Triple The A770 Dynex Hashrate

So excited just keep hiding what's up Sons it's blindroid with son of attack Once again and I have found one of the Most exciting tricks in a cryptocurrency Mining on gpus since probably flashing The RX 5700 to the 5700 XT and modifying The memory timings and that is going to Be utilizing this beautiful Intel Arc A770 limited edition 16 gigabyte GPU to mine Dynex and we've Tripled the original hash rate let's get Into it right after a word from today's Sponsor today's sponsor is Coastal Crypto Coastal crypto can be found at Via the Affiliate link down in the description Below they don't want to take up a lot Of your time and neither do I because I Want to get into the video they're here To help miners find parts if you're Looking for Asics or even gpus or any Other parts be sure to check them out Use promo code so a t at checkout for Five percent off any purchase on the Website welcome back so I was working on My reviews for the a778 gigabyte and the A770 16 gigabyte I have all those Numbers getting ready for you guys and We'll have reviews for each individual Card coming out a little bit later but For today what I wanted to show you guys Was this beautiful Beast over here Mining Dynex at 3.5 kilohash a second Now when I originally booted the machine

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Up for testing and put it on Dynex I Ended up having around 1.6 kilohash a second which is Indicative of just an a770 8 gigabyte or An a77 or a750 in general so I was like Oh man kind of bummed out but then I was Like hmm maybe not all the memories Being utilized how could I utilize all Of the memory and what I discovered was Was is that I could run multiple Instances of SRB minor in mmpos now if You aren't familiar with mmpos please Check out my how to install mmpos video For Intel GPU mining Rigs and that one We launched earlier this week so check This out right here in mmpos you can see That we are showing right now currently 3.46 kilohash a second however if we Scroll down the Intel Arc is only Reporting 1.2 kilohash a second but what You'll notice here is we have three Instances of SRB minor running right now So what we ended up doing here was just Going over to our minor profiles taking Our Dynex SRB and then just going here And duplicating the profile and then After we duplicated the profile we went Back to the rig and we went ahead and Clicked switchminer profile and Highlighted and selected the two extra Dynex profiles at that point the miners Rebooted we got a warning saying that we Shouldn't apply more than two miners to A single

GPU but that's okay it worked anyways And then you say well is that really True is it reporting on the pool and yes Currently on the pool you can see the Current hash rate is 3.39 kilohash a Second scrolling down you'll see Sorry about the pause the Uber Eats guy Got here and actually startled me Because he tried to open the door I Don't know why but it is what it is all Right getting back into this if we go Ahead and go back to and then we were Interrupted by a phone call but let's go Ahead and continue so what I was going To show you guys is our current hash Rate is reporting at the pool as it's Reporting in mmpos and if we scroll down Here we can see that basically it Appends the end of each mining instance With a number no another number so we Have the original mining instance here And then mining instance two and Mining Instance three this is all just the Single GPU running and we have the 929 Hash a second the 1.17 kilohash a second And the 1.29 kilohash a second right now Totaling out to that 3.39 kilohash a Second so what's the power well the Power ends up being at right now 110 Watts and I haven't really messed with Any overclocking the other thing that I Haven't done is gone in and put all of The CPU load back on the CPU stay tuned For the final review of the a770 hash

Rates later on this week if you're Interested in that I was just super Excited to show this off so we had an Average hash rate for a little while of Like 35 10 Hash a second but let's go Ahead and tune that down to the 33 390 At the 110 watts and calculate that out And we are making 45 cents a day on this Particular GPU Now what will be awesome is when SRB Miner can utilize all of the memory in The Intel Arc a770 but as it sits now This does make it one of the most Profitable gpus on Dynex For the price and that is really where It comes down what it really comes down To is because you have a 16 gigabyte GPU For under 400 in this particular case I Believe it was like 350. so this is Really something to take a look at Obviously more supports needed for Intel More overclocking support all that sort Of stuff I'm very aware of it but this Is also why I enjoy testing out new Hardwares because you get to play and Discover new stuff like this another Thing is I wanted to show you guys that We do have a little bonus here I do have My Intel rig running on Ergo right now And I actually have to tune this one Down but I like this little feature that I want to show you guys if we go into Here I I found that around 1400 Seems to be pretty good another thing

That I noticed here too is that if we Run more than five gpus on a single or Yeah if we won't run more than four gpus On a single rig we end up having a Little bit of hash rate issues which is Interesting and that's something that I'm testing as well and that seems to be Anything over like I said five gpus we End up dropping a little bit of hash Rate on one of the gpus but once I Discovered that issue I'll let you know But in mmop mmpos what you can do is Click apply similar and it'll say four Gpus that are similar found and you Click yes and click save over clocks Check this out it doesn't apply it to The a770 it only applies it to the a750s That are in the rig I really like that Feature and then of course we can just Come in here on the a770 and it's the Same overclock so I'll just click apply And save the overclock changes there but We have this running on ergo go right Now on two miners it's been extremely uh Extremely efficient at this point so Definitely interested to see you know if We can get more than four gpus running On a uh on Intel or running for gpus With Intel and actually get the full Hash rate out of all of them this is Across all algorithms you'll see one GPU Just start to drop down and if you swap Gpus it just the the problem just moves With whatever Lane that's on right so

This one's on like the fifth Lane kind Of interesting I thought you guys might Be interested in looking at that but Other than that Don't forget to hit the Subscribe like And comment so you'll be notified when We come out with the a780 hash rate Review as well as the a or a 770 eight gigabyte hash rate review and The a770 16 gigabyte hash rate review Those are coming later in the week and We also have the Osprey E300 that we'll Be doing a full teardown and review of Later in the week too so lots of content To get to I am burning that Midnight Oil And hopefully it pays off and everybody Gets to learn something I'll see you Next Tuesday

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