Unleashing Raptoreum: The Anti-ASIC and FPGA Crypto Built to Last – Co-Founder Interview!

What's up Sons it's blind red with son Of a tech once again and today joining Me is co-founder of raptorium Mr David Here and we're gonna chat about Raptorium of course its uniqueness with The algorithm and Mining it on a CPU Some of its Asic and fpga resistance That we got built in all the good stuff From the mining perspective and then Raptorium has a whole bunch of other Stuff going on there's game development Going on there's assets on layer one Going on tons of stuff so I'm super Excited to have David here thanks for Joining me today sir All right my pleasure Matthew uh it's Good to be here Um Excited to be here we just had that pow Round table with flux so it's good to Follow up on that yeah how did that go Did you enjoy that Um yes I did I just don't think we got quite the time Really needed to go around some of the Questions it was a Limited Format was There something that stuck out to you That you wanted to discuss more do you Think um Well stuff like for example Transitioning projects from one form of Proof of work to another form of proof Of work because you've got to look at Why from the Project's perspective not

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Just from the miners perspective it's All got to fit together and there's got To be a purpose with the proof of work Um for example someone like Casper They've Front loaded their mission schedule so Heavily that it makes perfect sense that They're transitioning to Asics Because otherwise they would lose an Awful lot of their hashing security Right Yeah that's a good point That's something that I think Shy was Talking about the other day on Twitter I Was just reading a thread on that last Night And I mean it also depends on what you Want to use it for we use our proof of Work as one of the easiest ways to Onboard users anywhere Right so that that's one of the big Things about proof of work when we talk About onboarding new users for any Project right the access to the Equipment helps on that mines any proof Of work coin helps onboard new users Right so the lower bit lower barrier to Entry means you have a higher kind of Momentum on the entry level right at the Start of a project Not just right at the start of it uh It's helping us reach out into some Completely new areas This morning I talked a couple of guys

In Kenya with solar panels and a tiny Little bit of hydro On how to set up some of the Essentially junk office PCS that they've Gotten as a donation To mine when they're not being used for Teaching kids how to code oh and how to Do it stay and how to do it safely Um And we can be involved on a much more Fundamental level one of the biggest Success stories from RTM and one I like To repeat a lot is We had a group of University students From a village in Chile up in the Chilean mountains Who Doing something similar Using Dell PCS that were sent for Recycling They've powered them up They got them up and running using a few Broken solar panels a little bit of Hydro a couple of there are some Pictures of some very unsafe wiring From old washing machine engines that Have been turned into generators okay Um and then running a bunch of old Dell Machines that were supposed to be Recycled Those kids have now put in Hydro for the Village this was back before we had even Remotely optimized miners on the network So it it sure AMD threadrippers were

Doing better but they weren't doing Orders of magnitude better right like They are now post optimization It's pretty crazy I've heard these Stories before across you know even Taking old antminer s9s and going to an Undeveloped country there seems to be You know less restrictions it it gives These Villages that are traditionally You know kind of down economically a way To participate within you know Cryptocurrency and actually improve Their their well-being right and I've Seen this um I think I'll I'll go with Chet uh and not go with the full name But uh Chet who will uh a guy I met that Does this will go around and help out You know help a lot of these Villages Out with the hydropower getting like an S9 on there helping them monetize with That and then also what that ends up Doing is getting the whole village power Right at the end of the day yeah and and That can be scaled out this is one of The things about blockchain that's so Awesome is you see it in the Texas power Grid where it's helped the Texas power Grid scale out when to rise a lot of Their hardware and after the winter Storms of Yuri and obviously that's at a Much larger scale but you can take that Principle and apply it everywhere and it Appears to benefit society as a whole Right which is brilliant also when we've

