What Are Liquid Voucher Tokens and Coupons?

Voucher tokens are redeemable coupon Tokens that usually correlate one to one With a real world item for example on The side swap token Market block stream Currently sells four different vouchers One is for bjde brsa bsat which is this Shirt and bsch For the purpose of this video we'll be Guiding you how to purchase the bjde Voucher which is redeemable for one Block stream Jade Hardware wallet on our Web store At the moment the bjde voucher token is Sold at a 15 discount so it's a great Gift for a birthday or during the Holiday season So why might a business want to issue a Voucher at all here are a couple reasons Other than the coolness factor it's Overall less expensive for a business And the end user to use a token Businesses must pay credit card Companies between two and four percent For every purchase by issuing a voucher Or coupon for their goods the business Will save money and this theoretically Is passed on to the end consumer for Savings As mentioned earlier transactions on the Liquid Network are confidential by Default meaning only the sender and Receiver or the customer and the store Owner will know how much of an asset and What type of an asset was transferred

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Rather than having every purchase on Your credit card be tracked and sold for Marketing purposes and finally ease of Use and verifiability How many times have you lost a store Coupon I know I've lost a few in my day Store the voucher or coupon in any Liquid wallet for easy storage and you Can even send these person to person Among friends and family From a store perspective you can now Easily keep track of how many vouchers Or coupons you've issued and when they Were redeemed Foreign

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