Voskcoin Quai Network Red Flags

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of a tech once again and everybody has Been asking me about what I think Surrounding the Quai Network now a few Days ago Vos coin released a video Called brand new GPU minable coin the Quai Network basically boscoin within The first few minutes covered everything You need to know about this particular Project and all of its red flags are out There in the open however not explicitly Stated so let's go ahead and and look at These red flags that were presented in The Voss coin video and I'll let you Guys determine whether or not you think This project is something you want to Move forward with when mining with your Gpus let's get into [Music] It welcome back everyone so this is Going to be basically a sort of reaction Video to this Voss coin video which I'll Leave a link to in the description below Below I think Voss did a very good job At actually covering this this Particular project however it wasn't Explicitly stated what I would consider Are to be some negative things Surrounding this project so let's watch The video and call them out hopefully What you'll find here is a way in which You can start basically analyzing the Videos of various cryptocurrency content Creators to really get to the bottom of

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What's going on the great Vos coin logo Here let's go ahead and get into it qu Network rebuilding currency a new Financial system evm ethereum virtual Machine basically think ethereum Fork Compatible blockchains now when he says Fork you already know that a fork is Going on it's not a direct ethereum Fork Once I went ahead and dug into the GitHub along with basically all of the GitHub contributors here that you can See I've been digging into it frankly What I did find is the min Is actually coming from a fork of a Minor for something called ether core And basically I think that there are Relations between these two projects the Other thing that I noticed on the main Uh GitHub for the goai is that on the Consensus mechanism side of things or The build here you can see that they Switched from Blake 3 hashing algorithm Uh to progue PO now it says switch to Blake 3 for from prog pal but if we Click into it and take a look at it you Can see what they're doing here is They're removing the line for Blake 3 Proof of work and adding the line for Prague pal so even though it's named Incorrect if you dig into it you can see Where they added the lines what they're Adding and so on so that's a way that You can analyze that let's go ahead and Go back to the video that their boasting

Can achieve more than 50,000 TPS that's Transactions per second without now if That is going to be true obviously 50,000 transactions per second is going To be fantastic unfortunately Vos in This particular coin compared it to Ethereum and some slower chains if we Really wanted to compare it to chains That are functioning right now that are Very fast salana which is a proof of State coin would be one that we could Look at with maximum transaction per Second of 47,000 we have Nexa going up to 100,000 Transactions per second in the future of Course that's not right now and of Course caspo once we get to rust is Going to be somewhere between 6,400 and 20,000 transactions per second of course With Casa in particular they're very Focused on blocks per second versus Transactions per second and if you're Curious about that I'll leave the link To the reasoning for it down in the Description below let's hop back in Compromising their decentralization to Put this into perspective it's that much Faster than Bitcoin that much faster Than ethereum qu utilizes merge mining Of networks they have a unique so now The merge mining thing is not exactly Clear at this point I don't see merge Mining as a part of the test net in Particular but because it is using

Prague pal the idea here I think at the End of the day is going to be able to Merge mine essentially the qu Network Along with another Prague pal coin like Ravencoin for example it's Etc algorithm Called proof of entropy Minima or more Poetically ha poem they utilize the Prague po mining algorithm for the Mining side of things which I'll talk More about later but let's we the Iron Age test net which just began this is The third of their five planned test Nets Qui network has adjusted their test Net time frame now a big important note Here is when they're bragging about the High transactions per second in the Initial it's just like Nexa and the fact That it's not really there yet same as Casa it's not really there yet but what You can see here is that in the phase One the transactions per second limit Will be set to 450 which is still very Fast for a proof of work coin it will Likely run for 3 months it's based on Blocks in the actual chain as opposed to An arbitrary date the chain should move At a relativ expected pace which again Means that we have about 3 months of Runway to participate in this Incentivized Quai Network testnet They're Distributing 12 million qu Tokens 8 million to Miners and 4 million To developers now of course this is a Big note the first red flag of the day

