Bitcoin is breaking out right now won't Affect the historical volatility for Bitcoin is currently at all time lows Here so in this exact video I will talk About this I will talk about the most Important charts in crypto I will talk About this gigantic bullish signal that Currently is flashing what is indicating A giant new boring could get Re-initiated so don't forget to watch This video till the end because I will Give a huge update on my trade and many More stuff to discuss on today's update Video don't forget to slap of that like Button on today's update video again we Smash it back about 500 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Is being said let me jump straight away In towards the content once looking at The image shorter for Bitcoin we of Course currently can clearly still see Bitcoin is still trading sideways in This consolidation phase and right now We've been trading in this consolidation Range for over 19 days in a row and of Course as soon as Bitcoin is going to Either break above the top side of Resistance or either below the Lower Side of support that is the point where Will be expecting a major breakout and Major volatility is going to hit the Markets but of course as long as Bitcoin Is still trading within this yellow box Right here you could still argue okay

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Bitcoin probably will remain to be Trading sideways and of course as soon As we do confirm the break above the Range High or the break below the range Low that is the point where we would Start to see more volatility hit the Market of course you can currently see On the image short term now we actually Broke the downtrend on the 40 time frame You can see clearly that we got rejected By this level several times in a row and Due to the fact that we're currently Breaking above the downtrend right now I Personally do think there's a room to Grow back towards the upside of the Range again here so you can see in the Four-way time frame we're breaking the Downtrend and of course we're breaking Outside of this pattern that I've been Discussing yesterday and ever since Bitcoin broke out we moved up in Approximately 2.7 percent towards the Upside if I will be looking at Price Targets it's going to be a little bit Higher than the range but personally my Price Target is going to be measured Here to the top side and if we are going To be reaching the higher range here so That 31 000 US dollar that will be my Price Target in my opinion yesterday we Were about to hit 31 000 US Dollars we Were just a few dollars off here but This yellow box right here is going to Be the main resistance to break and

Percy I think that Jones is very high We're going to see a rejection by this Region but if we see the confirmation And the break Above This Range High Right here that is the point where I Will be expecting more volatility Towards the upset could happen so yes I Will keep my eyes wide open on the four Hourly range right here but of course I Will remain to be expecting Bitcoin is Going to trade sideways Until It Breaks Outside of this region also do expect That tomorrow probably the volatility is Going to pick up significantly due to The fact that the U.S core inflation Data is going to get released and the U.S inflation rate year over year so Once this data gets released we're Probably going to see massive Market Volatility we're expecting that the Inflation data is going to drop down to 3.2 percent and the core inflation Dropping down to five percent five Percent for core inflation is still too High so I mean it's really going to be Very important to see what the core Inflation is going to do so if it's Going to come in lower than expected Markets are probably going to pump if It's going to come in higher than Expected Market could potentially start To dump very significantly so make sure To keep your eyes wide open on the Inflation data and once this hits the

Markets tomorrow the market is going to Be very volatile at the same time we can Currently see clearly on this chart that The main resistance to break is the 31 000 US Dollars and if I'm looking at my Trade right now I'm currently still 1.3 Bitcoin in profit so my trade is Currently still around the same region Here and I mean nothing is really Changing until we're going to be Breaking outside of this region so if You want to be actually trading Bitcoin You could do so right now here and all You need to do here is go to the link in Description to claim a free 1 000 US Dollars either in Bitcoin or xfp and all You need to do is sign up a new account Using the link above deposit 100 within Seven days and enjoy your free 1000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp loan or short Position so make sure to be quick Because this the fossil bonus is only Going to be valid for another 20 days Right now here and as soon as the 20 Days are over you can't be able to be Claiming these deposit bonuses anymore And also if you're looking at the Historical volatility of Bitcoin we can Currently clearly see Bitcoin volatility Is literally at historical low so you Can see that it is currently around to 0.03 region in the bullish events Volatility index and the last time we Were so low on this volatility index was

All the way back here at the beginning Of January 2023 and at the beginning of January 2023 we saw a massive move Getting initiated for Bitcoin and do be Very clear in an approximately two weeks Time here Bitcoin moved up more than 40 Towards the upside and that is the Indication we could be having for Bitcoin right now as well since the Volatility is so low for Bitcoin at this Point we could be expecting once again Such a huge move happening anytime soon And with the inflation data coming out Tomorrow we could start to see this move Maybe getting created as early as Tomorrow so get ready for that and I'm Not necessarily saying it has to be up It could also be down but one thing is For sure Bitcoin is going to start to Create bigger moves in the market Anytime soon once again because once you See a period of low volatility you Basically start to see the market move Very quickly again and to give an Indication on how low the volatility Currently is on the daily time frame the Lows that we're currently reaching has Not been seen since of course January 2023 but the last time before that it Was all the way back in July 2020 what Was at the beginning of the entire Bull Run for Bitcoin so yeah right now we're Really at the starting blocks of an Entire new run up potentially right here

Furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is Still running in towards the main Resistance Target what is around 32 000 And as soon as we do break it the next Target is going to be 37 000 on the top Side and of course on the three day time Frame we could be still creating a Potential Rising watch pattern I will Give you guys some huge updates on this Pattern if we do see a retest of the Resistance or break of support of course If we do break support that I would Definitely start to be panicking a Little bit here but it will keep you Guys up to date on the channel so don't Worry about that and of course if we are Going to be breaking of 31 000 on the Three-day time frame that is the point Where I would start to really become Very bullish on bitcoin since that is The main resistance to be breaking in This entire Trend furthermore we can see That Bitcoin is currently literally Retesting the most important resistance Range and as soon as we do break above It that is the point where we could Start to see Bitcoin really go Exponential and of course the last thing I need to discuss here is the two-week Super Trend indicator on the two-week Super Trend indicator we can currently See that Bitcoin is flipping bullish and The last time that that happened it was The signal that the Bitcoin bull market

Was starting so I think this is a super Important indicator to be looking at and This is really telling us something About that bear Market that currently is Absolutely finished and over and the new Market structure that currently is Getting started so make sure to always Take the trend in your like I always say The trend is your friend until it ends And right now we're seeing the nude Bullish Trend getting reinitiated and This signal got confirmed only a few Days ago here and right now this is Literally indicating and suggesting we Could see an entire new Boomerang Getting generated for Bitcoin right here So that was it for me in today's update Video of course there's not a lot of new Stuff to discuss right now and of course My videos still remain to be the same Here I just want to be seeing a break Outside of this region right here as Soon as we do break outside of the Region that is when I will expect big Volatility is going to hit the market so Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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