What Is the Blockstream Jade Reseller Program?

Foreign [Applause] Working really hard to kind of exchange Expand Jade's International reach right Now you can order Jades from our website And get them pretty much delivered Anywhere in the world but the reseller Program is really helping people get Their Jades faster more reliable Um less fees from Customs for example They don't have to be paying that Directly and so it's going really well We've got at least 10 I want to say by Now and all over the world for the most Part Europe Brazil and the response has Been really really cool I think people Are excited to be able to get Jades you Know faster in their country and I'm Excited to see where that goes we're Also working at warehousing Internationally just to make sure Jade's More accessible to people and again Jade Is a is a Open Source Hardware wallet so You can build it yourself if you want to It can be DIY and so even if you don't Have a reseller near you and you're far Away you don't order from our website You can build your own Jade which is Really cool so a lot of the kind of East Asia region is really blowing it up and Getting a lot of demanded traffic there I think that's something that especially With the QR release I know some users Reach out to us and they said they said

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We use QR codes for a lot of stuff Around here so when that came out Everyone just was a natural fit they Said that this is this is the device for Us this is the one we want to use Um so that's been a really big Market Lately it's it's interesting to see that Kind of I don't know if we were Expecting it but once the release Happened that was a been a big place for Us

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