What Is Liquid Bitcoin?

Liquid Bitcoin is a special liquid asset As it is verifiably backed one to one With Bitcoin on the main chain Liquid Bitcoin is the Network's native Token and it is required to cover Transaction fees when sending assets for Example if you send usdt to a friend You'll need a small amount of liquid Bitcoin in your wallet to cover the Transaction costs which is averaging Around 300 sets or roughly 5 cents in Today's bitcoin price of twenty one Thousand dollars you can get liquid Bitcoin through many different ways and On many different types of platforms for Example you could purchase directly from Brokerages like Bitcoin Reserve or bull Bitcoin these are probably best suited For large purchase amounts or you can Use certain exchanges like bitfinex and BTC Turk or you can even bridge in your Own Bitcoin if you run your own liquid Node then you're going to need a little Bit more technical know-how so this Might not be suited for everybody For today's episode we'll be Transferring our Bitcoin to liquid Bitcoin through one of the swap Platforms that I mentioned earlier Called sideswab we highly recommend side Swap because it's one of the easiest Ways to start trading assets trustlessly On the liquid Network Foreign

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