Got some of these woke mobs who focus on Oh it uses power they don't look at Things like for example riot Locating uh mining facilities in Completely out of the way places Where they basically use oil well gas Flare flare gas that would just be burnt Off into the atmosphere otherwise yeah It's actually better for the atmosphere Because instead of burning it off Directly or running it through a natural Gas generator which is actually cleaning Up that process and and like has been Pointed out a multitude of times but Nobody seems to want to listen is that The machines themselves are zero Emissions right so it's no different Than powering or charging your electric Vehicle or powering any other Appliance Or your computer right so there seems to Be a concerted effort to attack it from That perspective when it doesn't seem to Be a good attack Vector When anybody is Educated on the matter right it's kind Of interesting to watch it play out now Yeah I've got a couple of friends who Are in Central Borneo close to the Malaysian Indonesian Border in Borneo Doing both Hydro And uh what do you call it flare gas Mining and they're buying up Everybody's garbage miners They recycle them for components instead Of cleaning them

Yeah so the hash boards go there and They run till they die yeah and and then They get no but they're doing a decent Job then they break them down they Recover gold they do metals recovery From the boards and the s70s in t17 seem To be the biggest ones that are being Just hashboards being reflashed and and Merged together I was talking to uh my Neighbor out here they report they Repair uh hashboards next door and uh he Was saying we don't even attempt to Repair the s17 and t17s he goes we just Take them and consolidate them and then We we trash the rest whereas if they get An s19 or something along those those Types of hashboards they'll go ahead and Repair I don't know what it is Specifically about those but it seems to Be a nightmare from what I've heard There's a couple guys I've heard that Are really good at repairing them uh Austin Childress for example Um if you've he's Stateside here I think But yeah I I haven't been in the US for A very long time not since 2000 and 2004 or 2006 I I guess lectured at UCA Davis back then Okay cool so a little Bit of history about you you we were Talking a little bit before the show and You have been mining for a very long Time I was I was in crypto from

Basically the very start What got you interested in it Uh Originally being bored out of my head Driving a combine up and down Fields row After row after Okay I bring I'd bring William Gibson Neuromancer his sprawl Trilogy I'd bring That and I'd bring Um what was it the other guy was called Can't remember the the name of the other Guy but it would be like I I'm up Driving a combine okay I've turned Around I've got time enough to read two And a half pages before I get to the end Of the field and I have to turn around Okay cool And The mobile I had on the combine Because combine when a combine is Running it mustn't stop no matter what It just it puts your whole Harvest at Risk if it stops Um so the the mobile phone I had on the Combine was A 15 16 kilo briefcase you had to Lug up And down these stairs it just wasn't Funny and that was where my whole Fascination with tech started and Getting into Programming uh we did have as one of the Very first households on the island A Commodore vic-20 okay All the way back from when changing a

Program was inserting a new hardware Cartridge uh-huh Upgraded that to a zx81 spectrum Okay I'm not familiar with that one that Was one of Alan Sinclair's computers That was so far ahead of its time it Kind of killed itself gotcha everybody Else had 20 kilobytes of memory and it All of a sudden had 84. And I mean it took a while for Commodore To get up to the Commodore 64 which was Pretty much what everybody started Gaming and playing with and messing Around with right But uh does it the zx81 Spectrum ended Up sort of imploding also because the Keyboard was atrocious It was like half the size of a regular Keyboard and you really had to sit there And hit me yeah okay I'm A fairly big guy And sitting there with that keyboard it Was So what was the first thing that you What was the first piece of equipment That you mined with and I'm assuming it Was Bitcoin right yeah Um well not not what Bitcoin it was Bitcoin if we're talking properly okay There were there were some validation Experiments going on with Um I don't know if you know perfect Money Uh no I haven't heard of it

And it's sort of a semi-anonymous PayPal That still Exists and works okay Ideal for all your money laundering Purposes They've tested some stuff after hash Cash okay Um I I was in on that briefly Um it never really turned into anything But from there and then joined Bitcoin Mining I had a couple of The small socket first and second Generation i7s okay Those were some very nice chips yeah That was uh what were they was it like 900s or something or that was even Before no no the the 900s were the big Socket okay that's the the small sockets Were the 870 and the 890 those are the Main models being sold in Asia okay at The time I was living in China so I'm Not quite sure what was on the market in The rest of the world I had one of the Few 890s Back then and it would mine Was 45 kilo hash I have to tweaked the Very first Bitcoin wallet a bit yeah Okay That was Fun awesome Yeah For the longest time with the laptop Which I managed to get stolen Oh no how'd that gets stolen

