Will the RTX 4060 Ti Be Worth It? Gigabyte’s Pricing Revealed – Must-See Details! – 253

Clearly Important with the current state of GPU Mining and that there's not a lot of Memory intensive algorithms or coins new Coins being launched that are profitable Right A lot of these are utilizing a lot Of core so this will be more relevant Than it has been in the past the Boost Clock is going to be 2.54 gigahertz a Second base 2.31 you will have a have 16 Gigabytes of gddr6 so you are not Getting the gddr6x in this particular Model to get up to the gddr6x which is Going to be the faster memory you're Going to have to bump up to the 40 70 or Higher which I think is very relevant Here I'm actually not too confident that These will be that great because if We're talking about 40 60 TI versus 4070 In comparison to what the 3060 TI was to The 4 or 30 70 previous generation and And the differences in the uh in the GPU Mining Market the 4070 is going to be a Pretty clear winner in my humble opinion First of all the specifications are not The same on the memory so even if we Were talking about memory uh hardened Algorithms right and you compared the 3070 which had basically the exact same Amount of memory and bandwidth Etc are Pretty close to that of the you know 3060 TI 3060 TI and 3070 TI or 3070 Being pretty much the same in this Particular case you're getting a huge

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Downgrade on the memory side here from The 4070 to the 3060 TI and that Continues on the memory interface which Is going to be 128 bit plus you're Getting the slower memory so you're Getting less memory potentially more Memory on the 16 gigabyte version but Last memory on the eight gigabyte Version for sure you're getting a Smaller memory bus as well Um in addition to that of course like I Said Cuda cores uh your clock speeds all That are going to be a lot more Important this time around than they Were on the previous cycle just due to The fact of the type of coins that are Being developed at this time right Almost everything that's new has some Sort of core intensive process on it Right we talk about Nexa and next of Proof of work has that core intensive Portion on it right we talk about Radiant we talk about Elysium with Blake 3 we talk about pretty much anything Across the board even if you go into the Prague pal family has some sort of core Uh influenced Advantage so the 4060 TI Here not looking as you know good as the 4070 TI in my humble opinion when we're Talking about mining in the if that in The future as opposed to where it was in The past the 3060 TI was a pretty good Competitor for mining to the 30 70. the RTX 4060 will have the same memory

Meaning it's maybe more enticing the 4060 TI for memory hardened algorithms However it will only have an eight Gigabyte of gddr6 uh option it does have A lot of course cut off of it down to 3072 clue to cores and the Boost clock Only goes up to 2.46 so it's or Gigahertz so it's quite a bit lower as Well today's sponsor is BT miners BT Miners has been a long time sponsor of The channel and a proven reliable source For Asic miners if you're looking to Purchase A6 Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on Bt-liners.com BT miners is a trusted Source by both asiccminervalue.com and Cryptominer.com follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel I will probably be trying to get some Testing on these the price point is also A little Um I mean see it's really difficult with Inflation and everything and being as Old as I am to accept the fact that a 60 Series GPU is going to be running Somewhere between 400 and 500 a pop Right so we have these listings now Ready the founders Edition is going to Be 3.99 for the 60 TI the and then if we Go up from there the aorus elite for Example is going to be at 470 dollars so

These are pretty intense pricings for a 60 model GPU And hopefully we will see better pricing That being said it is the 16 gigabyte Card that will be not launched yet which Will probably have an even higher price Tag And it's really getting into that range Of being so close to a 40 70 why even by Why even buy one right because if you're At you know 500 and then the I guess the 40 60 TI 16 gigabyte will be uh 500 to 550 something like that there are there Is potential for the 4060 TI 16 gigabyte To do well on Dynex Um so that would be one thing that I Would be keeping an eye out for uh for The future just because of the way Dynex Does like amount of memory versus a Memory bandwidth and so on and so forth But there is store that still that core Portion of it to distribute the work for That one in particular thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a tech.locals.com Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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