While Bitcoin is currently consolidating Below almi I decided to almost sell off All my Bitcoin to open one gigantic Trade and in this video I will be Exactly talking about that trade I will Of course talk about Bitcoin which is Currently consolidating below almi and The last time this happened in 2020 just After 16 days of consolidation we saw a Breakout and Bitcoin more than doubled In priced in the first 21 days after so I will be discussing this I will give a Big update on ethereum which is looking Extremely bullish right now in my Opinion I'm going to give a very big Update on it so I will be talking about This Bitcoin and many more important Charts I will be discussing on today's Update video so without any further Ado Don't forget to once again slap that Like button once again back above 1,000 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so Here we can see Bitcoin is clearly Consolidating below this very important Resistance on the top side and above This horizontal support line here on the Lower side so basically Bitcoin is Ranging in this side consolidation phase And is just about to be creating another Gigantic move of course like I discussed In yesterday's video and in the intro The last time that Bitcoin was basically

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Trading against its Tim high was of Course in 2020 and there we just broke Above it just exactly what Bitcoin did This days around and then we Consolidated for an approximately 16 Days actually after we broke above altim Highs we still saw like a 10% correction Towards the downside and a 10% Correction for Bitcoin now we place it Around $62,000 so if Bitcoin were to be coming Down to approximately $62,000 honestly I would take that as a Very big opportunity in the market and Not necessarily as a bad thing because I Do believe that just like it was in 2020 We're just Rand now consolidating below Autumn high and it is just calm before The storm because I have said this Several times before I do believe that It could be happening earlier this time Around not necessarily in 16 days why is Because of course we have to spot Bitcoin ETF F and yes so far Unfortunately I don't have the data yet Here apparently the data is coming in Way later than normally than anticipated So if you want to be knowing about the Spot Bitcoin ETF data make sure to Follow me on Twitter because on my Twitter page I will straight away let You know guys once the data comes out And what the exact inflows are and what The exact outflows are so make sure to

Follow me on X as well but so far in General the inflows has been Significantly positive and due to this We do are expecting that once again Blackrook is buying a massive amounts of Bitcoins and due to the fact that right Now OTC desks are actually running out Of Bitcoin it means that black Rog of Course if they want to be buying Bitcoin Have to be buying from the open market And that is causing even more buying Pressure so potentially this breakout Above that timi and that exponential Rally to start could potentially happen Earlier than expected but currently what We're seeing is just basically the People that are not believing in Bitcoin Are Distributing their Bitcoin and at Soon as they are done with Distributing Then we're going to be having an Exponential rally towards the upside Because yeah everyone who's holding Bitcoin at that point is not interested In selling and due to that we're just Going to be seeing another exponential Rally this is how it goes in every Single cycle so I am currently not Looking to be selling and I'm just going To be holding on towards my dear Bitcoin So interesting to be seeing also minor Revenue yesterday hit an ultim high of $75 million us doar which is of course Quite insane if you would ask me and if I were to be looking at Bitcoin we

Indeed broke the 4H hourly downtrend and We're still consolidating in this region And guys make sure to stick in this Video because a little bit later in this Video I'm going to talk about why I'm Currently selling off my Bitcoin right Now to be opening up one of the biggest Trades so make sure to stick in the Video right now because it is going to Be a gigantic trade that you need to Know about but first I want to discuss Bitcoin and highlight the most important Things that are currently going on here Because I do believe that currently Bitcoin is consolidating in this region Between that high of about $69,000 and The low of around $60,000 so if we were To be coming anywhere close towards the Lows of this region I would take that Opportunity with both hands and I will Also open up a new trade guys and you Could be copy trading my account if you Right now go to the link description of Today's video sign up an account to Decoin because decoin is the exchange Where I am currently trading Bitcoin and If you want to be trading yourself go to Decoin and if you're R A Sign account Us In the link below you will get an Additional deposit bonus and also you Could start copy trading me and of Course if you don't want to copy trade Me of course there are also many other Professional copy Traders out there

Which are of course extremely good but You have to know that you can only Access copy trading if you R sign up Account using the link below because yes It is only available for a limited Amount of people because yeah if these Profitable Traders have too many people Following them they can't make profit Because then they're going to swing the Market too much here so you have to Understand that but if you're interested Check it out in the link description of Today's video of course a 20% correction Looks to be the new standard so if we Were to be getting any of those I would Be embracing that opportunity as well Which is very interesting is that the USD market cap also hit more than 100 Billion US dollar that there is once Again a significant amount of influ flow In the market which is indicating that Right now clearly of course we are in a Bull market but of course you can Already see that and we already broke Above AUM Highs but there is new Liquidity flowing into towards the Market and and it really allows more Buying pressure to enter the market so Altcoins could be a very interesting Play and that is also one of the reasons Why I decided to sell my Bitcoin because If we are looking to the Bitcoin Dominance historically speaking guys Bitcoin dominance tend to be dropping