I fell asleep on the bus okay I was I Was a dead broke teacher yeah I fell Asleep on the bus instead of wearing my Backpack I was sort of snuggling it and I woke up and the damn thing was gone oh Man Yeah I guess that's what happens That was a lot of BTC that will never Move again Do you track that address still just to See No no no no no that's around 500 blocks That aren't going anywhere okay all Right Well there you go so I assume you moved Into gpus after that for a little while But raptorium decided to stick with CPUs Primarily is that correct Um we don't have anything against GPU Mining we just like to keep it balanced Out so there's not too big of an Advantage for the gpus over CPUs gotcha Okay Um I mean we're currently profitable on Some of the absolutely smallest gpus Available stuff like the RX 550 uh-huh 2GB yeah okay because they use almost no Power right So they will actually hash RTM Profitably at the moment okay cool good To know there you go guys check out the I mean 550 on raptorium Because I did have a few questions about The uh the algorithm because the

Algorithm has been adopted by a ton of Different coins Um but it was originally developed for Raptorium correct yeah that's right cool I mean I mean it's not just been adopted They've chosen a lot of places have Chosen to go with our entire code base Okay yeah yeah Yeah yeah and I believe there are a Couple of places that are looking at Um forking our code base and changing it To GPU algorithm as well okay what would That involve just kind of curious Really only changing the proof of work Algorithm okay So you change the algorithm completely So go off of Ghost Rider to something Else like Prague power yeah gotcha okay Hopefully not prog pal Be careful sir be careful we get the Prague pow fans up there up and up in Arms down there uh there have frog Pal's Been Everywhere lately right Um as well I mean Ghost Rider for sure Too I I see those pop up Probably more on new coins or early Coins than any other Is a Ghost Rider and then frog pal for The most part right It's basically the two ones where you Can have a reasonable amount of Certainty Of nobody coming on with a ton of hash And Wrecking it

Right and as far as like Ghost Rider is Concerned it uh can you explain to me How it discourages specialty Hardware Such as Asics and fpgas By basically being very complex okay Yeah it's it's got It's got a lot of Randomized functions in there And these functions are Explain it let's say you've got a super Highway okay Um You've Got Each traffic lane some Other stuff will go in very narrow lanes That will run very fast Other parts of it will require an awful Lot of space And move very slowly Um so this is just an analogy it's not The full technical but But that makes it very difficult to Compress into a standardized format like You would use on a chip or you would use When programming an fpga okay gotcha All right I think that's a pretty good Basic understanding of I mean like a Basically imagine a super highway with a Carpool lane And then all the slower traffic on the Right side right with wider lanes and That's where your truckers are going or Whatever and then maybe in the carpool Lane you got smaller cars with just a Couple people yeah blazing on down the Road and because of that it makes it Difficult for specialized Hardware to uh

It's it's not the be-all end-all Solution there is no perfect solution For it but What we've got is something workable It does come with its own problems we've Had some in in the wallet we've had to Include something called uh Uh how cash okay Which is basically a cash just adapt File with all the block headers in it Okay so after the wallet downloads and Validates all of them the first time it Stores them because otherwise it would Become unbearably slow You you've seen some of the older kapow Chains right you you can see how Painfully slow it is for them to Validate a wall to load up a new wallet Right Okay so that without using a bootstrap Or something like that Um then what we've got is some of the Components on there We can change the memory parameters for Them Okay which means we can essentially Adjust The the width of the lane on the highway Okay Which means once We start seeing Nonsense consistent with fpgas or Asics On the network We deploy that and then that starts

