Unlocking Bitcoin’s Scripting Potential: Miniscript and Simplicity Explained

Manuscript is a structured form of Bitcoin script so we actually take a big Transcript and we look at if we can find A tree structure inside the script and It turns out most scripts that are Bitcoin right now already have the Street structure and this enables us to Do formal verification in a limited Sense which is exactly what Simplicity Gives you manuscript was interesting Because it gives people confidence in Bitcoin script because of course there Are millions of dollars worth of bitcoin To be moved even though you have Features like time logs other of course That people rarely use they're too Dangerous to use if you are not Confident that you will be able to spend Your coins later so one of the projects That sticks out is lyanna it's a wallet That uses the max heavy use of time Locks to enable alternative spanning Paths and it uses mini script because Well it makes the utex oh it can already Check that the utex album will be able To be spendable in the future because What time locks you have different Formats if you combine them somewhere in The same transaction in the same in the Same output even or input you can make The utxo unspendable which would be Devastating

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