Why is Kaspa Dumping?

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again and right now we Are witnessing a dump of Casper price And I don't claim to note everything and Most of what I learned comes from other People and this specific information is Coming from mean hash on Twitter he Posted about this back on April 2nd I Had talked about it and warned that this Could be a possibility and we're here Here to answer why this Casper dump is Happening right now and some of the Possibilities behind it let's get into It right after a word from today's Sponsor today's sponsor is myself I Recently launched a crypto mining E-course at son of a tech.com and it Includes nine steps to cover when you Decide to start your crypto mining Journey this is specifically pertaining To 2023 crypto mining profits and taking Advantage of the Dell Market to achieve Skyrocketing growth as we move into the Next having of Bitcoin you learn buying Mining equipment in a bear Market using Outside investment to speculative mind Begin mining once profit is established Sell mine crypto to pay for electricity Hold and prep for the Bull Run sell at The top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks

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Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below welcome back everybody so as You're aware it's an exciting day for Caspa from a technical perspective as We've seen a successful launch of the Alpha for the rust rewrite on the Casper Network if you check out my son of a Tech.locals.com I just finished building My first rust node on Caspa and I'm Super excited about that but I did Notice a stark drop off in price here And that can be seen right here one Second on a coin market cap and we are Starting to see a price dump now the Question is of course why is this price Dump happening and you can see here it's Been a pretty Stark dump under three Cents and there was supposed to be a lot Of resistance both at three cents and at 20 or 2.9 cents and uh that has Obviously kind of faltered a little bit And it's having a little trouble Recovering back now of course it could Recover back and this isn't Doom and Gloom and fud but I did want to bring up Something that has come to my Realization over the past week now for a While if you guys have been following The channel and closely enough on some Of the tech.locals.com you know that I've been trying to get my hands on Caspa s fpga miners for quite some time

And I had actually gotten so far has Gotten a purchase agreement ready and Tried to send that over and get the Purchase through and it was basically Shut down I was told that they didn't Want to sell them anymore that they were Mining on them and then on Friday I got An interesting mess message actually Maybe Thursday or Friday I got a message From one of these suppliers for fpga Minors and they said that they wanted to Sell 200 in a big bulk order and this Big bulk order needed to be placed you Know within the next three to five days And had to be done right away which is Already throwing up some red flags now Mind you I'm not going to mention Anybody Involved here but this is what goes on In the fpga market and it reminded me of This post from mean hash back on April 2nd who said this is what it looks like When an fpga manufacturer is mining on New hardware before they sell and Deliver it to clients once all of the Hardware is sold the payment received They will then dump the coins now they Have clearly been going around trying to Dump a bunch of fpga miners on people That have been mining Caspa part of the Reasoning behind this is we've had a Record high hash rate hit Casper here Recently and all rumors point to new A6 Or more efficient fpgas hitting the

Casper Network and if the older fpgas They have been mining Casper up until This point are becoming aware of this Fpga miners then it is possible that That is what we're seeing we clearly Have been getting messages that people Want to sell their fpgas really really Quickly and in bulk and then to follow It up we end up having this price dump On Caspa happen Around the same time meaning that if it Was within three days for three to five Days from when I originally got this Message about selling off all of these Fpgas and if they actually did Successfully sell all of these off in a Bulk order now would be the time to then Take all of the Caspa you've mined up to That point and and dump it on the market So this is a possible reason for Caspa Having this price decrease below what Was considered the resistance levels Will this be detrimental to Caspa no I Do not think so I think because of the Way we the emissions were structured Which we're going to hopefully have shy On to talk about more in the future in And the way that the emissions are very Quick is that the basically the change Should level out and start to adapt for The new and more efficient Hardware so These are the reasons why Ai and I hope That you found it useful if you did Leave a like comment subscribe and

Notification Bell down below of course I'd like to hear your thoughts and Opinions on this current price decrease On Caspa and what you think it means for The future of Caspa I still think Caspa Has a great future ahead of it and Hopefully what we'll see is everything Transition into the next phase of mining For Caspa into fpga or Beyond fpga Either more efficient fpga and into Asics an eventual eventually Optics Right I will see you next Tuesday

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