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Foreign [Music] Hi folks I'm Drew your host of Deciphered a show that explores best Practices in Bitcoin in today's episode We're diving into the liquid Network and Then acquiring a few block stream store Voucher tokens available on sideswipe Once we do that we're going to redeem Those tokens on the Block stream store So with that let's learn a thing or two About liquid bitcoin's Financial layer For users new to the liquid Network Liquid is a Bitcoin layer 2 solution Enabling the fast confidential Settlement and issuance of digital Assets like stable coins security tokens Nfts and other financial instruments on Top of Bitcoin people often refer to Liquid as bitcoin's Financial layer Similar to how lightning is looked at as Bitcoin's payment layer that is focused On cheap micro payments Finance markets And instruments like equities bonds and Securities are a major Staple in modern Capital markets in a hyper bitcoinized Future they will not disappear instead They will be integrated on top of Bitcoin through additional layers such As liquid it's important to note that Anyone can tokenize and issue assets on Liquid not just financial institutions Or governments sideswap is a convenient Way to buy sell Swap and store liquid

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Assets and is both a mobile and desktop App that comes with a non-custodial Native liquid wallet another great Aspect of sideswap is that you remain in Total control of your assets through Every step of the trade there's no need To worry about exchange solvency or how Secure their cold wallets are because You hold your own keys until you are Ready to finalize a swap to learn more About self-custody and how it works Check out our self custody videos on Blockstream Green in the block stream Jade Hardware wallet Side swap is one of the easiest ways to Get started on the liquid Network it's Very easy to obtain liquid Bitcoin and Fees are ridiculously cheap at the time Of recording this it's only 0.1 percent Fee to Peg in and out of liquid so Although it's not free it's pretty darn Close a few other things worth Mentioning about sideswap Side swap does not require users to sign Up for an account or give personal Information to swap liquid assets Unless you are trading regulated Securities like the bmn1 or the sswp in Which case you will need to kyc through The appropriate party But kyc is not the default feature to Use the platform Combining this with liquid's Confidential transactions means your

Financial privacy is safe Atomic swaps Have been a Hot Topic in the crypto World for quite some time now On sideswap users can trustlessly swap Assets on liquid and remain in full Control of the asset until the trade is Completed at this moment users can swap Between usdt eurx and lbtc if there are Assets not available to atomically swap They can be accessed on the Swap and Token markets which use decentralized Order books in this Marketplace token Vouchers Securities like Equity tokens And other assets can be traded openly This is also where blockstream sells Their store tokens at once you purchase An asset on sideswap the app doubles as A non-custodial liquid wallet as long as You don't need to send that asset to Anyone you could keep it safeguarded in Your side swap wallet without needing to Worry about a thing for today's guest I'd like to invite the founder of Sideswap Scott Miller who is going to Share why he chose to build on liquid Scott the mic is all yours Thank you drew I have to be here and Keen to discuss why we chose to build on Liquid first of all I'd like to point Out that we're a Bitcoin only type of People and we'd like to see a financial System develop around Bitcoin and where Bitcoin would be the settlement currency When we looked at liquid ticked all our

Boxes has everything we need everything From multi-assets where assets may be Both permissioned and non-permission to A seasoned team of core Developers Our main premise has always been that Users should control their own keys and That trading may be done without Custodian intermediaries with liquid on Its multi-asset support we saw that There was an untapped opportunity so we Started playing out with a liquid swap Tool and we quickly realized that there Would be value and offering and easy to Use Liquid wallet with built-in swaps And assistance from moving coins between The Bitcoin main chain and the liquid Sidechain and that's how side swap was Born The basic offering was in place we Started developing public swap markets Or rather non-custodial limit orders Where anyone can make an order by Committing utxos pre-signing them and Publishing the offer to our public order Book I'm going to take it comes in they Add their own inputs and outputs assign Them and we broadcast the transaction at Which points P2P settlement occurs our Public swap markets are open and they Don't require users to register with us As a service anyone who holds assets on The liquid sidechain is welcome to offer Them for sale through our public order Books one such example is blockstream

Who offers store token vouchers for sale For assets with concentrated liquidity Requirements such as usdt or the Blockchain mining nodes we can set up Dedicated audiobooks Our current area of focus is to Integrate the Jade Hardware wallet so That users can execute swaps directly From the devices without having to rely On software wallets With these building blocks and tools in Place we help more people and services Will come see the value of building on Liquid we welcome anyone who wants to Join the ecosystem and if there are any Questions feel free to reach out Thanks Scott that was great and we can't Wait to use more of sideswap in the Future Voucher tokens are redeemable coupon Tokens that usually correlate one to one With a real world item for example on The side swap token Market block stream Currently sells four different vouchers One is for bjde brsa bsat which is this Shirt and bsch For the purpose of this video we'll be Guiding you how to purchase the bjde Voucher which is redeemable for one Block stream Jade Hardware wallet on our Web store At the moment the bjde voucher token is Sold at a 15 discount so it's a great Gift for a birthday or during the

