What Is MuSig2?

Foreign [Applause] Key That represents a group of participants And every member of this group of Participants has their own key But what you do in these figures you can Bind them all into one key So from the perspective of the Blockchain from the perspective of Validators there's just one key and you Can't tell whether this is a single key That represents one person or a single Key to represents a group of science And the music 2 protocol allows all of These individual key holders together to Interactively produce a single signature That is a valid signature on a Transaction with the combined key So this whole group of participants is Able to act as a single signer and the Cool thing here is that each individual Signer is able to retain their own key Material And They they never even when they're Interacting with each other they never Reveal their own key material so if any One signer doesn't like a transaction They have veto power basically like they So like the the policy this represents Is every single one of these signers Agrees on the transaction The cool thing here is that you know you

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Get this scalability benefit and this Privacy benefit together and with Taproot there's even a little bit more Of a benefit because then Tap Root if You can produce a single signature that All the right of those transactions That's very cheap and as soon as you Need to go past your single signature You need to introduce what's called a Script spend and there's just a bit of Extra data that you got to throw on on Chain and you wind up costing yourself Like an extra 30 or 40 bytes or Something So idea behind music is that you can Take a single key and have it represent A group of people okay and then if an Interactive protocol here that's Actually Surprisingly non-trivial so I sort of Casually said that like the individual Families retain their key material and Like they can't like trick each other Into giving things up but when you Create an interactive protocol you've Got to think what happens when signers Lie to each other or what happens when One signer says like send some data to a Participant and different data to the Other participants or what happens on a Signer like does half the protocol and Then like doesn't reply anymore just Like drops off or what if a finer Um just replies but like extremely

Slowly kind of thing or what if he Replies to us slowly that some Participant thinks he dropped off but Other ones don't you know there's a Million different failure most here With um with basic too conveniently if Anything goes wrong the signature Doesn't show up that's kind of like the Nice thing about having this like All or Nothing kind of kind of model

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