Vos coin covered it of course kind of Briefly going over it here at the very Beginning of the video but this is one Of the most important things to pay Attention to there will be an entally an Incentivized set of test networks Similar to what we saw with iron fish And yes here in just a second you'll Find out that that will require kyc for You to get your air drops after the main Net goes live and they drop it and the Initial Genesis block here appears to Have about 2third of the block going to Miners and a whopping a third of that Genesis block going to the developers Now it's not completely clear that these Developers are the developers on the Team itself for the Qui Network as it Does say it's for developers who deploy Smart contracts and daps onto the iron AG test net meaning that there is Probably basically some chance for you As a developer to go on there and earn Some of those I would highly recommend Going through their documentation if You're interested in that particular Piece because then you're not having to Waste power you just have to waste B Brain power there there we go and you Can potentially I guess get a piece of That reward I would like to see a more Detailed split up of what this is Because Genesis blocks with a payout to Developers right off the snap is

Typically pretty bad in my humble Opinion but this is a new trend as well Going from Iron fish to the quii network That's very interesting where you do Have a developer Fund in the Genesis Block and you have these incentivized Test nets for miners that are looking to Speculative mind because that's what it Is they're is no price for this Particular currency right off the bat But you're kind of getting this in early Feel it didn't work out great for Ironfish the profitability if you ran Through what you got at paid out from The test net is very bad right the price Of iron fish on the launch wasn't good But that's part of speculative mining You may have speculatively mined Caspa And hit it big with that but then you Moved on to iron fish and you kind of Had a dud there and it all starts to eat Even out that's kind of the risk to Reward of speculative Mining and you're Not always going to pick out the perfect Ones it's really interesting to build up Hype surrounding these projects that They are starting to do these kind of Incentivized test Nets with Incentivizing miners in some form or Fashion I still would prefer in general That you have a full Fair launch with no Pre-mine and no developer fund and no Gen large Genesis block that's just me I'd like to hear you thoughts and

Opinions down in the comment section Below to Miners and 4 million to Developers there's also a lot of test Net tooling they have a dedicated wallet Which they forked from Tahoe ethereum Wallet if you're familiar with that There's a faucet there's a block Explorer there's ques which is a version Of ethers allowing developers to create Applications that interact with their Blockchains in a familiar environment a Clly or command line interface Hardware Tool node stats page node setup tutorial Usually we say CLI just uh for the Nomenclature on the hardware tool there It just means a command line interface Uh saying clly is not I get it it's like Qui cly it's Rhymes but CLI is is a Proper term stratum proxy setup tutorial As well as an ecosystem page they have Tutorials on how to do everything on Their YouTube as well as their Documentation site we'll look at their Docs here shortly as it heads up You do have to complete kyc in order Second red flag in the video you do have To complete kyc for the incentivized Test net payouts on the Genesis block so Keep that in mind kyc is a big deal Especially surrounding cryptocurrency And it is to bypass regulations within The United States or I guess be Sufficient for that in the US due to the Way airdrops work etc and their

Regulatory status but that does mean you Are already KY seeing yourself with this Project right off of the bat typically Goes against the principles surrounding Cryptocurrency in general to kyc Yourself especially as a minor which is What it's doing it's basically getting All the miners that mine this project And getting their personal and private Info into the system and I'm definitely Against that I was against it with iron Fish even though we showed you guys how To particip ipate in it and all that Sort of stuff but that is the second red Flag Voss called it out he let you know Right off the bat so good job There to redeem these tokens from this Onchain activity and I also genuinely Appreciate the quiet Network they've Supported the vasor YouTube channel in Our content creation but I really and Then of course the third large red flag There that is stated really quickly and Briefly if you skipped over it I Wouldn't blame you a lot of people were Like well I think this video is paid for Maybe it is maybe it isn't it's Definitely paid for so the Qui network Has paid Vos coin to make this Particular video and that means that From the perspective of vosque he will Probably be more inclined to be positive Towards the network as opposed to Negative he did a very good job

