Why Are There Not More Miners For Dynex?

PayPal launches the stable coin SRV Miner releases an update improving Dynex Solve hash rates as well as some Additional information surrounding Dynexall that you'll have to stick Around for and block X gets listed on Text bit all that and more on today's Episode of blocks where I cover all Cryptocurrency news from the perspective Of a cryptocurrency miner as quickly as Possible let's get into it Relax American Financial technology giant PayPal has just launched its own stable Coin called PayPal USD the ticker is Pyusd this US dollar Peg stablecoin is Set to make waves in the crypto industry And we're here to dive into the details But before we do be sure to hit that Subscribe button and ring the Notification Bell so you never miss an Episode of blocks so what exactly is Pyusd well pyusd will be issued by the Paxos trust company and fully backed by US dollar deposits short-term treasuries And similar cash equivalents it's built On the ethereum blockchain and Specifically designed for digital Payments in web 3 applications the best Part it will soon be available to all United States customers but what sets Pyusd apart from other stable coins is The question first and foremost pyusd Will be redeemable for US dollars at all

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Times providing you users with a high Level of stability additionally it can Be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies On the PayPal platform making it even More versatile for crypto enthusiasts oh And don't forget you'll also be able to Transfer pyusd paint between PayPal and Venmo making it super convenient for Everyday transactions PayPal CEO Dan Schulman sees this new stable coin as a Crucial part of the overall payments Infrastructure the company has been on a Crypto Journey since 2020 and this Stablecoin launch could further solidify Their position as a major crypto payment Giant now it's important to note that While there are various stable coins Available in the crypto Market pyusd is The first stable coin launched by a Major payment processor this is a Significant milestone for the crypto Industry as PayPal and paxos are Providing the real world value of Blockchain Technology Charles cascaria CEO of paxos hopefully I said that right And shared his thoughts on this Groundbreaking launch saying quote with The launch of the first stable coin by a Leading financial institution PayPal and Paxos are providing the real world value Of blockchain Technology PayPal USD is The most significant Leap Forward for Digital assets and the financial Industry and paxos is proud to enable

This transformative product end quote PayPal believes that pyusd will help Accelerate the adoption of crypto Payments and with over 350 million Active users they have a massive user Base to Target PayPal has already Allowed users in the US and the UK to Buy sell and hold Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin cash and Litecoin while enabling Payments in these assets as well however It's essential to mention that the Regulatory environment around stable Coins in the US has been a topic of Discussion while the market already has Stable coins like tether and usdc with Significant market caps PayPal's entry Into the stable coin space could bring Much needed Clarity and Innovation now We've seen some regulatory hurdles for Stable coins recently and policy makers Are actively discussing a bipartisan Stable coin Bill nevertheless PayPal and Paxos have been working closely with Relevant Regulators since confirming Their plans to launch this stable coin In January of 2022. of course throw Those tinfoil hats on and take into Consideration that it is built on the Ethereum blockchain which has been under Scrutiny for basically being a security And not a commodity it'll be interesting To see what how that plays out from the Perspective of the SEC here in the near Future today we have some exciting news

For all of you using SRB minor the Latest update version 2.3.2 is out and It brings some awesome changes Especially if you're mining Dynex coin Let's start with the most exciting part The performance improvement with this Update SRB Miner version 2.3.2 now offers better performance for The Dynex algorithm if you're mining Dynex coin this could mean increased Efficiency and more mining rewards but Wait there's more SRB Miner has Introduced a new parameter called GPU Dynex Dash R now this parameter is a Game changer as it allows you to Fine-tune the performance of the Dynex Algorithm you have the flexibility to Set the value anywhere between 1 and 16. So it's time to roll up your sleeves and Experiment with different values to find That sweet spot for your mining rig let Us know down in the comment section Below what cards you're using and what Setting you found to perform the best Now you might remember the auto tuner For the Dynex algorithm in the previous Version well it's caused some data Reporting issues and the developers Listen to our feedback in version 2.3.2 They decided to remove the auto tuner to Ensure a smooth and hassle-free mining Experience kudos to the SRB team for Being responsive to the community of Course we can't have an update without

