What Am I Doing With The BC-250 – 279

I have been purchasing a lot of BC 250s And putting them online I'm currently Speculative mining I'm covering that Over on my locals a lot of these posts Are going to be from locals and Everybody over there so credit where Credit is due for all of these types of Things and one of the big problems is They come in those Asus uh for you Server cases and the home miners are Dealing with a lot of heat generation or Noise really on those units and if you Try to remove the fans or tone them down You end up with heat issues and that Sort of thing my particular case you Know I think like quit being a little everything's going to be loud M Nobody ever said mining was going to be Convenient and quiet so you know get a Garage get a shed work up to that Position to where that noise is not Going to bother you as much if you're at Home mining these are probably not the Solution for you but people have been Messing with it it button here did go Ahead and Implement one of the little Fan controllers you can get these off Amazon I've picked up a couple of them In the past uh I actually turn on server Psus and then I I put these in my uh Rose will for you server cases and then I utilize them this one in particular I Actually have this exact uh this exact Board that he's got here I use this one

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Uh in my rosew cases and then I use uh Server grade 20 mm fans three of them And I crank it up to 100% but what he's Utilizing them here for is turning them Down so you can have more control over The fan speeds because the fan speeds Currently in the Asus server case are Controlled by the first unit or whatever Uh I always move it to the middle unit Because they are variable depending on The temperature of them so the middle Unit being the more hot unit I usually Run it on that one in particular because Then I'm actually getting that that full Fan speed out of those and that's kind Of where I move it to obviously in this Particular case what he's done is Completely bypass that header on one of The boards which is kind of you know Obviously done to try to Tamper down the Uh noise now a lot of other things have Been being done to Tamper down the noise Uh in this particular case we have we See here basically moving to 120 mm with A 80 to 120 mm adapter for some intakes My understanding is this didn't function Quite as well as what was expected now Let me tell you guys what I do with mine When I get the the Asus server cases in The first thing I do rip out everything Right pull out all the boards and then I Basically remove the little uh retainer For the fan cables I unscrew all of the Fans and I move them from intake to

Exhaust and this decreases the Temperatures and that and then I move That cable from the uh the first card in The rig to the middle card uh card six I Believe it is uh you know it depends on You know if you're name how how your Naming conventions working or whatever And then I reassemble everything put the M do2s in there I've been going the m.2 Route but there's a really interesting Play that you could do and James over so Shout out to the James 5 over on locals Has released a modified version of the Hios pixie disc list if you guys want to Head on over to his GitHub links down in The description this is for the bc250 Rigs and you can boot off of Pixie and Completely avoid basically having to Install an OS this will reduce your cost Per rig now the the the difficulty here Is you will have to go into the BIOS and Pixie boots so uh tomato tomato to a Certain extent you're saving money is The big benefit here um and then you you Don't have to remove the cards you know If you're going to do an M do to you Could do a USB from the outside and then You don't have to remove the cards which Could basically speed up your install Time if you wanted to um but you know What I it it's kind of like from the Perspective of how much time you're Going to spend if I just install the M Do2s or

USBS uh then I I boot them up and I Don't have to connect a monitor to each One to make sure that they're pixie Booting and all of that so you Know buy and large these are like Different things that people are doing And managing them but if you want to Pixie boot you can save like I I think It's about $13 per for these ones that I've been purchasing let's see I'll show You Uh but I think I bought all of them too Um just a bunch of these right here and Uh putting you know these are basically Little 64 gbyte SATA m.2 drives I have Had three units during my deployment uh Have bad m.2 slots so those have had to Go on to USB drives in particular but The pixie boot option is awesome so huge Shout out to James for that I think uh Definitely a good setup there now you'll Need a Linux uh basically just a Linux Box and a BTU box uh to run the pixie uh Server on and then you know obviously Have that signaling out over pixie go in And then once you have pixie set to boot You'll have those rigs just straight up Boot into a boonu and you're good to go So that's pretty awesome as far as That's concerned now here's a front view Of the 80 to 120 mm adapters uh posted By its jordo it looks like he left 2 80 Mm in here and then has the 310s uh this is all uh been in an

