Trading Tether and #Bitcoin Safely with Blockstream Jade and the @LiquidNetwork

Some people don't want to stay always in Bitcoin they want to have some USD or Stable coin or something uh at the same Time for whatever reason they need to And with liquid again we have usdt Issued out on the network as an asset And we also have liquid Bitcoin and so You could do something like uh this Feature will be coming to sides swap but If you haven't tried that out definitely Go download it um sides swap on the app Store or Google Play store and what they Have is a Marketplace for liquid assets And so you could keep a bunch of your Your coins and usdt and a stable coin And you know that price isn't going to Fluctuate if you can't handle volatility At the moment for whatever reason um you Can hold a bunch of usdt in your liquid Wallet on Jade uh and then you see a Good you know Jade the Bitcoin dipping And you want to get some more stats and You can actually swap usdt for liquid Bitcoin completely like with your self- Owning the keys and so You' own keys to Usdt on your Jade they're not in an Exchange not on a hot wall they're not Anywhere else and you could perform a Trustless transaction between um another Party where you're swapping liquid Bitcoin for usdt

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