Why Lightning Businesses Should Use Greenlight

Here are seven Technical and business Reasons to consider green light first It's self custodial users or the Organization controls their own keys and Can leverage their existing security Setup your funds remain under your own Control and the keys are managed on your Device or infrastructure ensuring that Block stream operations teams can never Have access to your private Keys two you have access to Dedicated Support almost all other services use a Lightning implementation from another Vendor With no service agreement or formal Commitment for support green light is Based on core lightning which is Authored and maintained by our inhouse Team three scalability easily scale to As many users as your business Demands four liquidity flexibility and Choice Greenlight allows Enterprises to Bring their own lightning service Providers and earn routing fees for Lightning payments from their user base Other offerings plug in their own LS p And raken the fees for themselves Businesses also have the option of using Any of our LSP partners for liquidity And channel management five cost Effective core Lightning's lightweight Node implementation and the ability to Run nodes on demand means we can Efficiently provision lightning nodes

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And pass on the savings to you support For offboarding greenl is not a w Garden Users or Enterprises can seamlessly Offboard their green light no to their Own self-hosted infrastructure when they Feel ready to and one of the biggest Unique selling points of greenl one node Many apps today any non-custodial Lightning Wallet app or tool requires a User to set up their own node in order To use it this leads to users having Multiple wallets each for every Non-custodial app or tool leading to Multiple balances imagine having a Different bank account for every single Service that you use Greenlight offers Mobility of a user's lightning node Across multiple applications and Experiences users can use a single Balance for every lightning Wallet app Or tool across all of their devices in a Non-custodial way no more splitting Funds across various apps or Wallets

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