Right now the Bitcoin 4 hourly time Frame is creating a bearish Divergence And in this exact video I will be Talking about what this means for Bitcoin I also will go over the most Important charts we should be looking at Right now I will talk about the Bitcoin Volatility index that currently is Hitting a three-year low in the market And it will talk about much more Important things here so don't forget to Slap up that like button can we once Again smash it back above 300 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and once Looking at Bitcoin on them in the short Term we can currently clearly see that We were getting rejected by this red box On the top side also right here but Currently we're trading above it and What means that we're currently trading Above the range we've been talking about For quite a while already right now and After we Rhino officially broke above This region we're also seeing this level That previously Iran provided resistance Flip in towards support so this is Definitely very interesting to see on The one hour time frame of course we've Been consolidating in this sideways Consolidation range for about 21 days Currently we're training above it still The volatility is not picking up however

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We are trading Above This critical level Of previous resistance and what I will Be saying over this range right now here Is that for Bitcoin is going to be Extremely important to be braking above 17 000 because like you can see on this Chart here the 17 000 US Dollars barrier For Bitcoin is definitely the most Important level of resistance in this Market and if we do break above it Realistically speaking I am going to be Targeting for a level somewhere around 18 to 18.1 k for Bitcoin all the way Back up towards the upside currently We're also breaking outside of the Symmetrical triangle so things only in a Short term for Bitcoin are actually Looking quite good here if we break Above 17K then I am expecting Continuation towards approximately Eighteen thousand dollars and that is Also exactly how I will be trading the Current range of Bitcoin however on the Four hourly time frame right now we are Creating a higher high on the price Section well in fact the RSI is forming Lower high what means that we are Currently officially creating a bearish Divergence on the four hourly time frame For Bitcoin and historically speaking a Bearish virtues could lead to two things Either a significant drop towards the Downside for the price section of Bitcoin or either more sideways

Consolidation and right now we just have To wait to see how it's going to be Playing out however it is extremely Likely that we probably will see some More struggles for Bitcoin into the Market however if we do break above that 17K where I talked about earlier as well And confirm and hire high on the RSI This RSI bearish Divergence will get Invalidated however right now we are Officially playing as a bearish Divergence what is definitely important To be looking at at the moment then Talking about an extremely important Chart for Bitcoin the Bitcoin volatility Index maybe it doesn't really look like An interesting chart to be looking at But if I look at the current stage we're In we're currently at an extremely low Point of volatility in the market and if I set up on horizontal you can currently See that the last time we hit this level Is not even on this chart what means That Bitcoin is currently on in Approximately five-year low on the Volatility index you can see it also on This chart right here currently we are On the 1.13 on the Bitcoin volatility Time series chart and the last time we Reached such low levels was all the way Back in 2016. so this is very Interesting to see because historically Speaking once the volatility is low for Bitcoin it tends to create a big move

Afterwards you can see it also over here Because historically speaking the Average 30-day Bitcoin US dollar Volatility in the all the previous years Is somewhere around three to four Percent here and uh arguably 2050 2016 Was the worst year in terms of Volatility there was 2.49 and currently We are on 1.12 so it is likely that we Are going to be seeing more volatility In towards the next year here but this Is definitely a very interesting part And a very interesting take on the Market right now here volatility is Extremely low for Bitcoin and what Always happens once the volatile is Extremely low we tend to see big moves Here so what is going to be up or down I Don't know yet here we have to wait to See how the market is going to develop If we break above 17K then we could see Volatility towards the upside if we Break below the 16k we are probably Going to see more volatility towards the Downside currently I'm also still low on Bitcoin with an approximately 114 000 And I am looking for more continuations Towards the upside and that is also Exactly what I am currently looking for So um yeah if you are interested in Swing trading Bitcoin yourself you can Check out the links in description to All the exchanges that are currently Offering insane deposit bonuses but

Really if I'm looking at the price Section of Bitcoin right now we are Seeing some danger signs on the imminent Short term and all the bollager bands on The one day time frame you can also Clearly see that the price section of Bitcoin is getting squeezed up so Significantly we've been trading Sideways for such a long period of time In the market and basically the longer We're going to trade sideways in this Market the bigger the swing is going to Be either up or down here on the Three-day time frame you can see it as Well we're currently extremely narrow The last time we were so narrow on the Three day time frame for Bitcoin was all The way back here and that's a very long Time ago in 2018 November before we had That massive collapse towards the Downside so make sure to pay attention Towards the market right now here things Are heating up it was a very short Update video because not a lot of things Are happening right now here but anyways Thank you so much for watching towards Amazing new update video and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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