What is Core Lightning?

It's time to delve deeper into a Specific implementation called core Lightning or cln for short Cln is a lightweight highly customizable And bold compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol Primarily written in C and rust cln made Its debut in 2018 as the first lightning Implementation Its main focus lies in customizability Enabling users to modify every aspect of Their node either through writing custom Code or installing plugins A wide array of plugins are available For your cln node for instance clboss is A plug-and-play solution that automates The fee management and operation of your Cln node another noteworthy plugin is Liquidity ads this lets users buy or Sell liquidity to peers in a trustless Manner I've put a link in the Description box down below that Showcases the major plugins that are Currently available on cln Recently developers From the Block Stream team have created an app which is Available directly when installing cln On umbrella the cln app allows you to Send and receive Bitcoin open and close Lightning channels transact via the Lightning Network and Route payments Through it with this in mind let's Navigate to our umbrella server install The cln app and open our first channel

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