Right now there are some extremely Dangerous developments here happening in The Bitcoin price section and on today's Video I will be talking about these Developments I will be talking about how I will be trading this market and how we Could make significant profits on the Next potential move of Bitcoin Bitcoin Is consolidating we are getting ready For another breakout and I will be Exactly talking about this on today's Update video so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video Can we once again smash it back about 400 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at that imminent short term Of Bitcoin you can clearly see that the Top side the 21.4 K to 21.5 K is the top Side of resistance and like you can see This level is exactly the level that God Has rejected for an approximately three To four times there so once we do break Above this exact level we are going to Be potentially seeing confirmation for a Bullish breakout towards the upside Right and before I'm going to give more Context about this exact scenario right Here I want to quickly point out that on The four hourly time frame we are Forming this exact horizontal resistance Line what previously around was the top Before the FDX collapse happened and

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What is very interesting to see is that The pace of the recovery towards the Upside was as fast as also the crash and Right now we're once again meeting that Same level so the 21.5 K was the level Of resistance like you can see we got Rejected four times in a row in the four Leak time frame and it is that previous High on the market and to give the Context about this consolidation range That is also exactly the top side right Here so this if we break above it so if We push above 21.7 we are confirming a Breakout towards the upside and if we Have a retest that is the point where I Will be opening up a new long position On bitcoin that is exactly my strategy How I'm going to do so however if we Break towards the downside we break this Important level of support like you can See right here we got supported by this Level several times before and right now I'm talking about the 20.6 K level if we Break below it I'm going to go in with a Shorting position because then we could Potentially see some more downside for Bitcoin happening right now also we're Creating an earth sloping parallel Channel and we could be looking at this Upper solving support line as a level Where we could be opening up long said And of course as soon as we break below It that is going to be the confirmation For lower targets for Bitcoin but one

Thing I really am worried about is the One hour RSI because on the one hour Time frame we can currently see that the RSI is overbought and it has been coming Down very quickly while the price Section has been climbing towards the Upside the RSI has been coming down what Means that we're currently creating a Bearish Divergence on the one hour time Frame so this is definitely a signal That I don't really like to see here Bitcoin is creating a bearish diverges And that could usually lead to two Things one thing is more sideways Consolidation the other thing is is that We are going to see some more downward Sloping pressure to or for the price Section of Bitcoin if we do still manage To push up towards the upside then I'm Really going to be looking at the stop Side right here right so it still is Going to be dangerous if we move up from This point because probably we get even More yeah bearish Divergence created on The market but if you're looking as well On the top side I really want to see That break above 21.5 K if we do so then I'm definitely flipping more bullish on Bitcoin looking then at the daily RSI I'm currently spotting some very Interesting things because you can Currently see that Bitcoin is going Overbought significantly but this is the First time in 450 days the Bitcoin is

Overbought and basically if you're Looking at every single time Bitcoin has Been overbought it was boom right here And what did we saw afterwards a cybus Consolidation slash some minor bullish Momentum towards the upside also right There boom we went overbought some more Bullish consolidation towards the upside Here boom overbought boom we moved Significantly towards the upside also Right here overbought we moved up also Right here overbath we moved up and then Yet again the signal is flashing right Here so being overbought on the daily Time frame for Bitcoin is not Necessarily a bad thing while many People are saying it's bad for Bitcoin Historically speaking it means that the Bulls are just in control so things are Definitely shaping up on the price Section on bitcoin so yeah on the daily Time frame you can clearly see that We're recovering so extremely fast from The of the FDX collapse and really the Level to look at is this horizontal Level the 21.5 guy like I've talked About many times if we manage to break Above This level right here that is Going to be the confirmation of an Extremely bullish continuation for Bitcoin currently I am still long on Bitcoin I'm still long and currently I Am making a profit often about 26 000 US Dollars I've been long since the