Becoming one of the randomization Components And every time that happens It will literally brick an Asic And for fpgas it will require a rewrite Unless you buy some of the boards that Cost an insane amount of money Not like the board not like the boards Currently used in mining they're Three to four five in some cases Thousand dollar boards we're talking A couple of orders of magnitude beyond That beyond that okay I got you so it's Going it's going to be a long time Before those are commercially available Well and even then right I mean you look At the fpga market right now and I was Just dealing with one uh for like the Past year and I would be like hey can I Get those and it'd be yeah and I'd ride A purchase agreement and I send it to Them they'd be like well they're roiing Really good now so we're just going to Keep them and then like a year later They're like hey we want to dump them And I'm like but why are you dumping Them now like you know and and so it Seems like a lot of the Distributors at The distributor level and even at the Manufacturer level to a certain extent Most of the fpgas are mined on in-house And then you kind of get everybody gets The scraps afterwards right Um which I think is why you talk about

Yeah go ahead and the manufacturer level What what happens a lot nowadays is That there are other customers that have Priority over the crypto industry Because a lot of the use cases for many Of these fpga boards are in things like Radar systems okay Which because of [ __ ] up politics Are becoming Something that people are switching more And more money into buying all right Well yeah I mean that makes sense to me It definitely does So raptorium has a ton of different Things going on uh there's a lot of Different pieces not only is it a proof Of work coin right that focuses kind of On that Um uh anti-asic and fpga model of proof Of work but you also have evm Compatibility to my understanding no Okay go ahead we we uh doing our own Integration of Apaches spark VM got it Okay Apache spark is essentially what runs Twitter okay That's why Twitter can actually function As a global app there are different Nodes connected all over the globe that Link up and work as a global app it's Proven Tested technology it works really well It doesn't require Um AWS bills of thousands of dollars a

Month to run it can run and scale and Participate even with relatively small Servers okay I mean so the purpose of That is to be able to Um lower the barrier to entry on the Developer side Hello yeah okay exactly because We're not going to release it all in one Go Uh because that that would be Interesting that would be disaster uh Once we're done with the integration we Are doing some transaction decoupling Moving asset transactions time locked Transactions Even regular sends we are moving those Slowly and steadily onto side Chains Would be one way of explaining it other People might think of it as shards it's Actually somewhere Slightly in between the two okay Um where everything functions sort of Like are you familiar with the Komodo Ecosystem yes yeah I have a few Different Um parallel chains or side chains I've Built over there Just to learn yeah but it's essentially Works like some of the notarizing self Chains but instead of notarizing on Komodo it notarizes on the main chain Which will just contain Coinbase transactions and the Notarizations from the side chains okay

Perfect got you And so you mentioned of course the uh Layer one smart contracts on that as Well briefly they're asset uh assets Right Um yeah but they're not actually Contracts as such they're part of The same layer and level as the coin Right which means To attack them there isn't some kind of Dinky rapper like solidity or something Like that on there That provides an extra attack surface You have to attack the whole proof of Work chain to do anything to them right And that's similar to what we've seen With like something like ravencoin right I think ravencoin was initially kind of Started with that layer one assetization Or whatever that that's what essentially What they have yeah but in a more in a More scalable More scalable more automatable manner Is it more scalable because of the side Uh the side chains yeah okay that's how We are scaling and for the automation If you fund an automated transaction all You've got to do Is provide a sending address And show that there are still funds in The sending address And it will continue this automated Transaction until doomsday or until There are no more funds there that means

Things like vesting contracts that you See on ethereum Or BSC Frequently being a problem That is not a problem anymore okay Gotcha because you can't attack the Contract You have to attack the whole Proof of work chain right which is a Much more Complex undertaking I mean you can you Can 51 attack us now right but the only Thing you can change by 51 attacking RTM At the moment Is The block rewards from the last block You can't orphan any transactions you Can't Go back and rewrite history like you can On some of the other proof of work Chains because we've got the Chain locks from Dash Dash made an Incredible Innovation when they put that Out Using these distributed BLS keys to find The individual transactions permanently To the chain okay Gotcha and then the big one I think a Lot of people are curious about of Course is the the gaming development That's going on there's an entire MMO That's being developed in early stages As well That is more Charlie's side of the

