Using Ancient Technology to Secure Bitcoin using Codex 32 with The Volvelle Wizard 🧙‍♀️

Oh hello you must be the Vel novice here To learn how to securely store your Bitcoin seed I Am The Ville wizard who Can teach you how to generate unbiased Random data using dice perform a check Sum on your generated seed split your Seed into separate shares and recover Your seed from those Shares a check sum is a small amount of Redundant data used to detect errors Using codex 32 you can detect up to Eight errors and fix ex up to four that Means that if your crypto steel or paper Wallet is damaged and up to four Characters are elgible you can fix those Symbols and still use your seed the Secret sharing scheme works by creating A Bitcoin seed that is split into pieces That can be used to recover your seed by Combining them even if a few are lost The more shares you split your seed into The greater the risk that some of them Will be stolen however the fewer shares You split your seed into the greater the Risk that all of them will be lost Unlike SK schemes where you simply make Copies of your full seat if a thief Steals a single share it is worthless to Them only if they steal as many shares As are needed for Recovery can they Steal your Coins you can split your seat into Shares using a computer but I tend to Distrust

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Computers you cannot be certain there is No nefarious software lurking in their Blinking bellies instead I use these Paper computers dating at least as far Back as the 11th century called Wobbles they were were invented long Before Bitcoin so the likelihood that Someone has tampered with them is Low you will be using a booklet that Contains three bubles several worksheets And detailed instructions you can Download these freely including Postcript source code or purchase a full Color limited edition printed copy links Are in the description contained in this Booklet are all the instructions you Need for this process in the back are The addition bble translation bble and Recovery bble to construct the bble You'll need this workbook scissors craft Knife and Brass Fasteners this is the Back page of the addition bble cut it Out cutting it out might be a bit Tedious so I recommend using Magic this is the front page of the Addition Bble cut out all the squares on the Addition Bble this is the recovery Botle this is the inside of the Multiplication and translation Bobble this is the outside of the Multiplication and translation Bobble to assemble the addition Bobble

Cut a small slit on the X sign on the Top wheel do not cut through the entire X the x is there to Center your brass Fastener cut a hole on the bottom Wheel attach the two using a brass Fastener now the two wheels Rotate construct the recovery bble in The same way by cutting a slit on the Top Bble and a circle on the Bottom and attach using a brass Fastener The translation and multiplication Bobble have four layers cut a slit on The colored outside Pieces and a hole on the mostly blank Pieces assemble all four pieces with a Brass Fastener be sure you have the Multiplication side matching with the Multiplication side and the translation Side matching with the translation side Now that we've constructed the bobles I'm sure you're excited to use them not So fast before we get to use these Bobbles we need to generate some random Data first before doing any computations Choose a threshold and total number of Shares the threshold is the number of Shares that will be needed to recover Your seed I will use three shares with a Threshold of two that means I will Generate my seed in three pieces and I Will need two of those pieces to recover It if I had five chairs with a threshold Of three that would mean I generate the

Seed in five pieces and would only need Three of them to recover it once you've Chosen your threshold which we'll call K Take K copies of the check sum Worksheet start filling them out by First writing in the share headers the Share header consists of your threshold K which presses Two two and two And a four character seed ID we're going To use ta da or Tada you can use any Four characters you like as long as they Are consistent across all of your shares T a d A t a d A next we add our share indices for Initial shares we must take the share Indices from the outside of the addition Bobble in order the first first one is a Then C A C every share strikes with ms1 which Identifies the shares as codex 32 data And is not a part of the header now Let's Generate random data find the Random character worksheet you'll need Five dice and five [Music] Markers you may use two to 20 sided dice D2 are easiest to work with because There is less of a chance of repeated Numbers you'll see why this is important In a minute but it's perfectly fine to

Use six-sided dice which is what most People have all the dice need to be Distinguishable from each other such as Being a different color you should have A marker corresponding to each die to Start place a marker on the free space Of each Row roll all five Dice move the marker for each dice die To the number that you Rolled roll all five dice Again now move the dice to the number That you Rolled if you happen to Ru the same Number twice move the marker back to the Free space roll again move the marker to The number you just rolled roll again And then move your die to the number on The Die now look to the decision Tree follow the branches according to The position of each die relative to its Marker if the D is to the right of its Marker go right if it is to the left of Its marker go left follow each branch of The five die tracks for instance this Rule sends us right right left left left Right right left left left left Resulting in the character C you have Now generated one character repeat this 25 more times write each character in The check Su worksheet in the bolded Boxes here is our check sum worksheet so Write the character C this process

Allows you to debias the dice and be Sure your data are completely random if You shortcut this process loaded or Imperfect dice could compromise your Data you can't see it in the camera but This die has a small air bubble in it Most dies are cheap manufactured and Have small imperfections like this which Could lead to biased Randomness if you Were using this in a more direct way Continue rolling Dice and generating Random data until all the non-pink Folded boxes in your check some Worksheet are filled in now that you Have 26 characters filled down in the Bolded boxes you can begin filling in The rest of the worksheet let's work Through an example together use the Addition bble to add the first two lines Together the first two characters we Will be adding are two and three Three move the arrow until it's pointing At the character Two now look to the three on the top Bottle you'll see that it points to the Character M write the resulting m in the Square beneath the two and the Three the next characters we add are T And three move the arrow to the Character t look to the character three And see that the result is six fill a Six in in the next box in the row Next we'll be adding a and X turn the Arrow to a look to the character X and