Some bug fixes SRB minor version 2.3.2 Includes minor bug fixes that enhance The overall stability and reliable of The software this means fewer Interruptions and more time spent mining Those precious coins now a quick word of Caution while the new GPU Dynex R Parameter is fantastic for performance Tuning using a higher value could lead To an increased number of stale shares So keep that in mind while you're Testing and check your stale shares Before reporting down in the comments That you have amazing performance we Don't want that do we to find the Optimal settings for your mining rig you Can try a combination of the GPU Intensity and GPU nxr parameters it Might take a little trial and error but Trust us it'll be worth it when you see Those mining results improve on the Subject of Dynex I reached out to some More seasoned mining software developers To ask why they have not implemented Dynex solve into their miners yet the Developer of BZ minor stated that the Project is undergoing significant Changes extremely frequently which would Present too much workload to stay up to Date with it was implied that this is Probably due to the fact that the Dynex Team is a machine learning project first And a crypto second this reasoning makes Sense as it is stated that Dynex uses a

Modified version of kryptonite where Five percent of the hashing power is Dedicated to solving the blocks then 95 Percent of the hashing powers that Dedicated to the useful work side of Things the feeling surrounding adding Support for dynexall on more season Mining software that I gathered is Dynexall feels as if it needs more work And testing before it could be Considered a mature solution this makes Sense to me as proof of useful work is An extremely New Concept block X is now Tradable on the usdt market on text bit For all you crypto miners who've been Eagerly awaiting this moment that the Wait is finally over you can now head Over to textbit and start depositing Mind Block X till your heart's content For node operators there is now another Option to buy the extra tokens needed to Stand up your master nodes for those who Are new to block X let's do a quick Recap block X is a new hybrid Cryptocurrency that combines a form of Staking and Mining it utilizes the X11 Algorithm that has been utilized by Other more seasoned coins like Dash what Makes it unique is its promise to Deliver malware protection password Management and even driver updates for Your personal PC this sounds extremely Interesting for those participating in Crypto to secure your system from

Potential malware of which a lot comes From the blockchain space think of it Basically as a crypto version of Kaspersky or some other anti-virus slash Password password management Software you can start trading block X On text bit right away by heading to the Provided Link in the description below It's time to make some moves and seize Those trading opportunities but before You rush into the trading frenzy let's Talk about some tips to ensure a smooth And successful trading experience as Crypto miners we know that every move Counts so here are a few points do your Own research before making any trades It's essential to do your homework Understand the fundamentals and Potential of block X to make informed Decisions this also includes checking Multiple exchanges like zagx and text Bit in some cases you can find Arbitrage Opportunities as well set some trading Goals Define your trading goals and Strategies whether you're looking for Short-term goals or long-term holding Having a clear plan can help you stay Focused do not get emotional about this Keep an eye on the market crypto markets Can be highly volatile so stay vigilant And be ready to adapt your strategy Accordingly setting stop losses as well As just setting your buy and sells Especially as a crypto Miner can be

Extremely useful here risk management Crypto trading carries risks so never Invest more than you can afford to lose Be responsible and stay within your risk Tolerance of course the best risk Tolerance from the crypto mining Perspective here is to at least daily Sell enough of your mind crypto to cover The power costs so you don't end up in a Position where you can't pay that pesky Power bill at the end of the month Thanks everybody for watching please hit The like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below you can Check out my daily moves and access to Any new coins I may be discovering first Over at Sonofatech.locals.com you can also get a Free month of locals by purchasing my Crypto mining e-course over at Sonofthetic.com thanks everybody for all Of your continued support and I look Forward to moving into the having of Bitcoin in the next cryptocurrency Bull Run in 2024. I will see you next Tuesday

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