What Could The Kaspa Price Be in August?

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again I wanted to make a Quick video about the kazminer ks3 from Bitmain apologies for no face cam today I'm having some health issues and going Down pretty hard as far as that's Concerned but I'll get you guys more Details on the blind run Channel at some Point with that as I discover what's Going on let's talk about the bit main KAS Miner ks3 right after word from Today's sponsor today's sponsor is Coastal crypto Coastal crypto can be Found at Coastalcryptomining.com Via the Affiliate link down in the description Below they don't want to take up a lot Of your time and neither do I because I Want to get into the video they're here To help miners find parts if you're Looking for Asics or even gpus or any Other parts be sure to check them out Use promo code soat at checkout for five Percent off any purchase on the website Welcome back so to get things started Off we are looking at this B being Launched for pre-sale tomorrow which Will be on May 19 2023 shipments will be in August Of 2023. now this particular minor is Going to do 8 300 gigahash a second at 3188 Watts extremely efficient more Efficient than the ks1 or the ks2 from Ice river which are now more than likely

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Probably something that was real maybe Even pre-test units to this who knows And that is going to make it you know Essentially Asic ready to go on Caspa so Let's go ahead and state what we do know At this point and how this affects you As a cryptocurrency miner as of August And probably a little bit sooner you Will begin to notice that all of your GPU miners are unprofitable on Casper at This point moving on from that the fpgas Will become profitable on Caspa after a Certain point too and most likely all Before August or on August remember that Bit main as we have discussed in the Past will typically do a pre-sale then Mine on those particular units before They ship them out meaning we can expect Some sort of increase in hash rate on The network there are probably a few Test machines that are currently already Deployed to the network but I have not Found any on any of the popular mining Pools at this time more than likely due To its efficiency and just amount that Hash rate it's easier to do this on a Local node and still test it all out who Knows exactly how that is getting played Out but suffice to say I would not Invest in fpgas or gpus if my intention Was to mine Caspa and that is going to Be pretty much my hard cut off for Caspa On purchasing things like the Osprey E300 like any of the multi-minor m2s all

Of these types of things if your Intention is to mine Casper with them You probably want to hold off right Because we are going to be seeing a Massive increase in hash rate on the Network okay so if we took a look at Mining profitability as it sits today With the current difficulty the current Block reward and so on with the hash Rate being at this eight Tera Hash a Second and the power at 31.88 with a Cost of 10 cents a kilowatt hour we are Looking at making about a hundred and Thirty thousand Caspa per day and after 10 cents a kilowatt hour that comes out To 2 368 dollars per day in Profitability now that will not continue Because obviously with a bunch of of These being manufactured lots of Different things will take place first Of all the difficulty on the network Will go up second to that the block Reward will decrease by August some of These things are easier to predict than Others so moving forward in this video Everything is pure speculation we do Know that due to the emission schedule Of Caspa by August of 2024 we will see a Reduction or of 2023 excuse me we will See a reduction in the reward to about 185 Casper so I have updated one of the Miners with that in particular then we Have to decide on how many units will be Produced the most recent altcoin that

Bit Maine participated in was kadena so We will be making parallels or drawing Parallels to kadena for the rest rest of These calculations so this is where Things get a little bit sketchy the Approximate production for kadena ka3s From bit main were about 2 000 units Best I can tell it's somewhere between Initial launch being 700 to 2000. when I've decided to calculate out here is The worst case scenario for Casper on Price and that basically all 2000 ks3s Being on the network In theory if there are less then your Difficulty is lower and then you could Actually have the price of Casper be a Little bit higher than this maybe about Double what it could be so we are Looking for price adjustments here right At the time of writing right now what we Have seen is kadena has gone down on the Ka3 to 8.29 a day and profit after 10 Cents a kilowatt hour okay so what we Want to do is essentially figure out What that profitability would be on Caspa if we were to see it copy it so The next thing that we needed to do was Calculate out what the difficulty would Be if 2000 Casper miners hit the network And it would be about 16 pet a hash a Second that would be about obviously Around 15 to 16 times on the difficulty Now the difficulty is unique in Casper And because of that it can have a much

Smoother difficulty adjustment than we See in kadena but everything else in Kadena has kind of smoothed out so I'm Going to say that we're predicting this With the smoothing out that does change The difficulty on the network to Essentially this number right here which We just 16x from the current number Right here the other change that we made Obviously was the block reward down to 185 which will be in August when these Units supposedly begin to ship and then We went ahead and ran the calculator and What that ended up coming out too which Is probably if if if the price of Casper Stays the same these miners will do a 117.97 a day in profit after 10 cents a Kilowatt hour which is pretty good that Would be pretty awesome however if we Have price adjustments like we saw on Price adjustments of kadena then what we Could start to extrapolate from here is What the price of Casper could go down To after the bit main typical strategy Which is this as we learned from Tactical investing bit main will Pre-sale the miners begin to mine on Them and then once they start shipping Them out they will subsequently also Start to dump the actual coin onto the Market this is what we saw with kadena Last so if that does happen on Caspa What are we looking at if we see the Profitability of the ks3 drop to the

Same profitability of what kadena is at Now how much this price adjustment or How much is the price adjustment to do This calculation we went ahead and ran It through a percent calculator 8.29 is going going to be about seven Percent of the hundred and Seventeen Ninety seven after adjusting for Block Reward as well as difficulty so then we Would say what is seven percent of Essentially the current price which is Two cents per Casper and that would put Us into basically 14 tenths of a cent on The price of Casper for the worst case In August of 2023. now this is not Doom and Gloom for Casper because as you guys are aware This can adjust back out just fine once The The ecosystem has adopted all of this And once all of the adoption is kind of Settled out it can very quickly recover From this and and the real question here Will be what is the actual adoption Right running off of these numbers when We see of course the lack of adoption on Kadena or KDA if the adoption follows With the increase here then we could see This change completely now in some cases Of course what we could say is that only 700 units get produced on the on the Network right so we could start to say You know what is 700 of 2 000 just for a Quick number right or I did that

Backwards uh Um two thousand there we go 2000 that Would be 35 we actually want to reverse This right so we want to do 2000 of 700 Make it easier 285 percent of 14 cents of a penny and what we would Really be looking at is four tenths of a Penny if we only see 700 on that initial Launch I can always be inaccurate and of Course I can always be incorrect so let Me know in the comment sections below What adjustments I should make once Again we've adjusted for both emission Schedule as well as difficulty and then We've com compared of course to a coin That is not exactly like Casper fully Aware of that but I also want to just Play this out in our heads so that we Start to get an idea of what could be The future for Casper in the short term I do not think that this impacts Casper In the long term as I do think that the Emissions are quite Stark and by the Time we get to the Bull Run we will have Dropped to 55 reward on Caspa which I Think is going to compensate quite Nicely some of the fears that I do have Have is a centralization of the hash Power you know one ks3 is going to out Power any GPU form on the network and Pretty much start to take out all the GPU forms as well or fpga Farms excuse Me as well and so these are some of the

Concerns thanks for watching be sure to Hit the like comment subscribe down Below and I will see you next Tuesday

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