Considering all that calling out the red Flags of course not explicitly here in This particular case but he did do a Good job at at least covering it in the Beginning of the video so that you are Aware of it and that is really the point Of this video is to show you guys that If you watch the entire uh content here You will be able to tell if it's paid For now one thing is there is a setting Within YouTube where you can Mark a Video as paid content I would suggest That Voss does that because what it will Do is it will pop up like a little Notification up here a little Notification in the window saying this Video was paid for or this is a Sponsored video and because you know That coin in particular does sponsor Vos Coin that should be marked within this Video so hopefully in the near future That will be done of course that is Required by YouTube to basically protect Consumers or and like and users at the End of the day so make sure that if you Are making crypto content and it is paid For that you do Market but vcoin did put That disclaimer in here so good job as Far as that goes so red flags kind of All over this PL all over the place with This particular coin you know they are Using you they are using off you skated Marketing terms like poem for their for Their consensus mechanism changes that

They've made but as you can see most of The switches for the consensus mechanism At least at this point are pretty basic Uh find and replace terms you know find Blake 3 p replace with frog pal uh for The most part that's what's going on in The actual GitHub as far as that's Concerned I'd have to look at the rest Of it I am digging through it if you Like a bigger kind of Deep dive into What's going on in the GitHub and all of That let me know in the comment section Below now as far as the tokenomics go if You go to their white page or I guess Their Wiki here at docs. qu. Network the Tokenomics aren't fully stated so while We do know that there will be 8 million GI to essentially Miners and 4 million To developers of smart contracts and Daps there could still be additional Coin or tokens that are given out to Maybe the direct people and then the Other thing that he didn't cover that I Thought was uh extremely important is They do have three VC Founders they have Polychain Capital which is doesn't have The greatest track record alumni Ventures as well as 01 Capital so this Is a very VC backed prod project that Was not a red flag that was called out So I wanted to make sure that was Covered as well it's a VC backed Pre-mined coin for lack of a better term Because you do have a incentivized test

Net with a large Genesis block which Essentially is a pre-mine uh for lack of A better term there uh it it it Essentially functions in the same manner Of course you do have I suppose to a Certain extent any Miner can participate So from the mining side of things you do Have sort of that that open ability to Mine it if you want as any individual Which is a little bit better than what We've seen in the past with other pre-m Mines and that is pretty much wraps up My thoughts and opinions on the Qui Network a very good job on vosque on Covering it even though it was paid for Which is a pretty big red flag in my Humble opinion some of the things that Are interesting of course is going to be The merge mining capability with Prague Pal coins we'll have to see how that Gets implemented of course I think Tracking it within the GitHub will be Great I'll leave a link to the GitHub Down in the comment section below you Can go over there you can see you know That they did go ahead and use things Like the The Miner for eth core if you Want to check that out uh I can show you Guys if we're on the dominant strategies GitHub here the qu GPU Miner is Basically a fork of that particular the The E core minor here see so that's how You can tell it's a fork and all of that They did extend the prg pal Epoch and

Period for the Iron Age test net so they Changed some things there that needed to Be done from the fork to make sure it Works with the Iron Age test net that Sort of thing let me know if you like This style of video I think that they're They're it's very difficult to navigate The cryptocurrency space and this isn't An attack on different cryptocurrency Content creators it's a clarification of It you have to realize that a lot of Content creators out there are paid now As as I have stated on this channel I Don't take coin sponsorships token Sponsorships anything like that because I want to avoid it and I want to be able To give you guys the explicit statements Of red flags with any project that comes Out like I'm able to do with the quii Network because I do not have a Partnership with them nor would I ever Accept one with them because it's my job To cover them as essentially unbiased as Possible and the only way you can do That is by not basically being paid by The project now I have other ways of Monetization I use locals at son ofate Tech. locals.com where you can become a Supporter for $5 a month or a discount At $50 a year if you'd like to go over There you can get a free month of Supporter status on locals as well if You check out and purchase my Crypt Mining ecourse at son of ach.com and

Also I have new shirts and everything Right down below the video if you have Ad blocker turned off you can go to my Teespring at shop.on of.com if you do Have the ad blocker turned on purchase a T-shirt I get a cut of that purchase of Course that's the way Teespring Functions we have a new one called Kilowatt Killers out I think it looks Really really cool it's basically a Death metal logo and it just says Kilowatt Killers because you know that's What we do over here we kill kilowatts And we mine cryptocurrency I will see You next Tuesday

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