See that the result is N D and W add to R fill in the rest of the row this Way you see these two characters on the Far left of the row we just added M and Six find the m6 on the check some lookup Table look through the black columns Until you find M6 when you see M6 Observe the row next to it copy the m6 Row onto the next Line now add these next two lines First Characters that we need to add are M and Six point the arrow to M look to six and Observe that the character is P next characters are R and J move the Arrow to R look to J and observe that The character is three fill out the rest Of the row like this Now observe the two characters on the Far left p and three and go back to the Lookup table find the characters P3 in The black columns and find the row next To It P3 row is v k d j e ww G4 L 0 a d Fill out the rest of the worksheet Excluding the pink Boxes this should take 1 to 2 hours now That you have filled out the check sum Worksheet from the top you will now work From the the bottom fill in the Shaded Letters secret share 32 you may notice that I put slashes Through my s's to look like dollar signs

This is to differentiate them from other Characters I also put slashes through my Z's sevens and zeros you can use Whatever handwriting you like as long as It's distinguishable from other Characters use the addition bble to add The two bottommost lines and write the Result in the Square above in this case We will be adding S and L turn the arrow To S observe L and see that the result Is Zero write the zero above SNL next we'll be adding e to X turn the Arrow to e observe the character X and Find that the result is L write that above the e in X fill in The rest of the line this Way now add the next two lines 0 to D Turn the arrow to zero Observe the character D and see that it Equals z write that above the D and the Zero fill in the rest of the pink shaded Boxes this Way see these 13 pink shaded and bolded Boxes these are your share's check sum And are part of your share for moving on Use another check sum worksheet to Verify the check sum that we just Computed you can skip this Step at your Peril but the more work you do before Discovering errors the more work you Will need to redo if any exist to verify The share copy all the characters from The bolded boxes including the pink ones

Onto a new worksheet then fill out the Entire sheet this time rather than Writing secret share 32 and back Computing from there we simply fill in The whole worksheet and confirm that the Final lines work out to secret share 32 This magic value is your way of Confirming that the check sum is Properly computed by periodically Filling out these check sum worksheets You can be assured of the long-term Integrity of your shares without ever Needing to touch an electronic computer For now filling out a second check some Worksheet simply assures us we haven't Made any mistakes because we chose our Threshold K to be two we need to Generate two random shares so we will Generate another one in the same way That we generated the first the second One will have share index C the next Character on the addition wheel this is Our cshare whose header we wrote Earlier generate rant data do the check Sum worksheet and then back fill from The word secret share so that you have The pink shaded boxes filled In now using your randomly generated Initial shares you can derive as many Additional shares as you want any two Shares or whatever your threshold is Will be sufficient to recover your Bitcoin seed our two initial shares were Required to have indices A and C for

Derived shares we get to decide what Letter we want the share to have I will Pick the w share for Wizard to generate This share we'll first find the Derivation table in our workbook find The symbols beneath the letter W on the Table they are percent and scent this Means that to generate the w share we Will be translating the a share by Percent and the C share by Cent take the Translation worksheet for k equals 2 in The leftmost boxes write what your Shares are and what symbols you'll be Translating them by I'll will write the Character a in the first first box and The percent symbol in the second Box then on the second row write the Character C in the first Box and the scent symbol in the second Box in the remaining box on the left Write w the index of our Share now let's translate the a share Turn to the potion side of the Translation multiplication Wheel and turn it to the percent Symbol Then flip it over this wheel will do the Translation for us go through the a Share character by Character first we will translate the Character two two translates to nine Always read the Wheel from the inside to The outside notice how the arrows point From the inside ring to the outside ring

Two translates to nine but nine Translates to K write nine in the first Box in the row the next character is T T translates to three write three in the Next box in the row do this for each Character in your share now we will do The same thing for share C we are Translating share C by scent so turn the Wheel to Scent flip it over and translate as you Did before observe that two now Translates to zero so write zero in the First box do this for the rest of Cshare now that you have both shares Translated add them together using using The addition bble when you add your Translated a share and cshare the result Will be your w share add the first two Boxes which are 9 and Zero 9 and zero adds to two so write two In the Box beneath 9 and Zero add three and six to get T 6 and 8 = A J + l = d and 6 + 8 equals a again you Will see that as if by Magic a pattern Appears the parts of the untranslated Shares that are the same Tada will Appear when you add the translations Followed by W let's see if six and five Add to W sure enough the next two numbers six And five add to W the name of your share Index because A and C share are Different after this point the visible

Pattern ends add the rest of your Translated Characters the result is your w share You now have three shares a c and W Before moving on complete a check some Worksheet to verify the w share repeat This process using your A and C shares To derive as many shares as you Want you may have noticed that the Translation tables do not have an S Column in them this is because your s Share is actually your seed generating This share is called recovery it should Only be done when you want to actually Use your seed in order to do recovery You need just two of your shares let's Use a and w just as before we are going To translate and add to find the Translation symbols this time you need To use the recovery vble find the symbol For the a share turn the recovery wheel To A then look to the symbol pointed to by W gamma like before write this down on a K2 translation worksheet for instance a Is translated by gamma so write a in the First box and Gamma in the second now Turn the recovery vvel to W and find the symbol pointed to by a Delta write w and Delta down on the next Line of your recovery worksheet finally Write an s on the remaining box on the Left then fill out the rest of the first Line by translating a as you did when

Deriving shares Do the same for the w Share now use the addition Bobble to add The two rows Together for instance we had P plus T p + t equal 2 write two in the first box continue For the rest of the Row when you have added your entire Share you now have your s share this is Your recovered secret seed be sure to Fill out a check s worksheet to verify That you've recovered it correctly Finally remember that any data on the Check sum or translation worksheets are Secret data that could cause the loss of Funds if they are leaked always securely Destroy these worksheets such as by fire Once you are done with them Congratulations you have learned how to Generate shares check some of them Derive more and recover your secret seed Go forth and remember keep it Secret keep it safe

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