Wrapped Bitcoin on Cardano

Bureau of spark development updates Annetta BTC finally Launches on cardano Mainnet and SRB Miner releases a new Version all of this and more on today's Episode of blocks your One Stop Shop for All cryptocurrency news from the Perspective of a cryptocurrency miner as Quickly as possible let's get into it [Music] We have Atlanta spark development Updates from firo for the uninitiated Landlantis spark is a new privacy Protocol for firo allowing private Storage of your firo starting off There's been significant progress on the Lock wallet issue a solution has been Proposed though it's still in the works So we'll be keeping a close eye on that Here on this channel on the brighter Side the Sparks spend fee subtraction Problem has been sorted and sealed with A commit however there's a Curious Case Of some spark transactions they're not Being mined or even appearing in the Mempool that's apparently under active Investigation so another thing we'll Have to keep an eye on now for those Interested in the back end intricacies The team's been hard at work stress Testing the spark minting and spending Process it's all about ensuring smooth And efficient operations there's also This mempool bug that they stumbled upon Where an L tag is showing up both in the

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Mempool and Spark State they are diving Deep into that as we speak and if you've Heard whispers about issues with block Assembly and instant send not playing Nice you heard right the teams on it Though is what they say also a quick Heads up the wallet refractor is in full Swing and code reviews are happening in The background to keep everything in Check on other fronts the spark lock Wallet challenge remains a top priority Especially the scenario where a locked Wallet might not verify blocks sounds Technical right but it is essential and Speaking of what's coming up there's Some Buzz about preparing spark for a Client API integration so stay tuned for That as well some quick tidbits to round Things up the lelantis manual anonymize Page in spark is no more given the Le or That lelantis minting is off the table Oh and that pesky French QT typo has Been fixed plus they've spiced up the Clarity in the RPC help text for both Mintspark and spin spark last for those Who noticed the UI quirks the team's Working to iron out that column resizing Issue in the UI today we have some fresh News about a significant development in The cardano system last week marked the Official launch of anetta BTC on the Cardano mainnet as a leading protocol Specializing in wrapping Bitcoin they've Brought in an impressive over 11 Bitcoin

Into the cardano world now why is this Significant you might ask by Establishing themselves as the primary Bitcoin Marketplace on cardano another BTC is laying the groundwork for what Might become a dominant Bitcoin Liquidity source for years ahead and as You guys are aware this is also going to Translate over into wrapped Bitcoin on The Ergo blockchain for the proof of Work scene here's the exciting part Another BTC has rolled out a minting Incentive for C BTC cardano BTC this is What that stands for for that ticker Let's dive into to the specifics of this Incentive just to give you a clear Picture if someone minted say 1.5 BTC During the early phase and then 2 BTC Later on they could be looking at an Accumulation of over 270 000 C Neta and With current conversion that's around 7 300 cardano approximately 2 000 US Dollars which you know does sound Lucrative but I do have to mention be Extremely careful with all of this stuff Wrapped assets on different chains are Not the pure Bitcoin and when you're Talking about controlling your keys yes On a D5 system such as cardana you can Control your keys and that is much Better than having Bitcoin sitting in a Centralized exchange but you are still Kind of at the mercy of that particular Ecosystem so now not only do you have to

Worry about the price of Bitcoin but you Have to worry about the liquidity of the Bitcoin Etc on any of the D5 platforms I Bring this up just because yes we are in A position where because of all of the Rules and regulations coming down on Cryptocurrency we need to figure out a Decentralized way to distribute tokens To be able to trade between different Chains Etc but at the same time when you Are doing that yourself you are putting Yourself at some risk so there is a Higher likelihood for reward with doing Something like liquidity mining or Farming in this particular case but at The same time there's more risk there as Well that's not all anetta BTC is Pushing for C Bitcoin and Ada farming on Mini swap or Min swap excuse me by Supporting this proposal liquidity Providers might soon reap additional Rewards on Min swap so if you're Invested in the space it might be worth Keeping an eye on that the essence of These incentives is what well to Integrate Bitcoin into cardano and Amplify its involvement in cardano's Defy essentially cultivating a liquid Bitcoin Market within the cardano Network as annetta BTC gears up to bring More Bitcoin into the cardano ecosystem They extend their heartfelt gratitude to Their community members and from our end We'll be closely monitoring this space

And we promise to bring you the latest Updates so what are your thoughts on Cbdc and the new initiatives buying at a BTC share in the comments section below The latest version of SRB minor multi Version 2.3.4 is out let's delve into The juicy details first up we have the Edition of the ET hash B3 algorithm if You're mining retherium coin especially Using Nvidia gpus this is your update Well your only update and the best Option I think for mining this Particular algorithm on Nvidia gpus dual Mining fans there's something for you Too the update has introduced support For mining ET hash B3 paired with Shaw 512 256d radio and and guess what this Is optimized for both Nvidia and the AMD Rdna series of gpus Vegas 7 users Rejoice SRB minor has now Incorporated The gfx 906 binaries for the Dynex Algorithm especially on the latest Drivers just to note this has been Tested specifically on driver version 22.40.6 and for those who faced issues With gfx 900 mining on the Dynex Algorithm due to the previous release Well that hiccup has been ironed out in Relation to this release Sumitomo from Dynex made an announcement on Discord That all previous versions of SRB Miner Will no longer be supported so if you're Wondering what went wrong with your Mining rig and Dynex make sure you

Update to the latest version of SRB Minor thanks for watching and be sure to Hit the like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below I hope you Found something interesting or helpful For you today in this episode of blocks If you did come consider heading on over To sonofatech.locals.com and supporting Me there where I try to pay back to the Community that supports me over there With my daily moves and early Announcements of what I may be mining or Trading Etc and if you'd like a free Month of that you can get it along with My crypto mining e-course at son of a Tech.com I'll see you next Tuesday

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