Why I am Bullish on Ironfish Mining

What's up Sons it's blind ride with son Of a tech once again and GPU mining is Probably one of the most difficult Mining Endeavors you can take on right Now it's very competitive a lot of gpus Are currently turned off and whenever Something becomes profitable or looks Like it may become profitable a bunch of Gpus turn on and then eventually they Turn back off as we find that certain Networks are not actually able to handle The entire hash rate what I wanted to Take a look at was iron fish in Particular now you guys may have already Watched my video on the tokenomics but We are going to briefly cover that and I'm going to give you guys a reason why I'm a little bit bullish on iron fish Despite of course the poor fundamentals From my humble perspective and then we Are going to talk about a couple of the GPU options that I'm taking a look at if I'm deciding to go ahead and mine iron Fish let's get into all of that and more Right after a word from today's sponsor Today's sponsor is myself I recently Launched a crypto mining e-course at son Of a tech.com and it includes nine steps To cover when you decide to start your Crypto mining Journey this is Specifically pertaining to 2023 crypto Mining profits and taking advantage of The DOW market to achieve skyrocketing Growth as we move into the next having a

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Bitcoin you learn buying mining Equipment in a bear Market using outside Investment to speculate of mine begin Mining once profit is established sell Mine crypto to pay for electricity hold And prep for the Bull Run sell at the Top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below welcome back so just a brief Overview here really quickly is going to Be over specifically the tokenomics over The first year only about 30 percent of The rewards will come from mining now The problem here of course is that During that year those mining rewards Will be the only sellable tokens of all Of the allocated tokens that are Available however after that year we Will have an unlock of a certain amount From investors advisors and employees Now for every employee there is a Four-year vesting with a one-year cliff On top of the lockup schedule so really What we're looking at is basically the Lock-up period between a year and 24 Months right so one to two years here And if we go all the way out to two Years only 33.6 percent of the rewards

Will be from mining it actually takes All the way up to basically 48 months Before we see 48 percent of the rewards Coming from Mining and at any of these Given times of course miners will have To basically deal with the fact that the Price could get basically reduced based On the unlock periods for the this Particular token and that means that From a mining perspective what you're Looking at is making sure that you are Paying attention to the market and and Not getting caught in something where You end up holding on to the iron fish For too long now that's not necessarily For sure that you're going to see a dump In the price because as you can see with The amount of people invested in this They have a vested interest of course in Keeping the price high they probably Won't want to dump and that sort of Thing here's the the honest truth about Iron fish from a fundamental perspective If you were going to basically base it Off of a comparison with Bitcoin or for Privacy something like Monero Etc it Goes against the grain and against the Fundamentals which can be something that If you want to hold two you may want to Consider skipping iron fish however as a GPU Miner it's important to note that Your primary goal as a GPU Miner is to Make enough Revenue to cover your Expenses and continue your operations

And that's where iron fish ends up Becoming enticing right because you do Have that profitability to it that is Not quite available on a lot of other Networks and there have been some that Have been profitable on gpus like cast But but they've moved on to fpgas and Really soon maybe we'll even move on to The A6 if we take a look at something Like Nexa which I have an interview Coming out here for in a little bit as Well they're going to be moving to Asics As well and so you end up with very few Options for GPU minable only and the Thing about this too is though just so You guys are aware of the rumor mill There is an fpga bit stream rumored for Iron fish so even iron fish may be Susceptible to this problem so that's Kind of everything put together the Difference is is we've had Asics on Ethereum in the past moving up into the Merge and it was still more profitable For gpus on ethereum and you're not too Far off from the business model of Ethereum than you are with the business Model of iron fish we could get into Well should a privacy coin have any kyc At all as they did with their Incentivized test Nets should that Should a cryptocurrency that is supposed To be private have these vested Interests in from investors VCS and all Of that sort of thing but putting all

That aside and looking at is it going to Be a stable Network to mine we're Starting to get a better idea of that Now on initial launch there is way too Much hash rate that caused way too many Issues and obviously the network was not Able to perform at its peak because There was too much hash rate and Basically what you ended up having was a Huge increase in the difficulty which Then corresponded to a slowing down of The network not dissimilar from what we Saw on Ergo post merge but a little bit Faster in the adjustment period so ended Up shaking out okay if we look at the Price what we can see here is the Initial launch of the price being at Seven dollars and fifty cents and now We've come down to stabilizing around The 4.50 to 4.75 let's just say five dollars to make It even so we can make a reasonable Assertion at this point that we are Starting to stabilize in price for iron Fish as it currently sits and so if if You are looking at into pricing Mining And gpus now would be the time to begin To do that and we can also confirm that As well with a corresponding reduction In the amount of hash rate on the Network going down from five or almost Six pet a hash a second down to this 3.6 Pet a hash a second and this means of

