Why I am Done With Kaspa

I am done with Caspa here's why [Music] What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and when Casper First launched back in the day last year I decided to start mining it with my GPU Form as opposed to moving over to Ergo This decision made a lot of sense Because not a lot of people were mining Caspa it wasn't listed and Ergo was Having extreme issues with their Difficulty adjustment it meant that After looking at all of the current Options for GPU Mining and their Profitability it didn't make any sense To mine anything that was already Currently listed when I looked at Caspa It was very clear that it was unique it Was going to solve a lot of issues that Currently exist within blockchain and I Figured it would be the best bet moving Forward and looking forward into this Year I was correct it made my GPU a Profit GPU form profitable for the past Year and a half all off of just that Little bit of time I spent mining while It was not listed and this is called Speculative mining GPU miners do this Across the board for lots of different Projects and is one of the ways that you Find benefits within GPU mining that you Can't find anywhere else except for Maybe CPUs the natural progression of Mining goes from typically CPUs in the

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Case of like Bitcoin right two gpus in The case of Bitcoin and then two Asic Miners Casper has gone through the exact Same Evolution now I am a GPU Miner I am Not an Asic Miner however I have Purchased some Asic miners recently as You guys might be aware I'll talk about That too so the reason why I am Primarily done with Caspa is that I no Longer mind Caspa and looking at the Current Asic Market forecast but it Doesn't look like it would be a good Idea to make an investment into Asic Miners at this time one we only only had A small Asic company initially making The Asic miners called ice River and They are now being put out of business Essentially by bitmap there is no other Large Asic manufacturer that has hopped In on the Casper train yet and I think That the best move forward is to make The conservative moves that are more Predictable when purchasing Asic miners Than to make a very risky move so this Is why I did not purchase any Asics for Caspa in this particular case if you Look at the bit main miners right now The second batches are out we covered This earlier in this week and you can go Check that video out but they are priced At 42 300 after the coupon you're Looking at 29 000. I have heard some Stirring around by purchasing through Third-party retailers that you can get

Closer to that twenty five thousand Dollar Mark but but the quantity is Still in question Etc along with all of the Asics going on To the network what we have seen is Obviously a huge increase in the Difficulty of the network thereby making All of my fpgas as well as all of my Gpus oh quite a bit earlier than this Unprofitable on Caspa so it doesn't make Sense to have anything on my farm mining Casper in addition to that what you will Start to see and what I have noticed is That we are having a huge reduction in The active addresses there's a big pump Yesterday if we could go back further Than this you'll notice even more but The daily active addresses have dropped You know from the 20 thousands typically Down to the Fourteen thousands and so on This is actually pretty easily Explainable and I explained it explained It earlier in the week and that is just Because if you have a bunch of fpga Miners and GPU miners you typically have More individuals mining which means that You're going to have more active Addresses because the payouts from the Pools go to the active addresses nothing Really big there the biggest concern That I've seen most recently and it's Not really has anything to do with my Decision though is that we went from Earlier in the week being at 13 of the

Top 10 addresses of the circulating Supply to up to now 17 percent of the Top 10 addresses owning the circulating Supply so that is something to keep in Mind when would I get back into Casper I Suppose would be the question and I did Have this conversation of course with my Third party Asic supplier and so on and My thought is going to be around the February to April range when the prices Of the Asics come down between 5 000 to 8 000 US Dollars that's going to be my Guesstimate and my buy-in price for any Asic units to mine Casper specifically It also gives us enough time or me Enough time to observe the reliable Ability and the temperature for the Environments of the new bit main miners So at this time I'm done with Caspa I'm Not going to mine it here's the other Thing is from the very get-go I have Been pretty against Asics in general Even to the point of not wanting to Invest in Bitcoin A6 because the problem With the A6 in general is that you have An Ever evolving technology right that Is specifically focused on a single Algorithm this means that when new units Come out that are more efficient your Old units basically can't compete and They turn into bricks in addition to That you typically only have one Algorithm that you can choose from this Isn't as big of a deal on Bitcoin now as

The market has matured and you can get Used units very very cheap and you can Project out when during a bear Market if You can be profitable through a bear Market with those units and then hold Those through to the bear Market I talk About this in my crypto mining e-course Which you can check out in the Description below so there's my buy-in Point for the Asics but I still will Push and hold off on purchasing any Asics for any specific alternative coin Outside of Bitcoin because the risk is Too high and I do think that Casper has A greater chance in general of being Successful than any other Asic mindable Altcoin and that is why I will consider Purchasing a few of their Asics in the Future at that price point that I have Set so there you go there's why I'm out Of Casper in addition to that this Channel has always been about Mining and Generating revenue and not so much Holding the coin if your strategy is to Mine and hold I completely understand That and that can be your particular Strategy in addition to that the idea of Buying at home holding is not something That I have been a fan of because if You're in a position where you need to Cover bills Etc having Revenue in my Opinion is better than having some Static asset that doesn't do anything Let me know what you guys think down in

The comment section below are you Mining And holding Caspa have you stopped Mining Casper what were you mining Casper with will you purchase a Casper Asic now or in the future what is your Price point for a Casper ks3 Miner from Bit Main and do you look forward to Other manufacturers entering the space I Will see you next Tuesday don't forget You can check out my crypto mining E-course at son of a tech.com which Includes a free month of supporter Status on my locals at son of a Tech.locals.com where I cover my daily Moves

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