Exact bottom since 17 to 16 000 and Right now I'm benefiting from the higher Prices my stop loss is around ninety Thousand dollars and if we go to ninety Thousand dollars you can still see I'm Making approximately 0.64 Bitcoin profit What is around fourteen thousand dollars So I'm locked in some profit if the Markets does crash towards the downside And still I am willing to take on the Risk here because I got a beautiful Entry on this exact move towards the Upside I potentially opened a Bitcoin Long on the exact bottom so that is why I'm extremely excited about this trade And that is why I'm also going to keep This straight open for a while because I Am willing to catch the next autumni With this exact trade and then I could Make tons of tons of money so if you're Interested in swing trading yourself as Well if you write a sign up account on Bible using the link in the description You can claim it deposit bonus up to Thirty thousand dollars so make sure to Check it out if you're living in the US You can check out bitcat because bitcat Allows you to trade in the US so if you Can't trade in the US you can check out Bitcat because bitcat allows you to Trade with a VPN etc etc so check it out Right now in the link description they Also have a 20K deposit bonus Furthermore looking then at the chart on

The Daily timer for Bitcoin I've been Talking about this basically the whole Video 21.5 K there's also Daily Resistance looking then at the two day Email ribbon we are right now really Coming in towards a potential bullish Crossover you can clearly see it right Now the two-day EMA ribbon is crossing Significantly towards the upside and Once it does cross bullish that is going To be a big signal because look at what Historically happened I mean right now We've been trading in a two-day email Ribbon downtrend for already 400 Days That's absolutely crazy and historically Speaking once we cross bullish here boom We moved up with an approximately 70 Percent here then once we cross bull Bearish we move down by an approximately 28 here and here we cross bullish with That insane Bull Run so the two-day EMA Ribbon is an extremely important Indicator to look at and right now it is About to flash bullish of course also Looking at the three-day email ribbon It's also an even more important uh yeah Email ribbon to look at of course this Also has a very high accuracy rate on Predicting bull markets bear markets With the crosses and this one still will Probably take another 30 days maybe to Cross maybe 20 days depending on how Much more Bitcoin is going to be moving Up however the the is definitely some

Positive momentum getting generated Right now here so that is definitely a Good thing to see here so uh yeah we'll Keep you guys up to date exactly what's Playing out the today is definitely Coming closer and closer towards the Cross and I'm expecting the cross to Happen within the coming six days ahead Of ourselves right now here then looking At the three-day super Trend this is Absolutely a crazy signal the three-day Super trend is Flushing a Buy Signal I Can't say this enough times right now Here but this is definitely an extremely Bullish signal that currently is Flashing here because right now it's Flashing a Buy Signal and always if you Trade just if you buy on the bicycle of The super Trend indicating and if you Sell on the sell signal of the three-day Super Trend indicator you're guaranteed To make money if you're if if history is An indication so make sure to take this Signal extremely serious right now and Then let me discuss arguably maybe the Most important signal that currently is Flashing if you don't know already Yesterday the Bitcoin mining difficulty Hit yet again a new Ultimate and if We're looking at the Bitcoin hash ribbon Every single time it flashes a Buy Signal it has historically been a good Time to be buying Bitcoin boom it was Over here it was also over here it was

Also over here it was also over here and Right now for the first time in an Approximately four to five hundred days Let me say this exactly 520 days this Signal is flashing again yes we saw Before a small Faker but this was not a Black bicycle because the blue ones Those are the buy signals this was this One was a green this was only a cross it Wasn't a Buy Signal and right now we're Getting the Buy Signal on the hash Ribbon so make sure to pay attention Towards the signal because this is the First time it flashed in about 525 days and that is absolutely crazy Time to be paying attention so the hash Ribbon is currently flashing and bullish By its signal so the hash ribbon is Running flushing a body signal and every Single time if you bought on the Buy Signal yeah you would have made an Insane profit for Bitcoin so will History repeat yet again here that is The thing we have to wait for of course We don't know maybe it's going to be Different this time here saying that This time is going to be different it's Usually not really the best strategy in Crypto so I'm taking this here this Signal very seriously and that is why I'm also going to keep on scaling up my Bitcoin long position because I am Planning to make millions and millions Of dollars with this straight here so if

You do like that if you want to be Seeing more about this content don't Forget to subscribe to the channel I Will tell you guys exactly what is going To go down with my trade what is going Down in the market the most important Levels and all the things to pay Attention towards right now so don't Forget to subscribe and we'll see you Guys tomorrow or maybe later today if Something very interesting happens on This channel so be sad goodbye

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