What Is SideSwap?

Side swap is a convenient way to buy Sell Swap and store liquid assets and is Both a mobile and desktop app that comes With a non-custodial native liquid Wallet another great aspect of sideswap Is that you remain in total control of Your assets through every step of the Trade there's no need to worry about Exchange solvency or how secure their Cold wallets are because you hold your Own keys until you are ready to finalize A swap to learn more about self-custody And how it works check out our Self-custody videos on blockstream Green In the block stream Jade Hardware wallet Sideswap is one of the easiest ways to Get started on the liquid Network it's Very easy to obtain liquid Bitcoin and Fees are ridiculously cheap at the time Of recording this it's only 0.1 percent Fee to Peg in and out of liquid so Although it's not free it's pretty darn Close a few other things worth Mentioning about sideswap Sideswap does not require users to sign Up for an account or give personal Information to swap liquid assets Unless you are trading regulated Securities like the bmn1 or the sswp in Which case you will need to kyc through The appropriate party but kyc is not the Default feature to use the platform Combining this with liquid's Confidential transactions means your

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Financial privacy is safe Atomic swaps Have been a Hot Topic in the crypto World for quite some time now On sideswap users can trustlessly swap Assets on liquid and remain in full Control of the asset until the trade is Completed at this moment users can swap Between usdt eurx and lbtc if there are Assets not available to atomically swap They can be accessed on the Swap and Token markets which use decentralized Order books in this Marketplace token Vouchers Securities like Equity tokens And other assets can be traded openly This is also where blockstream sells Their store tokens at once you purchase An asset on sideswap the app doubles as A non-custodial liquid wallet as long as You don't need to send that asset to Anyone you could keep it safeguarded in Your side swap wallet without needing to Worry about a thing [Music]

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