This just happened to Bitcoin…

Wow Bitcoin just pumped up 10% and then Dumped 10% so I'm quickly going to say What just happened so to break it Straight away coin Telegraph released The tweet that they said the Bitcoin Black R SP ttf got accepted then all Over Twitter everyone started to be Picking it up and apparently it was fake News since yeah it was not confirmed at All so in approximately 10 minutes later Everyone started to be questioning is it Really the Bitcoin sport ETF that's Coming the Black sport ETF and Apparently we couldn't confirm the Source so it was fake news and after That happens people start to wondering Okay what is currently going on and due To that Bitcoin came all the way down to 28,000 from of 30. so now there is one Thing we do know what will Bitcoin do Once the ETF gets accepted I mean at Least it will pump 10 to 12% here Probably even more of course I think It's super bad from the market because Yes first of all it gives away a little Bit of credibility for the company Itself it gives away credibility for the Cryptocurrency industry but more Importantly maybe this is going to kill The hype maybe this is going to kill Heal the dry powder that was ready to be Jumping in towards the market if the Bitcoin Black Rock sport TF really would Get accepted so overall this is a super

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Bad thing that just happened to the Market maybe one of the worst things That actually just happened is that coin Telegraph they just tweeted about Something else a new article and they're Not giving any any reasoning about why They spread this fake news because they Literally pumped up the market more than 10% and I mean me too as well for a Second I thought it was real since I saw The Bitcoin price actually moving up so Quickly and and of course once it Started to question the source yes Apparently it wasn't real so they Literally pumped the market 10% towards The upside then 10% towards the downside What is of course absolutely terrible Then not even to mention let me quickly Discuss what happened in the with the Open interest on the market I mean once This fake news hit the market we saw an Approximately inflow of about 10% of the Top to open interest on bitcoin what is About $320 million us do and after we Found that it was fake news and we went Down we dropped more than 16% of the Total open interest worth about $600 Million so it means that we literally Saw an inflow of 300 to $400 million of That an outflow of $600 million Us doll What got a lot of people wrecked here a Lot of people got wrecked by the fact That they were spreading fake news so Basically Bitcoin is right now stable

Again is back at this price where it Previously was around and actually we Already created some great momentum and What is interesting earlier today we saw A big pump and I already mentioned it in My video earlier today about Why was Bitcoin bumping we couldn't find Some good news we couldn't find some Good reasoning but was this maybe Potentially an inside inside job because They could have literally made millions And millions of dollars by spreading This fake news because they pumped up The market more than 10% so yeah some Crazy things are currently going on here We don't know exactly what is currently Playing out here for the market but Anyways this was a very short update About what exactly happened to the Market but uh subscribe to the channel And see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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