Exponential once Bitcoin break its Timite just like here in 2020 boom bit Coin broke its altim high we had that Big drop towards the downside here in 2017 Bitcoin broke its altim high and Boom just Weeks Later altcoin season Started and altcoin started to heavily Overtake Bitcoin and then here once Again guys Bitcoin broke its Alum high And I'm expecting maybe three to four Weeks from now on altcoins are Absolutely going to hammer Bitcoin it's Going to be hammering Bitcoin and this Is part of the reason why I decided to Be stepping in towards altcoins and no I Am not bearish on on bitcoin but I Decided to sell some of my Bitcoins off Because because guys I was still holding 35% of my portfolio in Bitcoin and I Decided to sell off on exact 20% of all My Bitcoin and you know where I'm Currently investing in I am going to be Investing this 20% all into ethereum and You may think oh BR why don't you go With a different altcoin you're also Bullish on like you mentioned on your Channel because it's risk ey I want to Keep a lowrisk profile with the majority Of my money and 20% of my portfolio is Quite a lot and I don't need to take Risk for these 100 x's and that is why Stepping in towards ethereum right now And let me explain also why because First of all we're going to have the E

Ethereum ETF in 76 days guys this is Going to drag liquidity from Wall Street Into ethereum and that is going to Massively squeeze the price up higher Massively you can't even imagine it and Also we're talking about the Bitcoin Supply shock with the Bitcoin halfing Coming up but you have to understand That ethereum is already deflationary Bitcoin has inflation and ethereum is Deflationary and in the last let me say This correctly seven days we saw 32,000 Ethereums getting burned and on this Rate more than 1% of the total suppli is Getting burned every single year and if We're just going to be looking about Since the merge started we have seen More than 400,000 ethereum getting burnt And as the bull market continues to uh Increase and of course as more users are Going to use ethereum more ethereum is Going to get burned and that is Ultimately going to be a big Catalyst And that is going to make the supply Even more scarce and that makes me even More bullish so very important to Understand that this could be a very big Narrative and the nice part about it is That I believe that ethereum is still Not really exploded yet it is still Lagging behind it's still in this Downtrend against Bitcoin and I believe Once that ETF comes everything is going To change and I've talked very highly

About ethereum for quite a while right Now but just a moment ago I thought okay It is over I need to make more money and I decided to sell my 20% Bitcoin into Ethereum and of course once the time is There and let's so let's say ethereum Bounces like 40% against Bitcoin I'm Potentially going to decide to sell that Ethereum once again to go back into Bitcoin because my Ultimate Game here Because the ultimate game here is to Accumulate more Bitcoin and not Necessarily more altcoins I want to be Holding more more Bitcoin so I'm also Buying altcoins to eventually be buying More Bitcoin because I think these Altcoins are going to outperform Bitcoin In the long run or in the let's say Coming year at least so this is my play Right now with ethereum history is Repeating and I think it will be going Way more exponential than Bitcoin will Do and that has happened in every every Single bom Market I mean basically Bitcoin has always been the front runner Bitcoin already broke its aomi ethereum Is still like 25% away from it if I say It correctly boom it's currently still 22% away from its altim high so ethereum Is lagging behind right now but I Believe it's going to be overtaking it And my bull market Target for ethereum Is a little bit more exponential Compared to bitcoin and due to these

Very interesting narratives that are Currently unfolding in the market the ETF in like five days from now on Etherum is also going to have a big Update on March 13 which is going to be Making layer 2 more profitable and even More uh sustainable and cheaper which I'm just super bullish on so guys this Is what I've done this is the reason why I sold a lot of my Bitcoin and don't get Me wrong I'm not bearish on bitcoin I'm Extremely bullish on the industry I'm Freaking bullish on bitcoin because I do Believe that this timi is going to get Broken anytime soon and once we do break About this timi we're going to go quite Exponential afterward so this is what I've done I want to be completely Transparent with you guys out there to Show all my trades and to share Everything what I've been doing so thank You so much for watching towards amazing New upd the video I truly hope you did Learn something from it if you did learn Something guys slap up that like button Subscribe to the channel because Tomorrow I will be back with another Update video if you want to be learning More about altcoins subscribe to my Altcoin Rover Channel my channel where I Talk about altcoins later today I'm Going to upload a new video not quite Sure yet where I'm going to be talking About but after this video I'm going to

Be doing some research again so Subscribe to that channel as well but Anyways thank you so much for watching And I see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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