Why Binance could be next to Collapse

Ladies and gentlemen we need to talk and It's about Finance because there are Some stuff going on right now in the Background because I've been doing my Research that I don't trust the last Thing I want is my audience to get Screwed or anyone to get screwed so that Is why I am making this video today to Be very clear I am not trying to create Any fun I am only going to be pointing Out the facts I'm not going to talk About speculation or any things I'm not Sure about I'm just going to talk about The facts that I currently know in the Market some people on Twitter are saying Rover why are you spreading fat about Binance it's just purely because I want To be pointing out what is currently Going on in this Mark so you can see it Also on the street if binance collapses Bitcoin is probably going to go to five Or ten thousand US Dollars and the Entire industry will be screwed because Binance is definitely one of the larger Players in the market I mean we've Definitely seen a big decline in binance In the past months especially due to the Fact that binance is leaving all kinds Of areas but still if buying a collapse It will be a disaster for the market and Of course that's not a thing on what I Would like to see because yes I've got Almost my entire life savings into Crypto I mean yes I've got some Stables

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On the side because I will be prepared For everything so I don't want this but I'm here just to reveal the truth so let Me basically kick off about where it Started for me where I really started to Become a little bit doubtful about Buying in so it was approximately like a Month ago that I really started out Binance because a month ago binance Released their temper surf Audits and Basically what they discussed in this Out report is their proof of Reserve how Much Bitcoin they have in terms of Customer nap balance and how much Binance is actually holding so it's Pretty important that this is true right So I was reading through it I posted it On my Twitter and then I saw that the Auditor of this proof of Reserve report Is cell verification they're not using a Third party to verify this apparently Two days ago exhibit 4 was the release This was a report about binance U.S and What the binance U.S auditor said Exactly in this report he found it very Difficult to ensure the company was Fully collateralized at a Pacific point In time so he's not saying that binance Isn't completely solvent right now here But potentially in the past he was Doubting that binance was completely Solvent so I am definitely a little bit Worried after I saw this and of course I Saw also this 10th Reserve audit report

Was cell verification and we didn't had A third party that was verifying the Reserve outage from binance so I started To dig deeper I started to see what Exactly is going on here and then of Course I stumbled against something else So I want to clarify this as well Straight away if you're into crypto for The long term don't hold your crypto on An exchange this is of course no Financial advisor whatsoever but Personally if if you are going to be Investing in crypto for the long run it Makes no sense to hold all your Belongings on an exchange because yes There is a risk The Exchange goes bust And then you will lose your crypto just Like what happened with FTX so I will be Recommending to use a self-custody Service like a ledger like a trust Wallet or whatsoever so please be very Careful with this because if you're Holding all your crypto on an exchange You can get screwed I mean for me I hold Some crypto on an exchange it will be Very clear I hold usually about Um one hundred thousand dollars towards Two hundred thousand dollars on an Exchange I mean myself I'm using buy bit By bit is literally the only exchange That has been growing in their balance On The Exchange in terms of Bitcoin also In terms of their user base and also Their outage report has got a third

Party so I trust by bit a little bit More and guys I am also not saying that You should be holding your crypto funds On buy bits only if you want to be Trading you can can hold your trading Funds on by bit one thing that also is a Fact is that binance stopped using their Binance cards their service with visa And right now by with they released a Crypto card where you can actually spend Your crypto so if you want to be Spending your crypto you can right now Go to buy bit sign up an account and of Course get that buy bits guard and if You sign up an account using the link in The description you can get a free 1000 US dollar position for only depositing 100 so make sure to go to the link Description if you are interested in That and once again to clarify the same With buy bit I don't think that you Should be holding all your funds on an Exchange only the funds that you are Willing to trade with so about two weeks Ago the CEO of binance ums departed and He also took more than 100 employees With him more than 100 employees from Binance us also left so of course I Potentially also understand why all These Executives wants to be leaving Binance because yes binance got a got The SSC the doj all looking after them And maybe they see something that we Don't see maybe these uh the CEO also

Saw okay binance is probably not going To win this case with the SEC so I Better leave so I think they know Something we don't know maybe they are Insolvent or whatsoever so that is the Reason they left and the CEO of binance Us that departed also said that he Quitted crypto entirely because yeah I Don't know maybe there's going to be Something bad happening here as well so I am still a little bit in doubt about What is going to be happening next here Further on here I've got a list where I Uh doubt binance and basically to all These things on the list these are very Serious accusations and these are also Accusations with proof and the only Thing that sees that can respond to this And the only thing that sees that really Responds to this is four this is fat but I mean where's the real explanation I Want to hear an explanation from CZ Because if he only says four this is Fought Um yeah he's not really explaining Anything so of course people like him But I really think he should give us a Clear explanation what is going on first Of all I want to know why don't they use A third-party auditor for the approval Reserves it makes it so suspicious and Also can they explain about this Statement from binance U.S that the Auditor found it very difficult to

