse where they found mining Enclosures that had been stripped of Gpus these cards were cleaned and Repackaged to be sold as new it is Uncertain if this Warehouse was the only Location used by the criminal Network This illicit operation involved a Significant number of individuals Involved in buying cleaning testing and Repackaging the used gpus despite their Refurbished appearance these cards were Intentionally mislabeled to device Buyers it is important to note that some Of these counterfeit graphics cards may Even appear on U.S retailer websites Following the raid a total of 22 Individuals connected to the operation Were arrested by Chinese police however Only seven of them were held in custody And are facing criminal charges the Estimated value of the counterfeit Graphics cards involved in this case

Exceeds 15 million won which is around 2 Million US Dollars this Crackdown by the Being Chang District police is a Significant step forward fighting the Problem of counterfeit graphics cards in The Chinese market it serves as a Warning to other criminal groups engaged In similar activities and emphasizes the Importance of vigilance when purchasing Such products it seems that Nvidia and Its board Partners took some extra Precautions this time around they didn't Provide any test units to the media Resulting in a lack of official coverage When the card was released yesterday was Talking about yes the RTX 4060 TI 16 Gigabyte model Nvidia even held back the Public driver until the official release Date to prevent leaks as a result early Purchasers and reviewers were unable to Provide day one coverage due to the Absence of drivers even MSI as the Manufacturer had no prior knowledge About the car's performance upon its Launch the very first official Benchmark Was shared during the MSI Insider weekly Podcast where employees discussed the Latest Hardware releases from the Company however the testing process and Results weren't that great it turns out That the 4060 TI 16 gigabyte didn't show A significant performance improvement Over the 8 gigabyte model this was Expected due to the similar TDP of both

Cards 165 watts versus 160 watts and the Higher memory capacity be requiring more Power Additionally the benchmarking Process conducted by MSI lacked Thoroughness with limited runs and the Use of identical scenes which could Result in a possibly high margin of Error surprisingly the 4060 TI 16 Gigabyte gaming X slim performed worse In four out of the six games tested even With image quality set to ultra and epic Settings this may disappoint Gamers who Were hoping for better performance in Games like CS go and were anticipating Similar frame rates in memory intensive Titles like Hogwarts Legacy now it's up To the board Partners to convince Gamers To choose the 100 more expensive 16 Gigabyte variant of the 4060 TI however Considering the testing results the Benefits seem marginal and not Consistently positive due to the Increased memory capacity and bandwidth This could end up being a positive if The price comes down though for miners So keep an eye guys bitmain is launching A new minor for for file coin and it's Going to be a game changer they say the Price per unit is set at 38 888 dollars And it boasts a whopping 4300 T per unit Hash rate I'm not exactly sure if that Is equivalent specifically to terabyte So they say that that's some serious Power what's most interesting is that

Bit main is offering a One-Stop shop Service where you can mine with bit Main And then host your mine coins with ant Pool official it's a convenient and Seamless process as advertised bitmain Is offering a delegated staking service With a fee rate as low as 0.5 percent Per month that means you can earn some Extra cash while you stake your file Coin I am curious if this can be used For other purposes like Chia and not Just file coin due to the hosting Ramifications I don't think that that's Necessarily going to be true remember You can build these systems yourself as Well the specs on the Twitter post Implies 4300 lights in the unit however There are only 24 front slots visible on The picture and drives are not large Enough for that math to work out the Largest storeinator is 60 drives and With a Max pre-configured size of 22 Terabytes on the hard drives you would Only be at 1320 terabytes for these Systems to be 4 300 terabytes it would Need to hold nearly 200 of the largest Drives currently available pricing seems Relatively competitive if true as Storeinator setup would require four Units at around seven thousand dollars a Piece and the 200 drives running about Fourteen thousand dollars making the Total around forty two thousand dollars For your own setup however you wouldn't

Have it hosted and you could run Chia on It along with a whole bunch of other Things that is all assuming that the Stat is really 4 300 terabytes and the Terra u t t slash unit hash rate isn't Something else now let's talk about the Sales they are set to start on July 21st At 10 A.M Eastern Standard time to mark Your calendars folks this is an Opportunity you won't want to miss if You're looking at file coin from the Perspective of trading as well so pay Attention I have some exciting news to Share with you nice Hash a popular hash Power Marketplace has just announced Their support for iron fish this means That the hashing algorithm for iron fish Is now available on their Marketplace What does this mean for you well if You're a nice hash customer you can Start buying and selling iron fish hash Powered mine iron token for those who Are unfamiliar nice hash is a Marketplace where you can buy sell and Rent hash power to mine various Proof-of-work assets instead of setting Up your own hardware for mining you can Simply rent hash power from other users On the platform by participating in the Network through mining you can earn the Network's token directly through your Mining activities one of the key Advantages of using nice hash is that it Allows users to overcome certain

Regulatory restrictions some people may Not be able to purchase tokens directly On x changes due to location or Jurisdiction limitations this is Especially challenging for those who Want to purchase tokens native to layer Ones as they may not have the same Accessibility on decentralized exchanges With nice hash these users can now buy And sell hash power mine iron fish and Earn iron tokens directly to their Wallets by adding support for the iron Fish algorithm nicehash is helping to Make privacy technology more accessible To a wider audience this is an important Step forward in the terms of user Experience accessibility and Global Reach if you're interested in learning More about iron fish mining you can find More information on their website and if You are ready to get started with nice Hash and mine iron using their hash Power head over to their platform to Begin your mining Journey this Partnership between nicehash and iron Fish is a great development for the Profitability of crypto miners offering More opportunities for Mining and Earning tokens with the new gambling System nice hash has put into place There is a premium Now to rent rigs There I personally have my a6a and gpus Pointed to mining rig rentals and Nicehash as a backup this results in

About a 10 to 15 percent increase in Rewards as opposed to mining directly as Of recent thanks everybody for watching This episode of blocks be sure to hit The like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below don't Forget I do have a crypto mining E-course over at son of and As well we also have the membership over At before you head on Over to locals if you're not already a Member over there you can get the first Month free bundled with a purchase of The crypto mining e-course thanks for Watching I'll see you next Tuesday

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