Project than my side of the project but It's ongoing it's slow going A couple of the developers involved in It also work on building Flight simulators for the defense Industry okay So they have a lot of work to do given Politics at the moment Things It's not going as fast as we'd like Priorities have shifted currently due to Yeah other factors gotcha that makes Sense So I have one big question Um and this happened a long time ago and I'd like to get your thoughts on it Raptorium quite a while ago decided to Go from being I guess Anonymous to Doxing the entire team including Yourself of course what were the Thoughts behind that Um as far as Um what are your thoughts on that I Suppose No but I mean If you're if you're investing in Someone who's building an ecosystem you Should be able to know who they are Okay we're not we're not talking about Building specialized privatized Transactions in that case there's Absolutely no reason for anybody to know Who anybody is Cash or Monero or something along those

Lines for example something like Monero Or pirate pirate yeah No not so you can see cash is Is the the thing that wasn't no I I Agree I was just off the top of my head Kind of going but yeah Um and I mean I I've not been I've been public for God 10 12 years now [Music] I was on China central television in 20 Are the 2010 or 2011 I can't remember uh Now talking about Bitcoin I ran a small shop on taobao Which is the Chinese version of eBay Where traded game currencies okay Perfect And game currencies Liberty reserve Perfect money All of that Yeah and I mean I I've never seen Anything as stupid or as inept as when The EU and the US decided to start Trying to regulate the crypto industry Because well that was one of my Questions too is like it's kind of a Double-edged sword from the perspective Of doxing for projects a lot these days Because you just from what I've seen the Way due to regulations right you can if You're doxed you can get you have Potential to I mean depending on what

I'm not saying your team like raptorium Is doing this but you know you can get Access to certain markets right by Documenting yourself that you wouldn't Have access to without Yes or no I mean it depends on the most If if we're talking about exchanges It's mostly a question of do you have uh A solid legal opinion do you have a Howie memorandum from a respected Reputable Law Firm And I mean we had that before anything Was really published other than me okay And because I I haven't been private for For many years I I don't really care Yeah Um I've had people show up and try to Hack me and not believe I was in on bitcoin talk from the very Start and one of my accounts was in the Very first Bitcoin talk hack okay And somebody actually managed to track One of my emails Gotcha Got down to that and uh yeah yeah yeah Yeah because they thought hey he must Have thousands I bought and sold Millions of Bitcoins by then yeah like Millions and it was probably the same Few thousand BTC that was actually Bouncing in and out of the shop Um he he showed up Um here in Malaysia when was that About four years ago now okay

Oh man at the shop Uh no no no no no no no no no I lived in Cebu okay but um that that Was hilarious That was really hilarious you don't try To rob somebody who lives in a swamp and Has 10 foot crocodiles in their backyard That's really not a good idea it didn't Work out No it didn't work out All of my neighbors were I went out Had a Little yell at him and then all of a Sudden all of my neighbors come out With shotguns And they're just standing there looking At this guy and this guy he just sits Down on the ground and gives up Well I'm done there you go yeah so kind Of going back to the uh the decision to Go ahead and dox the entire team Um Well how did it was it how was there a Ton of discussion behind it prior to That were there some pros and cons that You guys listed out would you mind Sharing any of those Just for future Projects I mean we were looking at what Do we get out of it We were kind of that's uh What do you call that kind of stage Where There wasn't too much stuff going on Because development was being a little

Bit slower than planned well Here's something else to talk about we Were planning to do this anyway But not until we had features Development a bit more complete than What was planned okay because we are Planning to essentially develop RTM up Till we have The features we've laid out in the white Paper And then we are going to slowly move it Over into some kind of dial or Foundation okay Democracy and the development process Don't work very well together Why is that why do you think that is It's very simple it's too many opinions On how to do something gotcha okay Um you've got to have somebody who who Knows and tree tree knows he knows what He can make work he knows how to make it Work And he can explain it and lay it out why It's going to work And he's happy to prove it it may just Take a bit of time to do so right entry For everybody that's curious that's the Lead developer correct yeah okay and He's the one that worked on or invented Ghost Rider correct yeah okay gotcha all Right cool awesome just so everybody Knows what's your favorite thing about Raptorium The the community yeah we have got

