Right now Bitcoin is creating a rising Watch and in this exact video I will be Talking about my price targets of this Pattern I will be talking about the Current ongoing Market structure and how It is developing right now for Bitcoin So make sure to watch this video till The end because I will be going over the Most important charts and trades in this Exact video so can we once again slap up The likes back about 400 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at That even a short-term Target of Bitcoin We can still see that on the one hour Time frame we're still forming this Upper sloping resistance line and Basically every single time we do charge This level we tend to get a massive Rejection on the price action of Bitcoin And the real big level of support that's Holding us up here is that level on the 22.5 K and so far we're still Significantly far away from it of course In the middle we do also got a very big Level of support that is trading around 23.3 K here you can clearly see that That level previously Iran provided Resistance resistance right here Resistance right here and could very Well flip into support right now so These are the very important levels to Look at on the image short term however

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Where I really think Bitcoin is looking Interesting is on that four hourly time Frame so on the bigger picture I am Definitely very bullish on bitcoin only On the image short term if I purely look At the market structure there are some Signs of weakness and some signs of Worry playing out right now here because On the four early time frame Bitcoin is Currently creating a rising wedge a Rising wedge is a typical bearish bias Reversal pattern after you create of Course a significant movement towards The upside currently we are creating one And basically how we can confirm a Breakdown and how we could trade this is Either a potential breakout towards the Upside if we do break the upper sloping Resist line and I will be definitely Trade the one hour resistance line right Here as well because that will give me a Little bit more of accuracy on trading This one if we do put potentially have The breakout towards the upside if we do Break towards the downside for Bitcoin And we confirm a break below the airport Sloping support line that is the point Where we could be expecting a breakdown And the breakdown Target is going to be Coming in that supports somewhere around 21.3 to 10 21 000 US dollars so if we Really have a breakdown and we break Below support I'm going to go in with a Shorting position and I'm going to trade

Bitcoin all the way down that's Basically how I'm going to do so so like I told you I'm still bullish for Bitcoin On the bigger perspective due to the Fact that the macro is starting to look More and more bullish for Bitcoin and Risk assets in general but if I'm Looking also at the foreign market Structure you can see right now we have Been creating less exponential highs After less exponential high after less Exponential high and then recently Yesterday we yet again formed a less Exponential high so we have been still Trading in this trend and like you can Also see on the RSI we have still Confirmed a lower high on the RSI well In fact the highs are also getting less Exponential what means that we're Currently in a weakening structure so I Want to be pointing this out the market Is not necessarily looking strong in Terms of its Market structure if Bitcoin Manages to pump towards the upside and Really creates a more exponential High Than these previous two three highs in The market so let's say Bitcoin is going To pump to 25 000 US Dollars then things Are going to be looking alright again Then I could say okay right now we are Breaking this Lex less exponential High Structure and Bitcoin is not creating This rounding top because currently it Looks to be that we're creating someone

With a rounding top with a bearish Divergence so that is the reason why I Am a little bit more careful why I'm Also a little bit more afraid about this Market structure right now here if I do Also look at the 4la time frame we can Clearly see that we're creating a Perfect parallel Channel you can see Bitcoin has been moving up very quickly Towards the outside and ever since we Did so we're right now consolidating Sideways for Bitcoin and yeah we can see That we have been consolidating in this Range right here and ever since we broke Outside of it we moved towards the Upside and yeah right now yet again We're just creating another Consolidation phase so it's going to be Important to look at this range here and I mean if I'm looking at the previous Bear Market recovery phase so if I'm Going to go all the way back here Towards 2018 you can see after we had a Big run up towards the upside we saw an Approximately four weeks so 21 days of Sideways consolidation and that could Definitely happen yet again here and if I'm looking at the price section right Now if I'm really going to be counting This one as well as Cyrus consolidation We can see that we've been consolidating Here for 20 days right now here if I do Not count that range with me we can see That we've been consolidating for right

13 days so if we consolidate for another 10 days around this region it's only Going to be good for Bitcoin in the end Of the day so if we do not have a Breakdown due to the weakening structure On the market and we still keep continue To go sideways it's actually a good sign For Bitcoin because it shows that we're Not willing to go levels low lower and That is really what you want to be Seeing in the market right now so make Sure to keep your eyes wide open on this Structure that we're having of course I'm still long on bitcoin still making a 42 000 us notice profit and the profit Is becoming higher and higher with the Day so that's absolutely incredible if We ever move down to twenty one thousand US Dollars I'm going to add 20K towards My trades here if we do not touch it I'm Going to stick with my trade in this Same position size and yeah basically I Will continue to write this trade Onwards however I would love to add more Margin towards my trade if Bitcoin Reaches 25 000 US dollars I am thinking About closing 50 of my trade because I Do think that that is a very important Level where I should be taking some Profits on the market of Bitcoin however If you are interested in trading Yourself as well don't forget to Subscribe to the Channel first of all Because I show you how I'm trading and

Second of all you can write a sign up And account on buy with and if you use The link in the description you can Claim 30 000 US dollars to post a bonus So make sure to sign up an account using The link description if you're Interested person trading and if you're Living in the US and you can't use my Bed you can check out bed cap because Bitcat allows you to trade from of the US without kyc without VPN and they're Also offering a 20K deposit bonus so Make sure to check it out in the link in Description right now they're giving a Small update on The Daily time frame we Can currently see that we're still Creating this bigger time frame Resistance line right so we're creating This herb or sloping resistance line Where we got rejected from not three Times not four times not five times but Right now already like six or seven or Even nine times in a row here so this is Also an important level here if Bitcoin Is going to be having that retracement Towards 21 000 we move towards the Downside we recover towards the opposite Then we could be potentially creating of Course a beautiful inverse on the Shoulders so I will personally Definitely love to see Bitcoin to have a Small dump here because on 21 000 US Dollars that is the point where I would Love to add more margin towards my trade

And if Bitcoin really falls down here we Could create that perfect inverse on his Shoulders what could have it in same Price Target so still waiting for that One but if we do manage to break Above This You'd already start to see more bullish Momentum getting generated and right now On the three day time frame the Bitcoin EMA ribbon Clause is extremely close and Right now officially it's just three Days out like I've been anticipating I Thought it was going to happen in three Days so probably it will cross over in Three days from now on once this cross Happens it isn't a circle by signal Because always one step does cross Bitcoin tends to at least move up with An approximately 10 to 40 towards the Upside so this is definitely a very good Signal for the bigger perspective for Bitcoin of course the worst time in the Crossables I think right here and Crossed and it moved up uh what was it About 57 no that was not the worst time It was here this was the worst time it Ever crossed so this was the point that Crossed and it moved up like 18 but on Average it's like around 200 300 towards The upside uh so make sure to pay Attention towards the signal it is about To flash I mean in the worst case we're Going to move up another 20 from off This point but definitely the three-day

EMA EMA ribbon is about to cross bullish For the first time in approximately 400 Days what is absolutely incredible what I can't wait to see so make sure to pay Attention towards the signal once the Dust cross over I will notify everyone On the channel so don't forget to Subscribe right now here but anyways This was it for me on today's update Video I truly hope it is valuable for You if you do enjoy it subscribe to the Channel smash the like button and we'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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