Bitcoin is creating a massive bearish Divergence but while this is happening We're also creating a massive C Me Gap Because yes right now we're trading in a Weekend so on today's update video I Will be talking about the bearish Divergence about the most important Support trading belows right now the Entire Bitcoin Trend where we are Heading towards next and of course I Will be talking about the most important Resistance that is still yet to come and Even more importantly the biggest move On bitcoin is still yet to come and I Will be explaining it in today's update Video why this is so so don't forget to Once again slap the like button back Above 1,000 likes on today's update Video that will be highly appreciated And with that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Yes if we're just looking at the Imminent short term Bitcoin right now is Creating an higher high on the 4 hourly Time frame while in fact the RSI is Creating a lower high so right now for The first time in this entire Trend Towards the upside Bitcoin is creating An average slight bearish Divergence but I don't really believe that we should be Worried all too much about this signal But I do want to be pointing out it is Currently getting created I mean right Now it is weekend and over the course of

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The weekend we're going to be trading Somewhere around that CME open price and Currently the CME open price is sitting Around $67,000 so we're expecting that over the Course of the weekend Bitcoin is going To be hovering around this region and Whether we're going to be having a big Dump over the course of the weekend We're expecting at the end of the Weekend we're going to come back towards This level and whether we're going to be Having a big pump over the course of the Weekend I'm also expecting that Bitcoin Eventually is going to come back towards That mean level sitting currently around $67,000 us and yeah whenever the next Big move is going to be happening it is Most likely not going to be happening Over the course of the weekend and yes Even though we're creating a slight Little bears that bares right here it Doesn't necessarily mean we're are going To be having a big drop off or Whatsoever because if I'm currently Looking at the trend on bitcoin we're Clearly after creating that lower high And lower low structure here in the Market we've clearly flipped this Structure in an higher low structure on The lower side and we broke above the Previous Range High in the market and Currently we are retesting one of the Most important levels of resistance in

This entire Trend and I pointed this Level out already before we even came Close towards retesting this level I Talked about it in yesterday's video in The video before as well but 67,000 Years dollar is going to be one of the Most critical levels to be breaking Above of for Bitcoin and currently we Can clearly see it this level so far Provided some resistance and whenever Bitcoin breaks Above This resistance Bocks here on the top side I think that The next Target is going to be sitting Around 71,000 so it's a very important level Where we should be paying attention Towards and whenever we break above it We're going to see a very big breakout Towards the upside and I mean talking About a breakout we're still breaking Bullish of that symmetrical triangle Pattern which I believe still what going To be happening eventually for Bitcoin And of course we're seeing that also the Inverse and the shoulders pattern is Breaking bullish for Bitcoin so Basically on all different patterns and All different signals and all different Structures we're seeing that Bitcoin is Breaking bullish and we could even Approach this of course as an massive Inverse handed shoulders pattern and Really once we break above $67,000 that is the point where the most

Exponential rally is most likely going To be happening and what is very Interesting what I've been seeing is That while Bitcoin indeed has been going Back up again here the fing rates remain To be extremely low and even yesterday In the night they went negative which Means that the majority of the traders In the market are still trading short And usually once that tends to happen Especially in Bull markets just for Example it happened right here in the Market we saw an even bigger squeeze Towards the upside and if you're looking At the daily time frame are going to be Looking at previous times in the Previous bull market every single time Once the fitting rate went negative in This bull market it was one of the Biggest opportunities we had out there In the market and once again for the First time in this bull market Bitcoin Is consolidating and the fending rates Have been significantly resetted and Even went negative sometimes and this is Just also a clear signal that Bitcoin is Heading higher as long as there's enough Youu from people that are going to be Shorting this runup it is eventually Going to be going only higher from off This point and that is a thing you need To understand and right now since we Have seen clearly defending rates re Said I think that this is a very good

Time to potentially see that next start Of that new lack towards the upset for Bitcoin and right now as well we're Finally starting to tap in towards the Liquidity but still the $2.4 billion or I can better say the $2.5 billion Bitcoin short squeeze has not happened Yet so far here because still the Majority of the liquidity is laying Around 67530 and so far we've not touch that Level but we are extremely close on Grabbing a ton of liquidity out of the Market and how many times I have I said This Bitcoin is always going to grab the Liquidity I said this while we were Sitting around $57,000 I saw that the Liquidity were was going to get built up On the top side and now we're finally Grabbing this liquidity I told you this So many times before on the channel make Sure to subscribe to the channel so you Are going to stay up to date about all These signals because whenever they're Flashing you will be the first one to be Knowing also having a quick look in Towards my trade currently in a profit Of about $122,000 which is quite insane here if You would ask me and currently if we're Looking at the IM short-term on bitcoin Even though we're trading in a weekend We're creating somewhat of a new pattern Here we're creating an upper soing

Support line downward sing resist line So we're expecting that potentially in The imminent short term we're going to See somewhat of a squeeze on bitcoin but Of course you have to understand that The biggest move is not going to be Happening over the course of a weekend Because we are currently creating at CME Gap and whenever we're going to be Creating a big move I still believe that We're going to come back towards that Mean price sitting around $67,000 so if You want to be trading yourself here as Well don't forget to check out the link Description of today's video where you Can currently claim a free $200 trade on Bybit and it's super simple to claim This straight so first of all you go to The link description of today's video You press on this link you sign up an Account using that link below you Deposit $100 in your first seven days And boom you could be claiming a free $200 trade on buybit it is as simple as That here so super easy to use and super Easy to claim so make sure to check it Out in the link description of today's Video if you want to be joining me with My trade because if you've been watching The channel I shared this trade step by Step here and if you joined me you would Have made similar profits which is of Course quite nice also talking about What Bitcoin is doing I believe that

Still the biggest move is still yet About to come here because if we're Going to be looking at the B bands and Basically the volatility Index this is The volatility is right is still sitting At l Not seen in a very very long time here And every single time like you can see Wall I'm currently drawing every single Time once we hit this region right here We've always seen a big move on bitcoin And so far we have not seen it yet here So I believe this is once again another Indication that a massive move is Imminent for Bitcoin and a massive move Is coming and most likely I think it's Going to be once again a squeezed Towards the upside so make sure to pay Attention towards it but the the so far What we've seen is nothing for what is About to be coming volatility is likely Going to be hitting the market and Especially if we're going to be breaking Out of this what is it bull flag pattern Which we've been creating for a very Long time right now here Bitcoin has Been going sideways for over 84 days and Whenever we break out of this pattern We're going to be seeing a massive Squeeze in the market and that is going To be an amazing thing and that is also The point where the volatility is going To be turning up and if we're just Looking at history every single time

Once the H thing occurred we're seeing a Big ball Run come afterwards and I won't Be surprised it's going to be once again Happening so please do not fade it and Whenever there's going to be another 20 To 23% correction in this next upcoming Move towards the upside please consider Subscribing to the channel because I Will be pointing it out because one of The reasons why I opened my trade is Because I believe that 2 to 23% Corrections are going to be the bare Bottom for this for this Bitcoin uh bull Market Standard whenever it's going to Be happening again you will be the first One to know here on the channel so this Is it for me in today's video there's Not a lot of new stuff happening Currently but if you did enjoy it don't Forget to slap that like button Subscribe to the channel share this Video with your friends and family and See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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