Bitcoin just broke above the most Important resistance of this entire Trend and black rock literally just Announced that they are starting to be Buying Bitcoin so I will be exactly Discuss this the important ticker from Black Rock that just got listed on dtcc And I will talk about the most important Charts the most important stuff we need To be discussing right now because yes Bitcoin is breaking bullish and all Signs are pointing towards the direction That the next Bitcoin Bull Run is going To be back so without any further Ado Don't forget to stop that like button on Today's update video and let me jump Straight away in because yes guys right Now on the imminent short term Bitcoin Has seen a massive rally towards the Offside again the momentum looks to just Not be drying up for Bitcoin it's been Going up and up and up and literally Bitcoin is just not stopping and of Course the reason why Bitcoin is right Now going up here is first of all out of The anticipation of the Bitcoin spot ETF The more importantly yesterday Black Rock literally announced that they're Going to be buying Bitcoin right now so Black Rock has stole the s that it will Start doing its seed for its Bitcoin Sport ETF in October for preparation of Approval seeding an ETF basically means That they're going to be buying a

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Bitcoin to use that liquidity to launch The initial ETF so the capital that They're going to be buying up right now Here for the seaing rout of the ETF will Become available for open market trade On the first day of the ETF launch so Basically right now black rock is buying Bitcoin and that could maybe be the Reason that we're moving up so that Could be the exact reason why we're Currently moving up or it could be the Reason that people are just excited About this news but most likely it is a Combination of the both and also Yesterday we got some breaking news Because the I shares Bitcoin trust has Been listed on dtcc and the thicker of The Black Rock Spot ETF will be ibtc so This is just another step closer to the Launch so far nothing is confirmed yet But it looks to be that it is going to Get confirmed because otherwise they Won't be doing such kinds of things so We do know that black rock is working Very closely with the SSE to complete This filing and I mean if we're looking At all these signs it is probably not Going to take much longer before this ETF is really going to come so looking At Bitcoin in terms of the uh pump and In terms of what happens on The Leverage Side of things here I mean wpit is Moving up here we saw the open interest Actually move down in the market what is

Actually very nice to be seeing here Because we saw a massive short Liquidation because yes people like cppo Or these other big big bears they got Massively liquidated because they are Not looking at the news events because This is huge news for the market because Guys we have to understand the last time That an ETF got approve it was the Ethereum Futures ETF and it literally Took only five days between approval and Formal Trading and in that period since It's such a short period of time there Won't be any time to anticipate the Change of the month Bitcoin will pump so Hard straight away on the announcement That it is going to get accepted so that Is why we are seeing people pricing it In but that is why it is also so Important to pay attention towards this News and interesting to see here is that Actually Bitcoin is moving up so Exponentially every time once the toky Session hits so interesting to see What's happening over there at the daily Time frame Bitcoin just broke above the The previous high from here like it was Literally nothing there was absolutely No resistance to be found over there so You can see Bitcoin created this massive W pattern here actually broke above the Neckline and right now Bitcoin is Pushing up higher so if you're looking At resistance first I was looking at

These resistance but I woke up and Bitcoin just already crushed above it I Mean honestly if I'm going to be looking At the next resistance I'm going to be Looking back at this region right here Right so I'm going to zoom in towards This region what are the most important Levels that we we should be looking at It would be this low right here it would Be this low right here and of course it Would be this boom this level right here But this level right here so these are The three most important levels of Resistance so if we're going to be Looking at it closely we can already see That we broke above the 33.7k they were B to be running in towards the 35.4k as Minor resistance and of course above That it's 37.7k that's going to be Providing also gigantic resistance for Bitcoin so Bitcoin broke outside of this Range right here so really if we want to Be starting to anticipate about what Bitcoin is going to be doing next we Have to be zooming out a little bit here We have to be looking at these bigger Time frames we have to be looking at These bigger charts and honestly if I'm Going to be starting to be looking at These bigger charts you first of all can Straight away see here the weekly low on The market around here was sitting Around 36.7k I think this is going to be An important level to be breaking since

This was the exact low the exact weekly Low that basically bouns Bitcoin up here For a couple weeks so I personally think This is going to be a level we should be Looking at basically broke above this Low right here and the previous high Right here in the market what I am Expecting is two things either Bitcoin Is just going to be crushing through This high right here and even go higher Or we're just going to consolidate Between these regions and guys and boys And girls if Bitcoin were to be coming Down towards this gigantic previous Resistance level that literally got us Rejected for such a long period of time To be exact more than 500 days I will be The one that's going to be opening up a Massive trade on bitcoin on this exact Big support around $32,000 us so looking Forward towards seeing Bitcoin retracing Back towards that level so keep your Eyes wide open on that I mean currently We can see Bitcoin officially broke up Outside of the higher range and boys and Girls if you yesterday actually claimed That free $1,000 airw position on byid That you can you right now get if you Sign up account using that link below Deposit $100 winning 7 and complete kyc Level one you would have made a ton and Ton of money since the market also went Up right and it's a l position all you Need to do here is sign up an account

Using the link below deposit $100 win in 7 days and complete K withc and you can Claim this free $1,000 airw position Super valuable so make sure to claim it Right now in the link description of Today's video it's only valid for Another seven days so make sure to be Very quick you could also claim a short Position whatever you think Bitcoin is Heading towards but currently what we Can see is that Bitcoin broke out of the Massive massive consolidation phase what Is of course a beautiful breakout of Course And I mean I've been talking about this Many times before the price tget of this Pattern is sitting around $47,000 it may sounds pretty crazy but Honestly if we see Bitcoin move like This we're going to be reaching this Price Target in no time it's going to be Happening very fast here also I've said This several times before guys Bitcoin Has been trading in this consolidation Range for a very long period of time and Right now it is finally breaking outside Of it so Bitcoin is entering a new price Horizon we just have to be waiting for The 3-day candle close for the Confirmation but if we were to be seeing Any retails of this previous high in the Market it would give us massive massive Trading opportunities so going to keep My eyes wide open on it I mean at the

Same time Bitcoin literally is flashing A bull market signal right now here Since this was the previous bull market Support here flipped into resistance Here flipped into resistance and Currently for the first time in an Approximately we just said 532 days we Are breaking Above This level I'm so Excited about it and Bitcoin is Literally breaking back in towards the Bull market regions so yeah we have not Confirmed the breakout yet here we have To be waiting for the weekly candle Close and we've got this W pattern that Currently is also breaking out with a Beautiful structure and the price Target Is sitting around $37,000 37.7k to be exact so this one is Probably also going to reach the price Target and of course on the twoe time Frame we're also creating this massive Infers head and shoulders with a price Target range 74,000 what is probably also going to Get reached here but this is a beautiful Breakout that we currently seeing Bitcoin broke this approximately 6 or 700 day downtrend like you can see right Here and at the meantime while Everything is happening we've seen more Than 300 million Us in Liquidations in The past 24 hours and we've seen that Michael sailor is back in profit to be Exact 15% in profit making him about

734 million Us in profit right now here So yes I'm super excited honestly I want To do a lot of charting but I currently Think the Market is getting moved by new SI so we do know that everyone is Looking closely about what is currently Happening with the sport ETFs I honestly Think that a 40K Bitcoin is going to be Happening with now within now and the End of 2024 it has been my prediction Over the past two to three months and Now people can finally see the effect That yeah what this Market could have if Blacklock is really really entering Right here and literally if they're Really buying so make sure to get ready Here black rock is buying Bitcoin Literally they said it they literally Told the s that they're buying Bitcoin So I'm super excited and guys thank you So much for watching and see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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