Bitcoin is creating a massive C Me Gap Right now and in this exact video I will Be explaining about what is going to be Happening next for Bitcoin I'm going to Discuss this very important Bitcoin Symmetrical triangle retest that we're Currently seeing right now and many more Important charts I will be discussing on Today's update video so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up the Like button back above 400 likes on Today's update video right now with that Being said let me jump straight away Towards the M inent short term and yes The first thing I need to be discussing Is the current C Me Gap that Bitcoin has Created because Bitcoin has been coming Down a little bit over the course of Last weekend and right now we have got a New C Gap sitting around 38.5 to 38.3k and it is very likely that Potentially this C Gap is going to get Filled up over the course of the coming Days ahead of ourselves and probably Even already today because usually if we Do create a c Gap guys it tends to get Filled up with in days so this was the Last C me gab we created it was towards The upside and in exactly let me say This correctly in exactly one day in 16 Hours we already filled it up and Usually it is between 1 and 2 days Before we fill it up so honestly so

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Honestly it would actually be quite Likely that Bitcoin is going to be once Again go towards the upside over the Course of the coming two days so let's See how it is going to be playing out And due to the fact that the next Bitcoin spot ETF is only away in Approximately 44 days from now on will Also probably mean that we will see more And more buy pressure as time continues And comes closer towards the January the 10th date so let's see how that is going To be playing out here and if we're R Looking at the four early time frame for Bitcoin we can see that Bitcoin is Creating the symmetrical triangle and Already got rejected more than three Times in a row here towards the downside And ever since we broke Above This Downtrend Bitcoin managed to set in a New yearly high but right now it is Coming down a little bit and is actually Retesting this super important downward Soling resistance line that potentially Right now could be flopping into support So previous resistance is currently Getting retested as support so far Bitcoin is holding it up here and Actually together with that c Gap this Could potentially made up a scenario Where Bitcoin is really going to be Bouncing from off this level and Potentially is going to be reaching our Price Target that is sitting around

39.7k so that's quite actually towards The upside that is an approximately move From of this exact point onwards towards The offside of about 7% so the price Target that we're aiming for is 7% Higher than we're currently trading and Just like I said earlier with the Bitcoin sport ttf coming up any moment Right now here actually I won't be Surprised if we're going to be seeing Another big pump for Bitcoin outside of This range that we have already been Trading in why is because Bitcoin is Currently really knocking still against This resistance here on the top side and Potentially we should be approaching it As an upper soing resistance but Basically what we're looking at is that This is the level that got us rejected Every single time and we just saw one Slight fake out here towards the upside Why is because at that point we did do a Liquidity grab in the market right so Let me zoom out a little bit on this Chart I showed you this chart many times Before on the channel but yeah we did Saw that on this move towards the upside We took out a lot of liquidity in the Market and right now we're looking There's just not a lot of new liquidity Building up right now so for me right Now to say where's the next real big Move going to go towards I'm not quite Sure yet but once we're going to be

Piling up positions potentially short or Long then we could be once again see Okay this is going to be the next clear Direction for Bitcoin that honestly I Will be very fair to you guys out there In terms of liquidity on the market I Can't see a clear Direction about where Bitcoin is heading towards next so what We can see right now here is that Bitcoin of course is still getting Rejected by this most important Resistance box right here you can Clearly see this was the drw off point You can clearly see this was the point Of the drop off and right now we are Exactly getting rejected by that point Of the drop off so interesting to be Looking at and currently this is the Level to be breaking for Bitcoin if we Really want to be breaking outside of This region we have to see a significant Daily can close above it and if we then Close above that region then we could Really start to see significant more Upside is going to get started for Bitcoin so if you want to be trading This or trade the C gap or trade Whatever guys make sure to go to B Because if you sign up at account using That link below you can claim a $40,000 Deposit bonus and without this link it's Only 400 so it's a win-win situation and On top of that you could even claim a Free $1,000 airw position and all you

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Go to the crypto C website right now Here use the code bfcm at checkout it's Only valid on Lifetime but you could be Getting yourself a crypto lifetime Account right now so make sure to go to The website use this coupon code at Check out and benefit from that 50% Discount that we're currently still Running and this is the biggest sale we Ever had and this will be the last day That this sale is running and I can Guarantee you there won't be any bigger Seal than that and if you get the live Stream subscription from Krypto C right Now you will also get the updated Version from Krypto C that is going to Get released anytime soon and the update Is going to be massive so make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video further on we can see that Of course institutions remain to be Continuing to be expecting that Bitcoin Is actually going to go up and the Bitcoin is actually going to get that ETF approval because yes we can see the Gray BTC discount is running down Massively what basically means that Institutions are expecting a Bitcoin SP ETF is going to get accepted inevitably So that is a very good development as Well in the market and potentially this Could potentially create a lot of sell Pressure once Bitcoin and it spot ETF Goes on the market and especially once

The conversion happens from the gray Skill spot fund to the gray skill spot ETF it could potentially added a lot of Sell pressure since they've got more Than 500,000 Bitcoin in their fund and Potentially people are just speculating On it right now to sell it once the fund Converts in a spot ETF here so that is Important and interesting to be paying Attention towards and I mean honestly Bitcoin is right now creating a Beautiful copon handle pattern and yeah This one really broke out and the price Of this pattern is sitting around $ 57,000 and honestly I won't be surprised That we're actually going to be reaching This price Target it's just going to be A matter of time before we're going to Be reaching it and of course on ethereum We're creating this massive Asic Triangle also looking very strong here Looking very good and as soon as we do Potentially break above that horizontal Level of resistance that is really going To be the point where I would be really Expecting okay right now we could start To see that exponential re is really Going to be starting to happen so Looking forward towards it I can't wait For it and of course the the Bitcoin Balance on exchanges is massively Decreasing and where is it decreasing The most it is on binance I'm not trying To spread fud here but one thing we can

See is that binance is definitely in Decline so definitely binance is losing A lot of market share and you can see it Right here on their balance balance of Bitcoin on exchanges it has been Massively decreasing over the past Couple months here and that is of course Something that you should really pay Attention towards I mean honestly it's Not going to be a very big deal here but I prefer to hold my uh Bitcoin and my Assets that I'm trading with on other Exchange than binance right now since I See there are so many withdraws so of Course it's totally up to you I'm not Trying to spread fat I do think they Have got enough funds but uh yeah I just Don't really like the fact that there Are more than 60,000 Bitcoin got Withdrawal in the past two months here And that's quite a lot because they only Have 160 because they only have 500 to 60k bitcoin on it right so let's see how It's going to be playing out here but Important thing to understand in General But of course over the mecro perspective More and more people are actually Withdrawing their Bitcoin from exchanges And that is a very good thing and at That point it will be less available Supply to be buying Less sell pressure And that is of course going to be Catapulting the price up to new alltime Highs for sure so yeah important things

To be looking at guys but anyways this Was it for me in today's update video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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