Unlocking the potential of Liquid with better, faster, & cheaper Tether transactions!

Tether on liquid is so fast and so cheap It's kind of ridiculous like it settles In a minute and you pay pennies like Literally pennies I think it's fast Enough that it can be actually like you Know I don't know if the technical People at blockchain would disagree with Me but I think it could be a retail Solution when I'm at Starbucks buying my Morning coffee you know I wait longer Than a minute for someone to settle that Trade and then you know you can do your Liquid transactions don't fail like you Don't have to worry about you know Managing channels and things like that For an OTC desk I think that liquid Makes a lot of sense a ton of sense Probably more sense than than lightning Because you guys are dealing in bigger Size you're working across multiple Exchanges and you don't want to flag the Market to what's going on so you know Being confidential by default meaning That you can't see the size or type of The transaction you can't see if it's a Security token like the block stream Mining Node or if it's another Bitcoin Transaction there's just so many Benefits of that it makes a ton of sense For an OTC desk it probably more sense Than lightning would for an OTC desk Foreign

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