Why I Sold Kaspa at the Bottom

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again and today let's go Ahead and talk about why I sold my Caspa At the bottom today's sponsor is BT Miners BT miners has been a long time Sponsor of the channel and a proven Reliable source for Asic miners if You're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on Bt-liners.com BT miners is a trusted Source by both asicminervalue.com and Cryptominer.com follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel welcome Back everybody so as you guys may or may Not be aware I sold some of my Caspa to Essentially go ahead and make a purchase As well as take care of some medical Bills Etc I'll talk about the medical Stuff in a different video on a Different Channel you can go follow over On blind run if you're interested in That the other purchase that we made is Right over in here and we're going to go Ahead and take a look Okie doke so here we go These are Some amp minor s19 Pros We just picked up a batch of 10 of them These are the 100 terahash models Currently they have amlogic board Control boards in them we are going to Be testing a couple of different boards

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And they will essentially be the Epic Boards as well as the XY Linux boards And we'll be talking about all the Different options and reviewing all of That now I know you guys are like well What about all your GPU mining Well right now with the actual purchase Of all of these we are 50 50 on power as Far as GPU mining versus Asics both Utilizing about 200 amps but it's Clearly not going to work in this Building for multiple reasons one being Of course no ventilation and two being Of course the heat so this facility is Getting turned into a distribution Facility and that is because I have to Do something with this building that Still goes ahead and generates some sort Of Revenue and it will also be where I Do all of my testing still as well as All of the YouTube videos Etc but then I Will be basically working on purchasing Or getting a new location next year Sometime more than likely and up until That year we'll be talking about hosting Now with distribution and so on stay Tuned to the channel because my goal Here is to facilitate being able to do The group buy type stuff or the large Purchases of Asics so that we can reduce The costs and then pass that reduction Of cost onto others so over on son of a Tech.com you'll start to see some Changes going on right now just the

E-courses listed there and at Shop.centofitech.com you have the T-shirts but I'm going to be ahead going To go ahead and be changing and moving That all around and we are going to Start to sell products over there Asics And so on more details will come later On this is something I've wanted to do For a long time and up until now the Only really good Outlets that I've been Able to point you all to is like Coastal Crypto and BT miners which are both on The East Coast so we'll have something Here within Texas which is a little bit Better for shipping and so on at least Across the Nation as far as being able To be kind of Center there as well as There's a lot of Bitcoin mining going on Here I have high hopes to that I'll be Able to get all of this sorted and Functioning but stay with me as we go Ahead and go through the process we'll Also be talking about some of the Hosting options that I've been looking At and start to review some of those too But I wanted to give you guys an update Now do I regret selling the Caspa that Would be a question that a lot of you All have as it has gone back up to 1.8 Cents it's kind of a joke that I sold at The bottom because it wasn't really at That bottom of 1.2 cents or the bottom Of when I was getting in where you could Buy 150 dollars worth of Casper which

Would equal like a million that being Said you can never time the market it's Not something I'm good at but I am going To be focusing on learning more about ta And all of that sort of stuff so that I Can just be more well informed for you All this is going to be an investment Though into actually something that I've Wanted to do for a long time so I'm Pretty excited about it I also want to Get more into Bitcoin mining so that's Going to facilitate that as well and I'll just have more content for the Channel which ultimately is the entire Point of all this because what I enjoy Doing is is all of the Bitcoin mining Cryptocurrency mining whatever binding Right we got Dynex we have a new one Pepe proof of work to look at these are The types of things I enjoy doing and Just being able to facilitate that even More to where I get more hardware for Testing for the channel is the ultimate Goal if you guys want the purchase Miners right now you can check out the Link down in the description for both Coastal crypto miners as well as BT Miners and keep an eye out percent of a Tech.com and we'll be getting that all Sorted as we move forward I'll see you Next Tuesday

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