When Crypto Titans Clash: NFT Trader Sues Famous Blockchain Detective – 257

Crypto detective Zach xbt faces Defamation lawsuit matchy big brother Says Zach xbt for an investigation the Latter published in 2022 of June Alleging the trader stole tens of Millions of dollars worth of crypto and A t-trader Machi Big Brother otherwise Known as Jeffrey Huang Let's see who's Zach xbt an independent Blockchain detective after the on-chain Sleuth published a report year last year Alleging he embezzled tens of millions Of dollars worth of crypto the lawsuit Filed on Friday in the U.S District Court for the Western District of Texas Alleged Zach xpt Define Machi Big Brother inflicting serious reputational And monetary harm on him Zack xbt faces One count of libel and one count of Libel per se according to the complaint Quote without any regard for their Ruinous effect that public allegations Of criminal conduct can produce for the Accused individual Zack xbt not only Proceeded to publish his defamatory Article on medium.com but he also Maliciously promoted the article to his More than 300 000 Twitter followers Machi Big Brothers lawyer said in a Complaint Mighty Big Brother's lawyer Did not immediately respond to requests For comment the lawsuit cites an Investigation Zach xbt published on his Blog and on Twitter in June of 2022

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Alleging Machi Big Brother manipulated Crypto markets and embezzled 22 000 Ether worth nearly 38 million dollars at The time of writing Zac xbt responded to The lawsuit on Friday calling it a Classic daviding Goliath Story I mean Zach xbt is kind of a Goliath in my in My humble opinion as far as like Clout on crypto Twitter so I wouldn't Really call it a daviding Goliath story Plus you know we'll get into his fund And all of that people are going to fund Him uh Zach xpt has done great work on You know exposing scams Etc if you don't Follow him on Twitter I highly recommend It that being said I have seen him kind Of go a little too hard at people that I Think weren't actually doing anything At least Maliciously incorrectly but probably Incorrectly at the same time Um But that's kind of Twitter that's the Game of Twitter right where things are a Little bit more Blown out of proportion let's say when You get into these topics Quote my understanding is that Machi big Brother is very wealthy Zach xpt tweeted He did say I am not yeah but you're very You're extremely wealthy in from the Perspective of actual like clout uh Resources that sort of thing I think What you'll see here is he's going to be

Able to use these resources to to take Care of this I mean in general when you Talk about you know wealth I I did want To bring this up because it's kind of Interesting like There's like the you know your physical Wealth there's your mental wealth There's but there's also like this we Have this online clout wealth we have You know the the subscriber count Wealthier ways to leverage that to also Just get material wealth like money and All of that sort of stuff and that's What he did Um this is why building a brand around Yourself is so powerful this is why you Know creating content that serves the Public is you know extremely powerful Um so I Like I've never heard of Machi big brother I Guess is my point I've heard of Zack xbt Uh just my perspective there today's Sponsor is BT miners BT miners has been A long time sponsor of the channel and a Proven reliable source for Asic miners If you're looking to purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners They are available for purchase on Bt-liners.com BT miners is a trusted Source by both asicminervalue.com and Crypto miner.com follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel I

Definitely couldn't be on the jury if This went to a jury trial in the same Twitter thread the crypto detective Lamented that fighting the lawsuit could Cost more than one million dollars he Asked his followers to donate crypto to A wallet dedicated to his legal costs Quote I'm asking for your help so this Doesn't happen or and the truth survives He said the wall is racked up almost 95 000 worth of crypto donations as of Publication time the complaint requests The court order Zach xbt to pay quote Actual and compensatory damages In addition to exemplary damages Of an amount being to be determined by The court it also requests that Jeffrey Huang be reimbursed for any legal fees He racks up during the impending legal Battle Zach xbt will not pause his Investigative work as he prepares to Defend himself against the lawsuit his Lawyer Brown Rudnick partner Stephen Pally told coindesk according to my Knowledge our client intends to carry on With his work so I'm glad to see that Pally at it yeah we intend to vigorously Defend this lawsuit and protect Zac xbt Against this attempt to chill his Free Speech end quote decxbt skyrocketed a Prominence within the crypto Community After publishing original blockchain Data analysis allegedly exposing the Misdeeds of Bad actors populating

Decentralized finance and web 3 spaces His investigations have helped him amass A following of more than 400 000 users On Twitter and earned him a spot on Consensus Magazine's most influential 2022 list Billy himself has the on-chain Slew Zaxby's xbt often publishes the Results of his investigation in Twitter Threads and blog posts on medium And I bring this up because I do we do I Do have like a lot of influencers follow Me I think in general that are you know Doing the crypto mining thing and and Whatnot and uh I you know I've made a Lot of mistakes in the past too but you Want you want to be extremely careful With how you present things I think when You're You're trying to expose I see a lot of People always trying to expose stuff I Think you got to be extremely careful There because you never know if you're Going to be incorrect or like End up being in a position where you Could put yourself in a position to go You know be under a lawsuit that being Said I don't know the details of the Actual research that was presented by Zach xpt Um but like I said I have seen him go a Little too hard on people uh in the past It looks like we do have that article Here And

It does all have all the chain analytics So if you guys want to check this out I'll leave this in the live chat I thought it was interesting I also just Wanted to give a shout out to uh Zach Xbt so you guys follow them so that you Can avoid scams Etc in the future if You're looking to do that Bitcoin thanks For checking out this clip from the Crypto mining show you can check out the Full episode here or more crypto content Down here also I'd like you to check out My locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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