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What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Tech once again and today I have an Interesting turn of events for you GPU Miners out there it's become Increasingly difficult to sell your used Gpus especially if they've been mined on In the current market there are a few Gpus that still do sell relatively easy But there are some that are becoming More and more difficult to sell Especially with the onslaught of AI Pretty much forcing the higher and vram Components to be really the cover Options making even things like the 3070 Which still make up a bulk of the GPU Mining sector less enticing on the used Market let's get into [Music] It so I found this article on videoc and this is pretty much what's Going on new EG is allowing people to Trade in their RTX 20 and 30 series GPU In Radeon 5000 series and 6000 series Gpus most notably still allowing you to Trade in those 5000 series gpus for new Models now I went ahead and went over Their trade in program terms and Conditions and I didn't see anything Mentioning a a a limit on the amount That you can trade in it'll kind of be I Guess a try it out and see how many you Can trade in type thing there are Stipulations of course they are going to Be needing to be run well I assume that

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They will check them for custom bioses So if you're looking at the RX 5700 XT For tradein for example you may want to Consider flashing that back to its Original bios from the memory modified Bioses and of course things like fans Working original packaging or cost of Packaging that sort of thing is going to Be things that you want to calculate Into this trading cost cost the program Is extremely interesting because they Will pay for shipping to their facility However if the item is determined not to Be in an acceptable condition you will Have to pay shipping for it in return so Make sure that GPU is ready to go this Does open up some Curious options right Now that I was taking a look at when Discussing this in particular and one of The big things is because the art TX 307s have really gone down in Profitability and there's so many of Them on the market you know their profit Right now is is zero at 10 cents a Kilowatt hour but there are some Interesting options that you can get Brand new 6600s for example here which Do have a profit margin for about the Same price as you can get in a trade in Which is kind of what I was looking at So if we go into the tradein program Page here on what you'll Notice is that the RTX 378 gab is Getting about $29 in trade in if we took

A look at maybe saying okay well we want To optimize and be more efficient for Something like dinx for example we could Go into the 6,000 series slot here and Grab ourselves a 6600 XT or a 6600 for The same price of course taxes and Shipping uh that sort of thing other Additional fees will probably make you Pay a little bit additional but this Could be an option for those that are Looking at becoming more efficient During the bare market and typically if You take a look at like my crypto mining Ecourse at son of I don't Recommend usually selling any gpus or That sort of thing during a bare Market It's usually only a buy time and then Once you move into the Bull Run Etc That's when you will swap out and set Aside some capital for new mining Hardware that that is a perfect world What I do realize is a lot of G GPU Miners got in very fresh on the last Bull Run and you may be sitting on some Cards that are not as efficient as you Could be there are a ton of different Arguments for of course density uh Versus efficiency and all of that I Would aim towards efficiency at this Point though even if it does mean Increasing the amount of gpus versus you Know the the density of those gpus that Will also come down to you know your Price for power Etc what you're trying

To mine what your mining strategies are If you're going for a yield or if you're Going for profit a mix of the two all of Those types of things like we talked About the mining strategy for yield Yesterday that sort of thing but this is An interesting option now of course you Are selling it a lot cheaper than you Could buy these from Newegg themselves If you look at like an RTX 3070 Um on new EG for a refurbished model Let's go ahead and Pop That in here you Are still looking at you know around That $400 Mark 350 at the low end here That sort of thing let's go ahead and Hit the refurbish because this is Probably what they'll resell it for yeah About you know somewhere between $330 and $350 and they're paying you $29 but you Know at the same time while you do have That 30% downgrade in price what's the Likelihood you are going to be able to Compete with new egg on selling these on Something like eBay what I have noticed Is that all mining Hardware outside of Just gpus like in total has taken a huge Cut and gpus are one of those things That have taken a huge cut it's very Difficult especially on the 3070 side of Things to resell because if you go on to Like hion statistics right now for Example and you pop in and you take a Look at the amount of gpus and which

Ones are most popular the GeForce RTX 378 GB still makes up 133% of the gpus on hios meaning that There's pretty much that's the Top Dog In general so that means that there's a Ton of resale competition for those RTX 3078 gab and if you compare that to of Course GPU Brands you say okay well the 580 still has 22% that's 22% of AMD Models you're still talking about 70% of The gpus on hios being Nvidia so no Matter what that's a huge chunk those 3078 gigabytes and a lot of people if They're going to be reselling them you Know on something like eBay it can be Quite difficult like if we go to right now and search ourself up An R R TX 370 and just kind of Pop That In I said white n we don't need a white One let's go ahead and take a look you Know there's still you know 269 259 You're probably going to be in that Range of trying to compete with that Plus if you're you know marking in General that you have you know minded on It or something like that it'll probably Drive it down even further and some of These are yeah like Parts only for 269 Right um so there that's something to Take into account but they are going to Sell like a little bit lower end than Maybe you can trade those in for at that 209 it's pretty close and you don't have To hassle with third- party sales and

You can get yourself into a more Efficient position it's just an option I Was looking at I know that there are a Lot of GPU miners out there I still have A 12 card rig of RTX 370s I have been Mainly leaving my 6000 series rigs on And turning off a a lot of my nvidias Which is kind of counter to what I used To do most of the time like previous Bull Run or previous bare Market the Nvidias were still kind of the ones that You wanted to go with with the 20 series Now it's kind of changing up a little Bit unless of course you're doing Something like like I have done which is Like the 307s on like something like Conflux or something when the difficulty Is low on that to grab some of those Yields but this is an option so let me Know what you guys think down in the Comment section below are there any gpus That you may just want to go ahead and Say you know what go ahead and take it New egg and then I'm going to go ahead And swap that out for something more Efficient or whatnot right and this may Be a way to go ahead and kind of like I Said get more efficient so there you go During the bare Market which is a good Option for people that are having Capital constraints when trying to Expand their Farm you could at least go In that direction thanks for watching Hit the like comment subscribe and

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