Such an incredible number of people who Are building all kinds of weird things Um I mean So much stuff going on yeah Um from uh like the people I talked to This morning in Kenya to People who are building an nft Marketplace to Um a couple of people I talked to Because of my old job teaching and And They are sort of working on Trying to build what I'd call a Learn to Earn platform Where I'm providing the technical Assistance for it yeah And and there's it's sort of like if you Think faucets but with a purpose Rather than just getting paid for Watching ads right Thank you There you go so the Learn to Earn that's An interesting one as well so where can People find you and where can people Find more information about raptoria Yeah our Discord server is the best okay Definitely get that to me and I'll put It in the description below so everybody Can uh Get check the description below and head On over to the Discord and then you got Raptorium.com for the website and then Of course the Twitter handle at Reptorium crypto Twitter is a fun place

To be sometimes It's a hot mess Crypto Twitter is is a hot lovely hot Mess try to explain technical details of A project on in 240 characters or less But I mean I can remember back when Jack Was a cool kid on bitcoin talk saying Hey check out my rails app What was rails Ruby on Rails oh Ruby yes okay gotcha That that was what Quitter was well still is mainly built In right okay But it was it was cool Back then it was you could for ten Dollars buy a 25 000 follower account Yeah Fine and raptorium's had a good week in Price as well too up 60 for the week we We had The best trading volume yesterday we've Had in ages and I'm starting to see a Cup formation here a little teacup Getting ready to go it looks like Huge Could be Could be you never know we still need to Get that that cup fully formed in a Little handle but you know we'll see What happens Pretty good week for raptorium good for The miners right It's good for everybody yeah and it's Good for the project the whole way

Around Um And I mean we've got yeah so much more Going on we've got Um A defy project launching as well okay Cool uh called now put dot Finance That's where the MVP is up the MVP is Actually down today but it should be Back up again tomorrow we're switching The data provider for it over to uh Direct from exchanges rather than coin Gecko okay And the the project website is Nowput.org but uh It's going to be Contractless defy okay interesting where We're going to move back to some of the Really old stuff from Bitcoin Going to go back to Where vitalik originally wanted to put Smart contracts on BTC the op return Field okay Which some projects also use for Messaging But basically if you put a tag on a Transaction BTC let's say BTC Dash C Dash 3600 And you send that in to give an address Do you know what a zmq notification is No Okay there are two ways wallets can get Notified of transactions one is when

They enter the mempool But zmq notifications should essentially Be when the sending wallet broadcasts to The mempool okay So close to instant right very very Close to instant So The second you click Send on that Transaction in the wallet On the other end it should get a Timestamp That timestamp is used to determine your Entry price The 60s no sorry 3600 is The number of seconds in an hour And you have just taken out a call Option on bitcoin that lasts for an hour Okay after that after that hour You will either get paid out or notified Of losing right okay And that is what you're gonna and this Is a for people to understand this is Going to be basically defy uh on that Kind of layer one do I understand that Correctly yeah okay yep got it cool and That's nowput.org Yeah and there are plans to open source The matching engine The wallet handling we're not going to Open source because that's obviously A risk to do Uh but the matching engine uh the feed How to aggregate the feeds Um yeah that that is eventually going to

Be open sourced it's going to come in Stages Okay so slowly and steadily basically a Full-fledged D file option for a lot of projects Uh we're initially working with RTM L's own chain which is a fork of the Very latest peer coin Which has Bitcoin Tap Root and Everything like that in there okay so That No one has any concerns about this also Working on Their Tresor wallet because from a Tresor you can add up return messages on LTC BTC bch Okay and we we will be offering that as Well on the platform nice awesome Oh that sounds extremely exciting what Else does raptorium got going on that we Should be aware of Um Um a lot Is there anything big maybe you didn't Touch on I know there's a lot going on Um We've got a lot of nft collaborations in The very early stages the biggest thing Is the Vendor platform we're planning for when Assets go live Work has started on that and we've got a Waiting list of smaller businesses Not not like a ton of them about 90 some

