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JP Morgan warns miners ahead of the Bitcoin having SEC accepts blackrock's ETF tether drops under 80 cents on Binance dot USD pegging from the dollar Nexa releases a pay per tweet program Dynex gets a new mining pool and malib Endpoint and one Z minor releases a Minor update let's get into all of that And more on today's episode of blocks Where I cover cryptocurrency news as Quickly as possible from the perspective Of a cryptocurrency miner let's get into It foreign [Music] To JP Morgan's research reported Recently the Bitcoin hash rate is Continuing to reach new all-time highs As miners gear up for the next having Event expected in the second quarter of 2024 now you might be wondering what Exactly is this having event well let me Break it down for the people that are Unaware during the having event the Issuance rewards for miners will reduce From 6.25 Bitcoin to 3.125 bitcoin Essentially this means less profit for Miners JP Morgan's report suggests that This reduction in mining revenues will Simultaneously increase the production Cost of bitcoin while historically the Having event has had a positive effect On bitcoin prices acting as a floor Price it does pose a challenge for Bitcoin miners the analysts at JPMorgan

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Point out that miners with lower Electricity costs will have a better Chance of surviving the reduced rewards Whereas my owners with higher operating Costs May struggle JP Morgan estimates That even a one cent per kilowatt hour Change in electricity cost can cause a Significant 4 300 change in bitcoin's Production costs however after the Having event this sensitivity would Double to 8 600 US Dollars increasing The vulnerability of higher cost Producers so operating costs Particularly electricity costs play a Critical role in determining the Profitability of mining operations the Steep rise in hash rate indicates Increasing competition among Bitcoin Miners more mining rigs are being Deployed in an attempt to secure higher Profits however it is unlikely that this Pace of growth and hash rate will Continue after the having event unless There is a sustained rise in bitcoin's Price or a significant increase in Transaction fees that can offset the Reduced issuance rewards in a Significant development for the crypto Industry the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has accepted the application For a Bitcoin exchange traded fund filed By BlackRock one of the world's largest Asset Management firms this move Indicates that the SEC is taking the

Bitcoin ETF proposal seriously and could Potentially pave the way for broader Adoption of crypto assets and products The SEC has added blackrock's Bitcoin ETF application to its docket and has Requested public comments on the Proposal once published in the Federal Register there will be a 21-day window For the submission of feedback which Will be posted on the sec's website this Marks the start of a lengthy review Process that will be closely watched by The crypto community and Industry BlackRock filed its application in June Amid ongoing regulatory crackdowns on Crypto platforms for alleged violations Of U.S Securities Law the company has Chosen leading U.S cryptocurrency Exchange coinbase to serve as a Custodian for its ice shares Bitcoin Trust which primarily holds Bitcoin the SEC has a previously denied approval for Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S citing concerns About Market manipulation and investor Protection other companies including Bitwise Wisdom Tree wise origin Bitcoin Trust vanic Invesco and Fidelity have Also applied for spot Bitcoin ETFs Bitwise's application was accepted Earlier this week the number of Applications combined with blackrock's Reputation as a financial Powerhouse has Generated optimism in the crypto space That a Bitcoin ETF may receive approval

In the United States as Canada has Already done furthermore it was reported That Europe expects its first Bitcoin ETF to be launched by the end of the of July this month this product authorized In the channeled island jurisdiction of Guernsey after a year-long delay seeks To avoid regulatory hurdles in the EU Usdt the ticker for tether stablecoin Has dropped below 80 cents on binance.us When it dipped to 94 cents at the start Of Regulation issues on the platform to Other CTO clarified it was due to Liquidity issues on binance.us and Nothing else regardless of the reasoning At the very least it demonstrates the Volatility of the U.S cryptocurrency Market influenced by regulation Nexa has Shifted Focus from building the Ecosystem and to promoting the network In an odd and arguably questionable move Nexon has introduced a pay-per-tweet Program this program will incentivize Every user with a reasonable Twitter Account who tweets about Nexa the Program has a monthly budget of 250 Million Nexa tokens which is currently Valued at around 1500 US Dollars the Paper tweet is set at 200 000 Nexa Tokens equivalent to approximately 1.20 Cents so by tweeting about Nexa you Could earn up to 4 400 000 exit tokens Each day with a cap of two tweets per Day to ensure the program runs smoothly

