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Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- miners.com BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s O A For a Discount we have a spec minable coin That is Making Waves in cryptocurrency Like Twitter sphere and cryptocurrency Mining YouTube channels all that sort of Stuff and it was kind of out of nowhere It's called Carlson and what Carlson is Is Carlson is essentially A let's see how do we how do we put it Uh Carlson is a fork of Caspa and so It's taking on those Caspa terms right But it took the shaw 3 out of the mining Algorithm and replaced it with Blake now What this means is that currently there Are no bit streams from fpga and no Asic That can mine on the Network however it's kind of a touchy Subject if you if you ask me because you Know they claim that they're Fork of the Caspa network with Asic resistance but If you look at the mining algorithm in General there's no Asic resistance there

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There's not anything like Prague pal Implemented there's no memory hardening Like ET has has if somebody wanted to Develop a bit stream for Carlson it'd be Pretty straightforward if they wanted to Eventually put asex on the network that Would come now if you get into their Discord this has been brought up so it Wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention That the plan is that if this is the Possibility down the line the algorithm Will be modified now a lot of people Over on crypto Twitter and everywhere Else are saying you know they're super Happy about the low power consumption And low heat of Carlson well yeah that's Going to happen if you don't have any Real Asic resistance in it so don't Expect that to continue when they need To modify the algorithm to go ahead and Block as6 this will change down the line So This is what I would consider to be a Pretty interesting project it's Something that I've talked about in the Past a lot like I think it would be Really cool to see this I have some Disappointments like we are seeing Forking of the old go code we aren't Seeing and I haven't seen like rust Implementation coming down the line I Presume they'll follow along it'll be Kind of like what reum is doing with Ethereum in the fact that as ethereum

Releases updates on the proof of Stak Side that they're taking them modifying Them for proof of work over on hypra now And we will probably see that I think With Carlson where you'll get a release Of rust over on the Caspa side and then That will move over to Carlson now Carlson is also different in its Emissions in the fact that it doesn't Really use the same uh breakdown right Now for example the block reward is only 50 Carlson so you're not getting you Know the the 180 I think it started with 240 or whatever it started with you know On on the Caspa side that's not Happening on the Carlson side good notes About this of course no Ico no pre-mine And then adoption out thewall Zoo I've Never seen adoption within the first Week of this launching you had hero Miners on board you had SRB Miner on Board you had Hive like already updating To the latest SRB minor you have uh Woolly pool on board it's actually quite Impressive where you have like I said SRB minor version 2.4.2 its main Improvement right or well This is 2 two sorry 2.4.1 was when they Released it with its main Improvement Being the support for Carlson on AMD Nvidia and Intel gpus right off the snap Okay pretty crazy so the only question Here is the the main minor being SRB Minor a lot of people kind of had a have

A bad taste in their mouth from SRB Minor after the drama with DX and Basically SRB minor doctor over there Bypassing the SAT jobs to increase the Hash rate for Miners And so you know you Have that kind of thing to worry about And then like I said it's not truly Asic Resistant there's no listing for Exchanges yet here's my thoughts okay it Doesn't hurt to throw a couple spec Mines on there I had four rigs on here I Have two rigs right now on here I'm About to go back out to the farm and Mess with some stuff it doesn't hurt to Spec Min it why well because you have so Much adoption already everybody thinks They're missing out this is going to be The next Caspa and because they missed Out on Caspa they're just popping off on This I don't necessarily agree because Basically it's a casa CL That even in its implementation of doing What it said it's going to do which is Asic resistant that wasn't even fully Fleshed out we're also talking about old Go code not like there's things where Like I'm like ah you know give it time See where it goes but if you're talking About everybody just mining it and being Like super high on it and kind of the The the you know Euphoria surrounding it It could list at a very high price on The flip side of that though it could be A complete dud why is that well every

GPU minor and their mom is looking for Profitability right now so if this is Primarily targeting GPU Miners and all The GPU miners hit it with an intention Of selling it as soon as it hits an Exchange the sell pressure will be Absolutely insane and if the price is Around the same price as Caspa nine Times out of 10 retail is going to go Buy Caspa and so there's no buying Pressure so that's the flip side good Bad you have it I give it to you all That's kind of what I'm looking at with It it doesn't hurt to spec mine it would I throw my whole Farm on it like I did With Caspa hell no I wouldn't um that's My humble opinion you guys let me know If you're mining it how much how high of A percentage of your farm are you mining It with you know let me know in the live Chat and the comment section below Thanks for watching this clip from the Crypto mining show you can check out the Full episode here and don't forget to Subscribe down here as well you can also Check out my crypto mining ecourse at Sun ofate tech.com where you can get a Free month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. locals.com also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of Attack.com I'll see you next Tuesday and

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