I believe at the moment okay but who've Actually agreed to to sign up on the Platform and to try the free version Which will be linked to our test net And hopefully that will bring a few of Them onto the paid version which is our Main net okay so giving nfts a purpose Uh what they can do on there is they can Take quality information They can take quality information upload It onto either ipfas we we haven't Finalized 100 how many different Protocols we're going to support for Data But let's just say ipfs for simplicity's Sake at the moment right Um they can upload that data onto ipfs Let's say videos of their production Facilities video of product being made Product coming in how it's handled And then we will create a token an Immutable token for them okay on the Platform And that will give them a QR code they Can label their product with okay and That helps the buyer also kind of Confirm that there is the the product is Real right which actually could help a Lot within cryptocurrency right now Especially the mining side I don't know If you've seen this ice River Company Jumping around with the Casper Asics and Everybody trying to get proof of life And you know people don't want to just

Drop Bitcoin to them and in hopes that They get delivery of this 30 000 machine That would make twelve hundred dollars a Day or whatever ridiculous amount of Money it's supposed to do at this point Two terahash a second it yeah awfully Low power consumption With Casper you've got to look at how Long would it make that money right and And that's the big thing that you know If those are into production and they Hit one of the things that I've always Told uh told people about a lot of that Stuff is like it always feels like by The time they're ready to sell it to the Consumer it's not going to be worth Anything about a week after shipments go Out right and that's kind of the way it Goes right the antminer D9 will probably Be one of these big ones of course here That launches soon that looks really Good right now I think shipments are Going out this month And then once everybody has their d9s Online it's not going to look as good You know uh the uh ka3 for kadena here Recently saw the same thing right yeah Yeah but I mean it also depends on what What the project is using the proof of Work for I mean cadena's situation I I Can understand and respect that They want to say we are being backed by A heavy serious investment Um that that's fine

But at the same time They are cutting off a lot of their Earlier users So it's going to be a balancing act it Always is Um I mean some projects have There are a couple of Yeah where are they now I'm not sure if They're still in the top 100 I don't Think so but somewhere in the top two 300 Who tried To sneakily bring in Asic development And had developers collaborating with Chip foundries in secret I think you Know who I'm talking about And with fpga manufacturers sort of semi Or the fpga programmers at least in in Semi-private because they wanted to Control the hash rate and use that to Control the distribution of the Decentralized project I mean that that's something that's a Clear danger sign and should send people Running right but sometimes it's not Easy to see on the surface right for a Lot of people It depends on how many places you You really are gathering your data from In crypto that's a good question where Are the best places to gather your Information these days I mean Bitcoin Talk used to be kind of the go-to but Um it's not as much anymore what would

You suggest people what platforms do you Suggest people look into when they're Doing their research I personally have an awful lot of Discord accounts Yep Um But I'm also using some of my other Background as a teacher okay because There is in language teaching we talk About something called Corpus Corpus is sort of a fixed that of Text Okay a massive fixed set of texts like All the Copies of the times from basically back From the first edition okay Up until today let's say that that's one For British English that's one of the More commonly used corpuses and Oxford It gives you a set body of text to work From so with that set body of text you Can start indexing adjectives by Power By how they're used And then you can take those Adjectives okay and you can start Indexing the conversations that are Going around in different places against Them okay And that should give you a very accurate Either counter trade indicator if you're Applying it to news media Because the more bullish the news media Is the time it is to dump them

Okay yeah Um but but at the same time if you also Apply it to feeds from Project discords Um yeah development discords of Different kinds that kind of stuff you Can get some very interesting tidbits Flagged Okay Okay nice Cool thanks for all the information man It was great learning from you and we'll Have to do this again for sure Um where we already kind of talked about Where everybody can find you or do you Have anything you want to say in closing Huh no no well come on over and check Out now it's Um It's going to be A wild ride I've already got that Feeling Yeah and that's n-o-w-p and that was the Nowput.org right yeah downpour yeah now Put dot Finance is the app now put.org Is where the dial is going to be Okay Perfect we're going to hand off Ownership Very quickly to adulth this cool because We obviously don't have All the funds needed to to fund big BTC Bch LTZ pools that kind of stuff right We can provide the developing muscle That's no problem