Course that we are starting to see a Stabilization in the difficulty so you Can start to determine basically your Profitability on iron fish in general And this is important when you're Deciding to purchase equipment for gpus Or for mining you know Iron fish with Gpus in particular obviously that rumor That could be coming out though of Course is going to be everything with The fpgas we'll just have to see how That's approached by the developers and If they decide to Fork off of that or Not that being said if we look at the Current GPU revenue of according to Hashrate.no at 13 cents a kilowatt hour We see a lot of iron fish popping up With the RTX 4090 having a profit of 70 Cents a day and then going down from There the 6000 series and 7000 series Performing quite well on this particular Algorithm going all the way up to 25 Cents a day in profit on the 6900 XT Which is actually beating out the 7900 XTX which is its 23 cents a kilowatt Hour so 6000 series is looking very Strong here and that will be something That determines a little bit of my Buying suggestions for iron fish mining In particular but the outlier here that If you look at the calculator you might Not catch right off the bat is going to Be the RTX 4070 which actually on iron Fish does remain profitable at 17 cents

A day while it does show more profitable On Dynex as well as radiant it's Important to know out that there are More tweaks that you can do to the 4070 And the 4070 is profitable on a plethora Of different algorithms as compared to The 6900 XT which is not as profitable On as many algorithms so you kind of Have this trade-off and another benefit Of the RTX 4070 in particular is over The 6900 XT is going to be the amount of Power that is allowed or needed and That's going to be a single eight pin on The 4070 compared to dual eight pins Needed on the 6900 XT that being said There are some really good deals you can Get on the 6900 XT for example here at Pro Vantage you'll see that you can pick It up pick up a 6900 XT for 525 dollars And you're getting 16 gigs of RAM on a 256-bit bus outperforming the RTX or the RX excuse me 79 900 XTX which makes this Kind of an interesting play and Something I was looking at you can pick These up for under 600 as well on Amazon And Newegg 2 but this is the best Pricing I've found so far so I wanted to Make you guys aware of it I do not have An affiliate link for this one in Particular so you know throw me a Kickback by joining son of a Tech.locals.com if you're appreciative Of that however my main play lately has Been the RTX 4070s and that's because

They do come in at that six hundred Dollar price range they are the latest Generation and they only require a Single eight pin power adapter of course You want to make sure that you're Looking at the particular model and Confirming that it only utilizes the Single eight pin and that's going to Reduce of course basically you're Building complexity when you're putting These into a mining rig which is really What makes them beneficial across the Board the RTX 4070 is really impressive Looking like basically a RTX 3070 with Better power consumption and you get More memory at 12 gigabytes of the Faster Gddr6x so even though the bus width is Lower at 192 bits compared to the 6900 XT with the 256 bit bus it ends up being Basically on par across the board for Your memory intensive algorithms and That's what makes it extremely Impressive and because it performs well On iron fish it is one to take a look at For sure so these are the two gpus I've Been looking at if I was going to build An iron fish mining rig I think that you Get a little bit of a better bang for Your buck out of the 40 70 moving Forward however here's a little caveat That you should be aware of Nvidia has Had the worst sales pretty much much in Their history on the RTX 4070 as gamers

Are not picking these up and GPU mining Has been at an all-time low from a Profitability standpoint this means that There is a possibility for a price cut On the RTX 4070s and because of that and The overall faster performance that you Can get on the 6900 XT plus the price Cuts that are happening already on the 6900 XT it might be advised to go with The 6000 series from AMD for now while You have those price cuts and then move Over to the 40 70s for those prize Cuts However Nvidia as they are basically Greedy as heck are doing the same thing That they've done previously where as Opposed to reducing the price of their Gpus they are reducing the amount of Cards that they're putting into Production and that means that they are Basically manipulating Supply to keep The prices high as opposed to reducing The price of the gpus to increase sales This business strategy is something that They have been doing since the 3000 Series and is quite despicable in my Humble opinion we'll have to see how it Shakes out moving forward I hope you Guys enjoyed this just another wrap up On iron fish from a fundamental Standpoint it is a lot more akin to Something like ethereum than to bitcoin So if you're a traditional Cypher Punk Then purely out of the standpoint of Your principles it may be something you

Avoid but if we look at things Completely honestly from what we saw With ethereum and GPU Mining and its Profitability even with Asics on the Network it has a similar starting ground And probably the widest adoption I've Ever seen on launch Day from a Cryptocurrency ever for proof of work And that could bode well moving into the Next Bull Run so definitely make sure That you have a versatile GPU like an RTX 4070 ready to go on iron fish in the Case that that is what brings your Mining Farm into profitability thanks Everybody for watching be sure to hit The like comment subscribe and Notification Bell down below and I will See you next Tuesday

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