Attempt to basically reduce the noise on These systems so you know keep that in Mind these are all ideas that people are Putting out there so you can basically Do that it could also potentially Increase your uh basic increase Your dissipation of heat depending on How well these work I'm not quite sure On how well this one worked in Particular I think the most interesting One overall was I get I don't know if This was 3D printed or what he did Exactly here but this one was pretty Cool is jordo has moved on right so Learning from people over on locals has Moved on from the 3D printed 80 to 120 Mm to moving over to 120 mm and then Basically removing the fan tray there's A little fan tray that holds the 80 mm Here by drilling out the rivets and then That's allowing you know enough space For the 120 mm here it these do look Like they're in an exhaust configuration So sucking heat out and that's going to Be kind of the the big takeaway is no Matter what you're going to do I think Take sucking the heat out in this is Better than pushing the heat in on these Particular units so keep that in mind Looks like yeah there was uh I'm not Sure Exactly yeah okay so got the yeah Nice so just uh I don't know if that's 3D printed let us know jordo um but

Pretty cool setup here as far as that's Concerned and then you can pull some of That out now a lot of the times with These rigs the biggest noise Problem just so you guys are aware are Not actually the fans but the Honeycombed uh the honeycombed outlets Right grills what I have found and this This is true on the rose wheel cases as Well it's the grill that is increasing The noise more than the fan is Increasing the noise in most cases and That is because obviously when the air Is getting pushed through those Honeycombs they're having a reaction Which is then causing that so it may be Even beneficial to do something like if You're trying if you're worried about Noise on these it may be beneficial to Like literally just cut the whole front Out and that's probably what where I Would start if I was going to do that Like on the rose whe cases when I had Experience with those and we were Running in my house and I had that 150t Bedroom with the hot and cold aisle and We were pushing I don't know 60 Amps to that damn thing we had so much In 150t so much to where opening the Door it would suck shut right like it Would like it was pushing so it was Pulling all that air so hard and both Windows open with grills in them one for The intake one for the exhaust with a

Big a uh I think it was like a I want to Say it was a 5,000 CFM fan pushing out That fan was powerful enough to like Literally suck the door shut but to Reduce noise the biggest noise reduction Was actually from removing the fan Grills off of the fans on the rose will Foru server cases and that is where the Biggest benefit came from a big problem Though just in if you're dealing with Noise in a home environment the fact of The matter is is once you get over a Certain capacity for a certain square Footage you're going to have noise Issues and you're going to have to Figure out how to deal with it you may Get one Bc250 and be able to modify it to reduce Noise but once you add four of them it's Going to get to the point to where You're going to have to turn those fan Speeds up no matter what and that is Really when you need to start Considering how you're going to handle That in the future because you know Everything in this space is basically Trying to plan for the future to expand Further I'm all for home mining but if Your home mining strategy is just going To be I'm only going to home mine I'm Going to have one open air rig you're Not going to be successful in mining on The long term your plan should always be Pushing towards trying to expand the

Reason you start out as a home Miner is That you are going to have the intention Of expanding that it's just like any Other investment you don't buy one a BNB Property you buy one with the intention Of buying a second and then buying a Third and a fourth and you could get That Compounding factor and that is the way Mining is mining is the most purest Easiest form of adapting that mindset of Generating revenue and slowly increasing Your asset value to the point to where You don't have to rely right on like a Day job in general and then there's OB Obviously if we get into that further There's a lot more that you can get into As far as like planning out around the The having cycles and so on too but this Is really what you need to be thinking About for the future so while I do like Seeing all this stuff because it's Really cool you are also spending a lot Of time on this and you need to start Spending a little bit more time on Figuring out how you're going to solve That in the long run CU once you get to A certain capacity there's nothing You're going to going to be able to do About noise right you'll you'll want the Noise trust me because you're going to Want to be pushing that heat out as Quickly as possible and that's going to Get loud now you guys mind during the

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