Holiday season So why might a business want to issue a Voucher at all here are a couple reasons Other than the coolness factor it's Overall less expensive for a business And the end user to use a token Businesses must pay credit card Companies between two and four percent For every purchase by issuing a voucher Or coupon for their goods the business Will save money and this theoretically Is passed on to the end consumer for Savings As mentioned earlier transactions on the Liquid Network are confidential by Default meaning only the sender and Receiver or the customer and the store Owner will know how much of an asset and What type of an asset was transferred Rather than having every purchase on Your credit card be tracked and sold for Marketing purposes and finally ease of Use and verifiability How many times have you lost a store Coupon I know I've lost a few in my day You can store the voucher or coupon in Any liquid wallet for easy storage and You can even send these person to person Among friends and family from a store Perspective you can now easily keep Track of how many vouchers or coupons You've issued and when they were Redeemed

Now that we know what the liquid Network Side Swap and what vouchers are capable Of doing let's use all three new pieces Of information to acquire a blackstream J token in order to get a blockstream Jade Hardware wallet token you're going To want to find yourself on sideswap.io Once there you're going to want to go Over to token Market In there you're going to notice that There's a blockstream jade token click On view offer As of recording this video the price Shows a 42.50 per token this is a 15 Discount compared to the regular price On the Block stream store so there's an Incentive to get the token so from here I'm going to actually scan this QR code Using my phone so once I do that I will Show you what the sideswap app shows us Great now that I've purchased the Jade Token we can go to our side swap app and We will see the unconfirmed transaction Down below once we get two confirmations We will officially have one block stream J token in our wallet remember one Confirmation takes one minute on the Liquid Network so let's wait two minutes After waiting two minutes we can now see That we have one block stream J token in Our side swap wallet nice job so in Order to redeem this token on the Blockchain store we're going to want to Go back to the internet and we are going

To want to go to the block stream store To go to your account you're going to Need to go to Store.blogstream.com my Dash account This URL will be in the description box Down below don't try and memorize it It's okay So once you go to this URL you're going To need to make an account you can use Any email you'd like with any password You'd like we're not using this for Anything it's just to make an account Once you make an account you're going to Want to scroll down and you're going to Want to go to redeem tokens Once in redeem tokens you're going to Click on the drop down and you're going To want to click the blockstream J token And select how many tokens you want to Redeem we're just going to convert one Token today Once you click convert token to coupon It will bring us to a new page fantastic It's going to bring us to a BTC pay Server and we're going to want to input Our email here so put any email that you Want to receive the coupon code to Redeem on the store to press continue And then from there I'm going to copy The address to send to and I'm going to Go back to my side swap and I'm going to Go up to the upper right hand corner and Press send From there I'm going to paste in my

Address and I'm going to click the Jade Token and I'm going to press 1 because That's the amount of tokens I want to Redeem I'm going to press review And I'm going to press accept because That is the correct address and the fee Looks good and everything looks good to Me so broadcast Great once it'll once I press broadcast It'll say send and we get an outgoing Transaction And as we can see we have no more tokens In here and we have an unconfirmed Transaction going out of our Side swap wallet so let's go back to the Internet and Perfect the invoice has been paid So let's go to the store And you will see your coupon code here Fantastic so we are going to Simply copy This coupon code and now we're going to Go get ourselves a nice brand new Jade So go back to the store scroll down and You're going to see the blackstream Jade Hardware wallet we're going to press add To cart We are going to press view cart And we can apply the coupon code right Here Apply coupon Fantastic and as you can see right there It has now taken the 49.99 off but Remember we only we got a 15 saving Using the token and we're going to

Proceed to checkout and just like that After I inputted the proper information My order has been received and I'm Getting a confirmation uh screen right Here so congratulations you just Completed your first token purchase and Redemption on the Block stream store Nice job Well that's it for today folks we hope You enjoyed the show to review what We've learned today we first talked About the liquid Network as a layer 2 Solution to the Bitcoin main chain the Liquid Network also allows for Confidential transactions faster block Times and tokens like Securities stable Coins and vouchers to be created on Chain we then talked about side swap a Swap platform that conveniently allows You to buy sell Swap and store liquid Assets all with cheap trading fees and Requiring no personal information to be Shared next we discussed why businesses Might want to create vouchers or coupon Tokens for their products not only does It increase height but it also saves the Money on credit card fees and improve The financial privacy for them and their Customers a happy customer is a repeat Customer we wrapped it up by using Sideswap to buy a 15 off block stream Jade token and then redeeming that token On the Block stream store If you have any other questions related

To the liquid Network or sideswap feel Free to reach out to us in the comments Section down below we're always looking For new topics to cover and as always Thank you for watching and until next Time don't trust verify [Music]

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