All the Bitcoin sport ETFs might be Getting accepted today and in this exact Video I will be talking about this and The most important chart so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We smash it back up at 400 and with that Being said let me straight away go Towards the news and after that I will Be discussing the most important charts For Bitcoin right now so I've already Discussed this yesterday but today is The final deadline because this is the Last chance for the SEC to appeal the Win of the gr skill Bitcoin spot ETF Lawsuit so if they do not appeal this Lawsuit it basically means since the Gray skill Bitcoin SP ttf filing is so Similar towards all the other ones they Have to outright accept all the Bitcoin Sport ttfs because they got no grounds To reject them so potentially they're Already going to accept them today or Basically it's going to get guaranteed Today that we're going to get them since Right now the consensus is still 95% it Will literally go towards 100% so super Exciting news and this is definitely a Very bullish development however I am Not necessarily expecting a big move on The market and maybe of course smart Players are anticipating it since yes This is news that not really a lot of People are paying attention towards but

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If you're following the channel of Course you're knowing so if there's Going to be any big update I'm either Going to share it here on my Channel or On my Twitter page so make sure to stay Up to date further on let me quickly Dive in towards the price section of Bitcoin I mean right now finally we can See that Bitcoin is finding somewhat of A support here on the lower side and We're ending this very exponential Movement towards the downside I mean We're about to be retesting this Downward sloping resistance line again Here but currently on the imminent short Term we could be creating somewhat of an W pattern and yes if we really manage to Be breaking Above This level right here We could be playing at a w and that Could potentially indicate a reversal on The price section of Bitcoin but really What I find very interesting is to Really wait on this news because if the SEC is really going to be appealing this Bitcoin gray skill uh loss suit we could Potentially see Bitcoin dump a little Bit lower here of course talking about The trade stop loss is already in profit We already managed to cash out 40% Around 26.7k what was around this level Right here what means that we already Made a decent amount of profit from here On so if Bitcoin moves back up I will be Fine because I will lock in my profit

And if Bitcoin moves down I will be also Fine because then it will lock even more Profit in and of course um it's just a Win-win scenario since the stop losses In profit and we already cashed at 40% So for me it doesn't really matter where Bitcoin goes towards so if you're Looking at Bitcoin and let me set up a BX instead of just a Pure Line here you Can see that Bitcoin is still holding up Towards this level and actually it's Quite interesting because this is a Level with a lot of significance right Massive Resistance from the past Massive Resistance right here massive support And once again flipping into support if We do break below this level I will be Expecting the next price target for Bitcoin is going to be somewhere around $25,000 that is the level where of Course a lot of liquidity lays here but At the same time we can see the McD is About to be Crossing bullish and I mean The last time it crossed bearish was Exactly on the top side right here what Caused this massive Rel for towards the Downside and right now it's Crossing Bullish could this be indicating we're Going to be getting a bigger lack Towards the upside hopefully it will so You have to understand that right now The Bitcoin Market is of course coming Down on the immin short term but I Yesterday spoke with some crazy market

Makers and they are saying that they Want to be bringing down the Bitcoin Price to $225,000 since the most amount Of liquidity is around that level and Market makers could make the most amount Of money from you since yeah there are a Lot of orders around the $25,000 us Level and also what the said is that Probably this level is not going to get Lost and of course they showed me some Charts from The Amazing bits that are on The market around that um around that $25,000 price so that is of course Absolutely crazy so if Bitcoin moves Down to $25,000 don't get fooled because I think that level is going to get Holding up here but the market makers Really want to be bringing Bitcoin down Towards that level so I will be only Anticipate that level if we do really uh Break below this green box right here Right so if we break below this Green Books right here and let me remove these Drawings right here uh I would be really Expecting okay at this point it's going To be almost guaranteed that we're going To be probably breaking below that level Right so that's going to be my scenario Right now for Bitcoin and I mean if I'm Really looking at my chart here we have Been breaking below critical support on The Daily time frame right now Potentially we could start to find Support on this level right here I've

Been mentioning quite uh uh a few times Before right so if we find some support Rented level it will be absolutely Amazing of course but that case we would Still also confirm that higher low in The market what we of course actually Want here since we're also creating Higher highs and higher lows right now Here we are in facts still trading in an Uptrend that if we really lose this Level uh I mean realistically speaking The next Target is going to be $25,000 Yesterday we got some CPI data I mean The market didn't reacted towards the de Heavily but currently we can see that Cor inflation is definitely in a massive Downtrend and the actual numbers came in Around 4.1% exactly like we've been Expecting so if you want to be trading This move or any move here and Potentially even speculate on the Bitcoin spot ETF uh appeal or not appeal Today you could be Trading it on buybit And of course guys if you're writing a Sign up an account using that link below Here uh you can actually claim a free $1,000 air Dr position and all you need To do here is sign up at account using The link below deposit $100 within the First seven days complete kyc and then You can literally claim a free $1,000 Bitcoin air drop position so also you Must not upgrade your account to UniFi Trading account so it's a super valuable

Deposal bonus that you can write a claim Here if you're a new user to buy B so Make sure to go to the link description Of today's video to claim this insane Deposit bonus so guys before going in Towards the the technical analysis Further on from now on you have to Understand that the US de has just Jumped by another 40 billion US dollars In just one day here so we're right now At 3355 trillion US dollar in federal Depbt here just after 25 days ago we H 33 trillion US dollars so it looks to me That we're right now in a depth spiral It's going like crazy it's going up very Quickly and this is of course quite Worrisome and this could potentially Mean the beginning of Bitcoin and the End of of uh the US dollar so make sure To be paying attention towards this Because this is some very important news And also this chart from Tony debul guys This is absolutely insane so if you're Looking at Bitcoin right now here you Can see that basically every period we Get to tend to see a big big expansion On the price section of Bitcoin and once Again it looks to be that we're right Now entering that stage of the big Expansion and potentially we are right Now to beginning of either a big move Towards the upside or either a gigantic Move towards the downside so get ready For this I'm very excited and it's

Promising there's going to be something Big happening for Bitcoin whether it's Going to be up or down uh it could be Happening any time soon here so I mean We do know that if we're looking at Bitcoin on the three-day time frame We're creating this massive Consolidation range right so let me draw It a little bit more clearly for Everyone out there we're creating this Massive consolidation range and this is About to be breaking out in the coming 21 days and I can guarantee you it's Going to be creating a massive move on The market it's going to create a lot of Volatility so get ready for this you can See it even on the weekly time frame we Created the Upp loic support line from 2019 all the way to right now here and Basically this chart right here has got A little bit of a bigger time Horizon Another 100 days here but anyways it's Suggesting that if we break the down Sloping resist line we could be having Some massive massive fireworks and this Chart right here suggesting we're going To get some more sideway price action For Bitcoin before really moving big out Of that ascending triangle and yes I Think really the most important level to Be breaking you can see it also clearly On this chart right here is of course Probably the 30 $2,000 I think this is The most important resistance that if

Bitcoin breaks this down resistance line We are not out of the woods yet if we Break above $32,000 then as well then I Will be absolutely insane because that Will be of course guarantee as we're Going to get some very expensive moves Towards the upside so this is what I'm Looking at right now here these are the Most important resistance levels but Anyways this was it for me in today's up Video thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys on another one peace Out goodbye

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