The last time the Bitcoin bullet events With was so narrow we had that insane Crash from eight thousand dollars all The way down to three thousand dollars And currently we are at the same stage The Buller Japan's is as narrow as it Was in 2018 November before the massive Crash worth three thousand dollars and Will we once again see such a big move In Bitcoin will Bitcoin once again fall Down or is it going to be different this Time around don't forget to watch this Video till the end because I have Prepared all the best charts that you Need to be paying attention towards Right now as of the symmetrical triangle The consolidation phase where Bitcoin Almost was breaking out of and much more Important things here also the Bitcoin Weekly RSI downtrend and more cool Things that we'll be getting discussed On today's update video so don't forget To slap up that like button can we once Again smash a backup of 300 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight in Towards the content and once looking at That image short term for Bitcoin we can Currently clearly see that we were Trying to be breaking above the top side Of this rage right you can clearly see That in the past we've been getting Rejected here from these higher sites And every single time we basically

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Tested it we got rejected and moved Towards the downside and yet again we Retested it and we saw a small rejection However if we do see the confirmation of A break above this very important level Then I will of course expect more Further continuations towards the upside But also vice versa let's say we move Them and we break below the Lower Side Here so that's the 16.4k if we break Below that level we will also probably See a big swing towards the downside so Still training in this consolidation Phase and to be very clear everyone we Have been trading in a Range zone for an Approximately 500 for the past 19 days And 16 hours and that is a significant Long period of time and due to that all These indicators are resetting all these Volatility in indicators are telling us That there is just a big move lurking And that it is going to be happening Anytime soon and the longer we're going To consolidate basically the bigger the Bitcoin swing is going to be here and Looking at the four hourly time frame You can currently see that we decorate That symmetrical triangle we broke Outside of it on the top side here and Like you can see clearly this um this Level right here previous resistance Flipping into support that is actually Quite a good thing to see here we are Bouncing from of this level right now

Here and hopefully we could see a Continuation towards the upside and a Continuation of this trend but also on The four early time frame we are looking At this Orange Box right here and let me Make it a little bit more clear you can Clearly see here previously around the Provided support here it provided Resistance and yet again it's providing Resistance so this Orange Box right here Is uh the 17 000 better set also the top Side of this range right here is really The resistance that we need to be Breaking and if we break it that is Probably the point where we will see Massive volatility towards the upside However yeah like you know if we do Break towards the downside if we break The upper sloping support line we could Also see that big volatile swing towards The downside happening however if I am Currently looking at the bolliger bands And the Bollinger Bands with and on the Lower Side here this red line right here Is basically the whiff of the bullish Events that means basically how narrow The bullage events here is in the chart We are currently hitting a low of 0.08 and the last time we have seen the Bullish events on the three-day time Frame be so narrow was all the way back Into our 2018 and look at where it Happened it happened exactly on that Point before the big big swing towards

The downside and that was of course the Crash for Bitcoin towards three thousand Dollars so yes here we also solve boring Price action for Bitcoin and and one Moment boom we saw a large volatile Spike and that was also where the Bulger Benz was of course not narrow anymore But it was wider and that is why we were Shooting towards the upside however if I Am looking about what currently Happening if I'm looking at the 3D time Frame you can see that the Bitcoin Bullish events is extremely narrow Because in the last period basically Nothing happened for Bitcoin after the FTX collapse the market basically has Been going in full silence mode and you Can see that we're touching that green Line what is equaling the same narrow uh Yeah Bollinger Bands as it was in 2018 And that is definitely an interesting Signal because at that point we saw a Very big photo swing it was towards the Downside could it be towards the dancer This time around yes for sure what are Your targets if we do break towards the Downside if we have this voltage of Swing towards the downside it's going to Be for me 13 to 14 000 and let me Straight away show you why I think so Let me remove the drawings here so once Looking at Bitcoin and looking at the Weekly time frame we can first of all Set up of course that Fibonacci from

Swing High to swing low of the previous Bear market and if we're going to be Looking at our targets we can see that If I'm zooming in here that the golden Pocket entry is somewhere around 13 to 14 000 so that's why I think Thirty to Fourteen thousand dollars is a very Important level and a very good Potential scenario that could be the Bottom currently we're holding up to our 0.786 and if we confirm weekly close Below it below the 16.2 K we probably See more downside also another reason if A writer set it up to the monthly time Frame you can see that the golden pocket Entry the 0.65 is coming in exactly at The monthly highest candle close of the Previous bear Market And what a coincidence because monthly Levels monthly closes are usually acting As very strong support and very strong Resistance and that is also I expect if We then really are going to see that Bullish events crash here and we're Going to see the big swing towards the Downside thirteen to fourteen thousand Dollars is going to be the bottom for Bitcoin and maybe the bottom is already In but we don't know but if we are Having another crash I am prepared to be Seeing Bitcoin going down towards these Levels to 13.14k because I am also going To be buying more in towards my trade if That happens I am prepared if Bitcoin