Do you develop Yourself by the way Uh somewhat somewhat mostly I mostly do Bug hunts now in enough to get yourself In trouble Oh yeah I've been getting in trouble Since Long ago no what what I'm actually good At is finding bugs okay uh if something In the syntax doesn't match up I'm Usually reasonably good at finding that Okay And uh I've been doing so quite a bit And I I am genuine when I say I want to Have you back on maybe even in the next One we talk a little bit about Ai and Its impact on some of this stuff bug Hunts and all that right Yep be cool yeah but there are some very Interesting things going on with that Yeah I've been utilizing it in the uh Kind of the the YouTube space now too in Uh content creation because it reduces The workload a crazy amount now at this Point it's just nutty oh yeah Um title generation keyword generation Description Generations thumbnails now Um automatic editing and captioning all This stuff is just like all of a sudden Things you never thought possible are Just there and ready right off the bat It's nuts you can record a video click a Button it shoots it off to some Nvidia Grid servers runs the AI over it sends It back to you with the captions already

Put on it and titles and everything Ready to go it's It's getting to the point of just Unbelievable to be honest That sounds That sounds a little bit concerning Actually it is it's very concerning and It's extremely accurate too Um I will say I did have to train it on Caspa versus Casper but then once it Trained it never really ever again had To fix it it just knew what I was saying Yeah yep yeah but I mean That's If learning protocols have gotten that Good I've been very heavily into development And architecting over on now Um so I I haven't followed the latest Chat GPT craze the only AI I'm really Following very closely at the moment is Mid-journey mid Journey okay yeah Is producing some Fantastic results from text-based Prompts There's a new coding plug-in too that I Was just looking at but I can't remember What it was called Co-pilot well yeah co-pilot yeah I've Been using copilot now a lot lately too For bash scripting at work So It's been fun but I feel like I do less

Work now oh yeah everywhere there is Everywhere there is one big thing I've Forgotten to mention yeah we have got Five days and our reward decrease starts Okay what are we going from We are dropping very slowly and Gradually So once a month roughly uh-huh Um it's going to drop about 10 RTM per Block okay Uh that doesn't leave miners in the kind Of lurch that a traditional halving does Where you don't know should I go on Shouldn't I go on it also provides the Markets with Much better time to react so you don't Get this huge Pump and dump right on the halving you Can actually get more realistic growth Pattern instead It smoothed it out right yeah that's That's the point behind it because uh Um I mean the Run we had in September Last year it was no not last year except Year before last 2021 it was insane Yeah It was absolutely insane at one point we Were being blamed for Nvidia stock Tanking But And I mean Where is journalism nowadays man yeah if If a major Forex news site is blaming Um

A proof of work crypto with a few Thousand Okay more than a few thousand but with 30 40 000 miners on it yeah Uh for affecting the GPU Market They just wanted to pick one example The yeah exactly I mean it's just How am I supposed to take it you think They say seriously ever again these days It's getting harder and harder to find Uh real content for sure but I think we Got everybody got to learn a lot from You today I enjoyed it a lot thanks for Coming on Um I hope that we can do it again for Sure and I'll try to stop by the Discord A little bit more I'm in there but I'm Not in there with my Maniac I'm in a lot Of discords with a not not my main Account because at this point it's it's Just yeah but I'm I'm in fewer and fewer With my main account as well yeah but I Do usually go around if we have an OTC Scammer or something like that Show up in the community I do usually go Around and take a massive dump on him Everywhere where I can find him Uh yeah there you go well thanks for Protecting us thanks everybody for Watching hit the like comment subscribe And notification bells down below don't Forget in the description you can find The link to the Discord as well as all The other Associated materials to locate

And participate within the raptorium Community and I will see you next Tuesday today's sponsor is myself I Recently launched a crypto mining E-course at son of a tech.com and it Includes nine steps to cover when you Decide to start your crypto mining Journey this is specifically pertaining To 2023 crypto mining profits and taking Advantage of the DOW market to achieve Skyrocketing growth as we move into the Next having of Bitcoin you learn buying Mining equipment in a bear Market using Outside investment to speculative mind Begin mining once profit is established Sell mine crypto to pay for electricity Hold and prep for the Bull Run sell at The top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below

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