THIS WHY BITCOIN IS PUMPING!!!! [and will keep pumping]

Bitcoin has been pumping towards the Upside and I know the exact reason why This is happening and why most likely This massive pump is going to continue Later today so on today's update video I'm going to go exactly in depth about What my targets are going to be why Bitcoin is moving up how long we could Be expecting Bitcoin is going to Consolidate before breaking its altimi And many more important data points that Is going to tell us something about what Is happening next on bitcoin right now So without any further Ado guys don't Forget to slap that like button once Again back above 900 likes because Yesterday I said it as well we are most Likely going to see that continuation Upwards and that is exactly what has Been happening and yeah right now Bitcoin has seen a slight little Retracement and maybe you will be Worried because Bitcoin moved from $68,000 all the way down to $64,000 but like I've said several times Before dips in Bull markets are always Opportunities and to quickly summarize This if we're going to be looking at the Last Bitcoin cycle where we were Knocking against the Autumn High which Was around what was it November 2020 we Also saw that Bitcoin was about to be Breaking up its Autumn High then had a Massive correction downwards off and

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About let me say this correctly of about 16% then it moved all the way back Upwards tested it again saw another Gigantic rejection of about 12% and then We cleared all the resistance and sell Orders at timn highs and then bitco of Course absolutely shoot above it and Went straight away up to an Approximately $60,000 us so what could We learn from the previous cycle is Going to be happening with Bitcoin this Time around because right now as well we Were just only like 1% away from the Timite because the timite is sing around 69,000 Us doll this horizontal level Right here and from the high we've seen An approximately 6% correction and like I've said several times before in this Market cycle we're currently trading in You can clearly see that in every single Correction we have had so far Bitcoin Only has seen at maximum a 22% Correction because you can currently see Right here first correction 22% then Bitcoin had another correction in the Strength this was also uh somewhere About 20% Then we saw another correction In the market this was also 21% then Around the ETF approval date we saw Another correction this was once again 21% so if Bitcoin were to be getting a Massive correction worst case scenario Is going to be a 20% correction and then I am going to be once again opening up

Massive but massive Bitcoin long Positions so if we were to be seeing a Bigger retracement it would only mean a Far greater opportunity but right now Expecting Bitcoin is necessarily going To be going down from this point is Quite unreasonable and quite dangerous And let me quickly explain why because Yesterday we've seen once again the Sport Bitcoin ETF had an inflow of about 588 million us which is once again Continuing the trend of that spot Bitcoin ETF inflow upwards and like we Know there is no Bitcoin available on OTC desks which means that black rock That is currently accumulating such high Amounts of Bitcoin has to be buying Their Bitcoins from the open market and This is also the exact reason why Bitcoin is seeing these significant Pumps towards the upside because after The US Stock Market opened and blackrook Of course also opened their ETF again we Straight away started to see a Significant movement towards the upside So this is clearly what is currently Happening black rock is buying millions And millions worth of bitcoin and it is Probably happening from the open market Because they're buying more than 10 or 12 times the amount that is actually Getting produced at the moment so that Is actually quite insane at the same Time the funding rates are extremely

High and like we know from an historical Boom Market signal this has happened Always in boom markets like you can see Here on the left side in the previous Bull Run funding rates were extremely High and it is just a very normal thing To be happening in Bitcoin borun so I Wouldn't be necessarily too afraid about The high funding rates but it is clearly Meaning that people are euphoric and Thinking Bitcoin is going to go One Direction and if no one is actually Selling off their Bitcoins and thinking Bitcoin is going to be reaching at 100K We are most likely going to reach it Because if there no is no sell pressure And BlackRock is buying billions and Billions of dollars worth of bitcoin Almost every single day yeah we are Indeed going to be seeing that Continuation towards the upside and as We concurrently see the spot ETF lows Remain to be extremely resilient and Extremely high I will still say that I Am still expecting that this Continuation for Bitcoin upwards is Going to be likely but just like I Explained in the beginning of the video It could be a scenario where we're going To be just like the previous cycle Consolidate for about four weeks around That Tim high and then break and blast Through it or the moment where we Clearly see that continuation above

Ultim high I expect we're going to be Seeing that first continuation Target Which is going to be the 1.618 in the Fibonacci and that is in this case of of Course on that Fibonacci on the Bitcoin Uh weekly time frame hanging and sitting Around an approximately $100,000 US so That is quite insane it sounds like a Ridiculous Target but guys things can Move very quickly once institutions are Having fomo into buying Bitcoin so if You want to be trading Bitcoin or if you Want to be trading altcoins or basically Profit from spot trading go to decoin And Link description of today's video Because decoin allows you to copy trade Other massive profitable Traders if you Are not EXP expi and learn from them or You could potentially even copy trade me Or you could trade yourself and if You're r a sign up account using the Link below you will get an insane deos Bonus and you will get access to Potentially copy trade me so that is of Course absolutely insane and for me to Open up my next trade I am still waiting For that larger correction on bitcoin Because I want to be having a very safe Trade with almost no risk of downside so Maybe I'm going to be missing that next Move towards the upside but if Bitcoin Were to be having a 20% correction I'm Going to be opening up like a million Dollar trade to be of course benefiting

For the next move towards the upside so That is my game plan and if you want to Be trading this go to the link Description of today's video right now Where you can sign up an account to Decoin so further on we can see that Bitcoin is going on an absolutely rally Like we have never seen before and yeah You can clearly see we have been going Up for more than 80% in the last 42 days Which is of course absolutely insane and Just like I said in the beginning of the Video this red line is the ultim high And we're just currently less than 1% Away from Which is definitely very insane and like I explained earlier in the video my First priz Target is going to be 1.618 And my ultimate bull market takeprofit Target is going to be $176,000 and I do believe it's going to Be getting reached if you want to be Learning if you want to be knowing why I Think it's going to get reached go to my YouTube channel like four or five videos Back I I made a video how high can Bitcoin actually go I exactly explains About why I think it's going to be going Towards that level and guys right now it Also looks to be that it is going to be Different this this time around so we Should be approaching this cycle also a Little bit differently because Bitcoin Looks to be forming a new automi before

Haling which has never happened before In history so while we are in the middle Of this bull run we're going to have an Even another catalist which is going to Be the Bitcoin Hing where I am Definitely looking forward towards also We're having altcoins exploding left and Right and I have made more than a 10x in The last 8 to 10 days with my pepe Investment and guys if you want to be Learning more about trading altcoins Subscribe to my second Channel Channel Called altcoin Rover where I exactly Explain on how I'm trading altcoins and I'm sharing my journey on how I'm making Millions of dollars with only like tens Of thousands of dollars and I am Completely transparent I show my Portfolio and all my gains and losses so Subscribe to the channel as well but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video for this video I will be Trying to be back with another update Video on my altcoin channel so thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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