Goes to 14 000 I'm not going to get Liquidated because first of all my Liquidation isn't around ten thousand Dollars on top of that I will be adding More margin I will be adding so much More margin if we crush them to 13 to 14 000 that I even will double the margin In the trade that I currently already Have I'm currently in this trade with 3.9 Bitcoin what is equaling like 65 000 But I'm ready to deploy another five or Six Bitcoins in towards this trade if we Do see that big crash to it's a downside And if you basically want to be swing Trading yourself as well firstly I Really think that this is the time to Swing for a Bitcoin because yeah the Market is currently extremely low and There's a lot of potential returns that You could be making from all these Regions and if you are interested in Swing trading you could check out the Links in the description if you sign up An account don't buy bit or big ad you Can write and also claim an additional Deposit bonus after your initial deposit And that is just a very good opportunity That you're currently having and of Course this is no Financial advice it's Just what I'm doing but I will basically Show my trade here with everyone out There on the channel as it goes good or Bad I will basically show everything my Liquidation is somewhere around ten

Thousand dollars and of course if the Market crash to 13k I will double down My margin so the liquidation price will Significantly be brought down as well so That is definitely a positive take for The markets of course the volatility Index for Bitcoin is also on a two-year Low equaling the low on the budget bands With here and if I'm really looking at The Bitcoin daily time frame nothing is Really happening we're still in the Daily downtrend but end of the day we're Still in this range nothing is really Happening nothing new is happening what Is happening right now I mean there are A few things that that is currently Happening and playing out here and on The Daily time frame we can see that we Broke Above This downward solving trend Line and that is definitely a good Development for the market and this Could potentially lead towards more Positive Um things happening in the market as Well then looking at the weekly time Frame for Bitcoin we can currently spot That the weekly time frame is creating An RSI downtrend if we do break Above This RSI downtrend we are expected to See of course more upside happening for Bitcoin the weekly time frame is still Providing resistance and if I'm looking At the previous cycle every single time We basically break these RSI downtrends

We tend to see of course big volume Towards the upside you can see uh we Broke it right here there was an Approximately right here and we moved up Significantly after that also in the Previous bear Market we saw of course an RSI downtrend the moment we broke it we Basically had that recovery towards the Upside so this basically is a pretty Important signal to be looking at and Currently we're having a beautiful trend Line on the RSI and it's holding us down Already for over 735 days that's such a Long period of time and it's probably Going to come towards an end anytime Soon here and also if I'm looking at the Price section of Bitcoin sorry at the RSI of Bitcoin and if I do place this Line here in the middle of the RSI so at The 50 you can basically see every Single time we are below the rzai it's Historically speaking a good buying Opportunity because let me show you this So in the past we've been trading a lot Of times above the 50 only weekly RSI But every single time we trade below it That was right here it was a good buying Opportunity right here was a good buying Opportunity right here was a good buying Opportunity and here as well it may not A good buying opportunities these Signals don't occur a lot and you can See in Bear markets they tend to stay Longer just like over here we stayed a

Little bit longer and currently we're Also in this phase already a little bit Longer so right now it's really the time To pay attention this is the time where You can buy cheaper Bitcoin because not Everyone is in a profit and I know these Are the more tough times but these are Also the times where you can make more Profit from of your Investments on if I Will be looking at the Bitcoin Hall Things and compare and with the Bitcoin Bottoms when they tend to happen you can Like you can see the bottom of 2015 was 26 months after the first Bitcoin whole Thing and then in 2018 it was 29 months After the first whole thing and Currently we are 32 months in here and We officially have not seen the bottom Yet maybe we have seen it but no one is Really saying that the bottom is already In right and probably we will only know Really if the bottom is in Um in a few weeks or um even longer in a Few months from now on because usually You tend to say that the bottom is in After it's already formed right so that Is why we are probably have to wait a Little bit longer but be aware we are Already 32 months in Um from the previous Bitcoin whole thing And usually the Bitcoin bottoms already Have been formed and looking also at the Legendary support and we're still Holding on perfectly towards this level

So things are still looking okay and if We are going to have a crash I will be Aiming for 13 to 14 000 anyways this is It for me on today's update video if you Did enjoy the video don't forget to slap Up that like button subscribe to the Channel and also see everyone on the Next one peace out goodbye

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