And to prevent spamming or bot usage There are a few requirements firstly Your Twitter account must have over 100 Followers or should have been active for A decent amount of time Additionally you Must have a reasonable follower to Following ratio and the Tweet must Include positive Nexa fundamentals only Using a dollar sign Nexa cash tag or a Few words won't qualify also each person Is eligible for a maximum of two days or Two pays per day to prevent spamming Obvious body counts are excluded from The program to receive your rewards You'll need to join the Nexa telegram Group and use the tip bot provided by Andrew Stone the lead developer the tip Bot will distribute the rewards to users Who meet the requirements for tweeting About Nexa remember your Twitter handle Must be the same as your telegram handle And you must always post your tweets in The socials channel of the telegram Group additionally make sure to use the Cash tag Nexa and hashtag Nexa hashtags And hashtags in your Tweet to get Started link your wallet with the Nexa Tip bot in a private conversation and Enter the command given I'll have links In the description below after you share Your Tweet it will be monitored and if It meets the criteria you will receive a Tip worth 200 000 Nexa tokens from Martin or any other team member please

Note that the bot is solely for team Usage and should not be refilled or used For tipping others for privacy reasons It is recommended to create a new empty Wallet address using wallets that Support Nexa such as Wally or a toe Polo This program is designed to reward Active Nexa Advocates so if you're only Looking to earn Nexa tokens without Being an active Advocate participation Will not be allowed personally as a Content creator that tries to remain Unbiased as possible I will not Participate in this program however as a Viewer you should be aware that content Creators will be potentially compromised Due to this program mining for people Have launched a Dynex mining pool with Zero percent fees for the past few weeks There has been a need for miners to move Off of acapul due to Hash rate Centralization going over 60 percent Dynex is unique in that centralization Is not purely dependent on hash rate Either Dynex uses Matlab endpoints to Distribute work to the miners this means That there is a secondary centralization Issue that could eventually present Manipulation vectors by Pool owners and Miners alike we saw this potential with Large hash rate improvements based on Type of work in minor releases such as One zero minor luckily there is some Good news here as well mining for people

Not only released a mining pool but a Malib endpoint too from a mining Perspective remember you can specify Multiple malib endpoints finally along With the release of a new Dynex pool There is an update for 1 0 minor first And foremost this releases designed to Support Dynex solve 2.3.0 this Compatibility ensures that one zero Miner seamlessly integrates with the Latest versions of Dynex solve allowing For even more efficient mining Operations so if you're an avid Dynex Saw user this update is definitely for You in addition to Dynex solve Compatibility one zero minor 1.2.0 also Introduces support for machine learning And satisfiability and Max set maximum Satisfiability jobs this expanded scope Of tasks opens up new possibilities for Users to Leverage The Power of One Zero Miner across a wider range of Applications so whether you're involved In data analysis problem solving or even Research one zero Miner is now ready to Tackle those challenges head on moving On one of the highlights of this release Is the Adaptive step size feature this Means that one zero Miner can Dynamically adjust the step size during Mining operations maximizing efficiency And optimizing performance with this Intelligent mechanism you can expect Smoother and more accurate results but

That's not all one zero minor 1.2.0 also Introduces randomized parameters this Feature adds an element of variability To the mining process further enhancing Its adaptability by incorporating Randomized parameters one zero Miner can Explore different configurations and Potentially discover more efficient Solutions lastly but clearly not least This release also boasts double Precision accuracy this means that the Calculations performed by one zero minor Are now even more precise ensuring the Highest level of accuracy when mining And processing data so if you're someone Who values accuracy Above All Else rest Assured that one zero Miner has you Covered now before we conclude there is An important note to keep in mind here The hash rates in this version may Appear significantly lower compared to 1.1.3 this is likely due to the various Changes in enhancements Incorporated in This release however fret not they say As the overall performance and Efficiency of one zero minor has been Improved delivering Superior results Despite the lower hash rates this will Take some testing and I'm sure the Community will get on it as soon as Possible that's it for today Sons thanks For watching today's episode of blocks Please share like And subscribe and I Will see you next Tuesday

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