Understanding the Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note a #Bitcoin-Based Fund

The other unique thing to keep in mind About this this fund is it's uh Bitcoin Bases the hurdle rate in fund terms Means the return on investment it should Achieve before the fund manager takes a Performance related success fee we won't Charge the success fee unless you make More Bitcoin than you put in all the all The buyers of the series one paid with Bitcoin if they put one Bitcoin in and It doesn't do very well and they get one Bitcoin out there's no a test Fe they Get 1.5 Bitcoin out then we take 20% of The Upside and then there's a 2% Management fee plus you know the the Warehousing fees and those kind of Things that are pass through that's the Strategy we think you know if you if People have a look at the data it's it's A kind of interesting opportunity of Course there are risks and all these Things you know Market can surprise you And Bitcoin is volatile it's hard to Come by precise data of uh how much Inventory there is in miners how much You know how soon the hosting will be Available to put them more online so There there are kind of external risks As well

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