What Are Some Unique Features of the Liquid Network

So unlike the Bitcoin blockchain where a New block is created based on the proof Of work algorithm which provides a new Block every 10 minutes the liquid Network produces a new block like Clockwork every minute achieving final Settlement in two blocks otherwise two Minutes this is in stark contrast to the Bitcoin blockchain where final Settlement is considered to be final After six blocks which is roughly 60 Minutes Because blocks are certain and happen Every one minute on liquid it's easier For developers to build Financial tools Like options contracts that require more Deterministic execution More frequent blocks also help to keep Transactions fees low on the liquid Network which are roughly only a few Cents at the moment liquid also allows For the tokenization and issuance of Other digital assets natively with only A few command line prompts all you need To do is run your own liquid node where You can use a myriad of other asset Issuance tools such as classic coinos or The Specter wallet block stream also has A new asset issuer tool that's featured On our website where financial Institutions can create their own stable Coins Equity tokens or bonds or even Just everyday users who want to create Their own nfts or tokens that represent

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Something we'll be doing another Deciphered video in the future on this Great new tool so make sure you hit that Subscribe button another big feature in Liquid are confidential transactions This blinds the asset type and the Amount when sending transactions by Default a note to keep in mind is you Can always choose to turn confidential Transactions off for auditing purposes If need be [Music]

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