Bitcoin is creating a bull flag right Now and in this exact video I will talk About my price targets but more Importantly Bitcoin is right now Breaking above the 77 day downtrend that We're currently breaking so I will be Discussing this what does it mean for Bitcoin where we should be looking at Next and more importantly I will be Exactly discussing the current ongoing Trend the things that we're currently Seeing in the market and many more Important updates because yes as well Today we just got some breaking news That the SEC decided to delay the black Ro spot ETF but in my opinion they've Got no further option than accept it Eventually and I will be exactly talk About why that is going to be happening So without any further Ado don't forget To slap up the like button on today's Update video can we slap up the likes Back about 400 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away towards the IM Short term and yes Bitcoin had once Again created a massive rally towards The upside and ever since it has done so We're right now creating a new Consolidation phase here on the 30 Minute time frame frame and actually the Price action that we're currently seeing Looks super bullish for Bitcoin and I Mean the price target of this bull flag

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Scenario is quite insane because if You're measuring the price Target you Have to measure the exponential move Towards the upside and from the point of The breakout we will be seeing an Absolutely insane price Target hanging Around $27,000 Us700 so this is of course a quite Significant price Target on the top side And this will be happening once Bitcoin Breaks above that downward sloping Resistance line that we're currently Creating here on the top side I mean two Or three days ago here I talked about This falling wedge pattern we exactly Broke outside of this pattern we exactly Found support on this previous Resistance level and ever since we Bounced back towards the upside and the Price target of this falling wedge Pattern if you did to the trade on the Breakout right here is around 27.5kg reached as well so Bitcoin is Looking quite strong on the imminent Short term however if you're looking at The forwardly time frame I mean you can Definitely still argue that Bitcoin is Trading in the down slopping Trend here Since Bitcoin right now on the 4H hourly Time frame is still creating lower highs And it is actually right now finding Resistance on this exact downward Sloping resistance line that we got Rejected by two times in the past and

Right now once again we saw a minor Rejection from of this level and in my Opinion this will be also one of the Most important levels of resistance to Be paying attention towards right now But I mean if you're really zooming out Here looking at the daily time frame Bitcoin just broke above the daily Downtrend I mean Bitcoin got re rejected For over 78 days in a row here and every Single time we retested this exact level We saw a massive rejection and right now For the first time in 78 days here we Managed to be breaking Above This level What is a definitely a net positive in My opinion and this could definitely Mean the trend could be starting to be Reversing I mean one of the most Important things to still pay attention Towards is really if Bitcoin can confirm In higher high on the daily time frame So what we want to be seeing here in Order to confirm the uptrend for Bitcoin Right now here I mean we broke the Downtrend but the uptrend is not Confirmed yet since we're still creating These lower highs on The Daily time Frame but if Bitcoin manages to be Breaking above the previous High what is In this case 27.2k on the daily candle Close we could be starting to confirm an Uptrend and that could mean that Bitcoin Is going to start to see more upside in The coming days ahead of ourselves so

Yes Bitcoin broke out of this Symmetrical triangle and of this Downtrend but for me I still really want To be seeing a break above the previous High because that will be confirming for Me that the trend is really reversing And I mean if you approach Bitcoin a Little bit differently you can still Clearly see that yeah there is potential A big risk for this big resistance level Right here and that is why I just want To be seeing Bitcoin confirm and higher High to really say right now I think the Market is going to turn around here and Right now I think Bitcoin is going to go Higher because yes if we let's say see a Rejection and Bitcoin moves down from All this point onwards we are still Literally creating a lower high on the Daily time frame and that do would Definitely mean that Bitcoin is still Trading in a bearish Trend here so I Mean if you want to be trading this move Or if you want to be trading any move Don't forget to go to the link Description of today's video because you Can right now trade on bybit with an Insane deposit bonus because for only Depositing $100 you can claim a free $1,000 air drop position on buybit and All you need to do here is sign up using That link in the description deposit $100 within the first s days complete Kyc level one and you can literally

Claim a free $1,000 air drop position on Bybit so make sure to go to the link Description of today's video because It's free first come first serf and I Mean currently I am in a $262,000 long position on ethereum I'm Using a 2.2x leverage and I am building Up this position for the next Bull Run And I could definitely benefit from it Because I'm accumulating it at such low Prices with low leverage and I mean if You want to be leverage trading yes it Could be very risky but if you're using Low leverage you can manage your risk Well you could still benefit from the Financial tool that is available in this Market right now so if you want to be Trading it sign up an account using the Link description because this is Definitely one of the more valuable Deposal bonuses that bit is currently Running in a very long time here then Some breaking news I quickly want to be Discussing here I mean the Bitcoin Black Rock Spot ETF is a very well-known Subject and yesterday we saw actually That the SC once again delayed it and in My opinion the SCC eventually has to Accept this Bitcoin SP ETF and here is Why first of all gray skill they won the Lawsuit against the over the Introduction of the first Bitcoin spot ETF so it's just a matter of time before It is going to come here so the first

Final deadline for all the Bitcoin spot ETFs is Arc investment and their final Deadline is January the 10th of 2024 and I've said this several times before if The SEC decides to approve any ETF They're just not going to be only Approved black black rocks their are Spot ETF and deny all the other ones no What they will be doing is accept them All at the same time because otherwise It won't be a fair market and that is Why I'm anticipating that the first Bitcoin Black Rock Spot ETF or the first Bitcoin spot ETF in general is going to Be happening before the 10 of January 2024 so get ready and I mean if this is Going to come here the majority of the Market is not expecting it and due to That you could be catching a big move in The market and that is why I'm becoming So excited about Bitcoin I mean just Looking at the 4-day time frame is this A place where you really want to be Panicking is this a place where you Really want to be acessing the markets In my opinion it isn't this is one of The more better buying opportunities you Actually have in the market right now Here further on on the weekly time frame We're creating this massive cop and Handle pattern and if we do break up of $31,000 I will become super excited About Bitcoin and yes we have to know And you have to understand that we're

Approximately 200 days out before the Next Bitcoin Hing is going to be here And historically speaking every single Time so far 6 months after the Bitcoin Hing we always hit a new ultim high so Far and will this once again happen if That is the case November 2024 is the Date where we are expecting Bitcoin to Set a new Tim high so yes we're still in Approximately what is it 380 days out Here before the next Bitcoin Tim high is Probably going to to get hit but this is The time where you can still accumulate At the fair value I mean currently I've Been buying so much ethereum on this Support level right here and look at This ethereum once again exactly boun From of this level and in my opinion Ethereum is quite undervalued and you Can also clearly see D resist line Getting created and this is actually a Gigantic opportunity in my opinion then At the same time quickly discussing an Altcoin it's chain link chain link has Really been moving upwards and it's Right now actually breaking the Downtrend against Bitcoin I've been Talking about chain link that that is a Good hold for the next Bull Run in my Opinion no Financial advice but Currently we can really start to see That chain leag is breaking and Downtrend against Bitcoin what is a Massive development in my opinion I mean

the price action has been very Suppressed but the project you have to Understand you have to do your research It is really uh helping the industry and It's really helping the environment and That is why I think the project and the Coin and the price will be reflecting Itself in the next boring so I'm super Excited about it but anyways this was it For me today's update video thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace peace out goodbye

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