Ensure the company was completely Collateralized I mean I want to have Answers so let me quickly go over about The reasons why I doubt binance first of All they got legal challenges from the SSC supported by strong evidence second Of all charges from the cftc backed by Significant proof uh departure from tens Of high-ranking Executives within weeks The proof of Reserve is self-verified no Third party they discontinue with B USD They stopped operating in Canada Germany Netherlands and Belgium potential Charges from the doj there's also a Current ongoing investigation from France for serious accusations of money Laundering their auditor resigns and Revokes their approval they've got Issues with banks and payment systems Making their FIA transactions Challenging in many regions a lot of Staff is leaving but personally I do get It because it's a bear Mark that it is Definitely less things to do and at Bear Market you're going to look to improve Your company and make it more efficient So I don't really blame them on that Also reduce perks and advantages for Current staff is a quite a turbulent Time for the company and I really think That it is definitely important to be Paying attention towards all the things That are currently going on here so Personally I am not taking the risk on

Holding my crypto on binance personally I literally close my account on binance I don't have any funds there anymore Because I don't want to have the risks On holding funds on binance so yeah I Completely stopped using binance pure Really because I think there are some Things going on there that are not Exactly correct then also the Bitcoin Trading volume on binance has massively Declined it of course all the volume Across all the exchanges have been been Declining but definitely first binance Was holding and doing approximately 90 Of the total volume in the market and Right now it's only about 50 to 60 so Binance has seen a massive decline in Market share and that is of course a Good thing and that will ultimately also Give a less of a big effect from binance Going bus or binance doing anything in The market so I mean these are all the Things that I've seen at binance but let Me also talk about BNB because BNB is a Very big part of binance just like FDT Is a very big part of FDX so we can see That BMB is currently sitting on Critical massive support and the Question really remains is binance going To be holding the support is BMB going To be holding this support So before I'm Diving in towards the charts I want to Talk about some tweets from Dylan Leclair he pointed out approximately a

Month ago about this very interesting Behavior on the price action of BNB so You can see that BNB usdt the Perpetual Swap so the leverage trading swap on use DT and also with BNB collateral has got A very big difference so the collateral Against UCT is basically all used on the Lower Side around the 30 to 14 region so We've seen the majority of Leverage Entered in BMB around to 30 to 14 using Usdt But what is even more interesting is That in this region above two hundred Dollars to four or five hundred dollars The majority of Perpetual swaps has been In BMB and it has been collateralized With BNB what means if the BNB price Session drops it could be facing a Massive liquidation So Dylan Claire also said if you want to Have a good laugh short BNB in the lock Scale with a side volume profile on Sport and Futures your choice I mean This is definitely looking very Suspicious and let me continue uh Dylan Leclair also said BB BTC is still Training 540 up since the first day Bitcoin traded on 26 000 the market is Fake Fiat reels and getting cut off no Organic new buyers to support the price Except c c so what he's basically saying Is that this is a manipulated pump and He already said it to everyone in November and personally it does look

Kind of strange this Behavior so the Last thing I want to be saying here is That CZ has also not always told the Truth so on December the 7th 2022 CZ Posted something about the audited proof Of reserves transparency binance then Willywoo asks them about the liabilities Against those reserves and since that Literally said yes but liabilities are Harder we don't owe any loans to anyone You can ask around so Dylan Leclair Posted this three days ago and he said No loans huh so what about this 250 Million US dollar convertible note Finance with stable coins of course we Are not quite sure what exactly went on Here but this is just what we're Thinking so please don't quote me on This but Dylan declare said you know the 250 million busd from binance 14 that's Basically a binance hot wallet was Hopped to binance us to get a couple Hundred million dollars in cash from Paxo so here's literally the eater scan About what happened here you can clearly See what is going on here but this Happened approximately 265 days ago to Binance us they sent literally 250 Million US dollars from the binance uh Wallet to bonus U.S so what is going on Here they're sending money and large Amounts of money to different exchanges So he once again even added worse as the SEC demonstrated binus has a long

History with controlling the BAM to Serve binance on own unlawful purposes So there's definitely something going on And yes she said has not given any Response to this yet so far but I Definitely think something is going on Right here so looking at BNB some people Are actually saying is that if binance Really Falls below this 200 barrier that We are going to face a big liquidation And binders could drop very quickly and Since they've got some loans against it We could be quite screwed and of course If the binance price drops significantly It will lose trust potentially in the Exchange and that could maybe mean Something bigger and that is why some People are actually thinking that Binance is selling off Bitcoin to prompt Up the b b price so we are not quite Sure what exactly is happening here but Definitely there is something planning Here and this is what I wanted to be Pointing out with this video I mean guys You have to understand I am not 100 sure What is going on here and I'm also not Saying that binance is going to go bust Here the only thing I'm I'm saying here Is that you have to be careful the only Thing what I'm saying here is that you Have to be not holding all your money on Just one exchange and I don't want Binance to collapse because if binance Collapses Bitcoin is going to go

Probably to five or ten thousand dollars And the industry will be getting set Back by more than 10 years it will be a Huge setback for the industry so I don't Want this but I do want to be pointing Out the facts and points that I'm Currently seeing in the market so if you Find this interesting and if you want to Share this to any friends of you make Sure to share this video but anyways This was it for me this was my research These are the things that I know about Binance and I definitely think we should Worry thank you guys so much for Watching and see you guys on another one Peace out goodbye

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